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Ha'Hosh, The Loyal Guts [WIP]

Reach out into the void and you will be dragged in, hope that it is by the hand, and not your guts.
(yes i know there's an error in the above image I plan on making a completely different one for it so just ignore it for now thank you xoxoxo)

- Overview
1. Castes and Breeds

- History
1. Overview
2. Ages
3. The Future

- Biology
1. Basic Biology (anatomy, reactors, neural organs and shared organs, "diet", life cycle)
2. Breeds
3. Evolution
4. Neurality
5. Ha'Hosh Mutation Virus

- Culture
1. Society
2. Art, Music & Literature
3. Language
4. Drug Use

- Named Ha'Hosh

- Additional Information
1. In Other Cultures
2. Relevant Links


name comes from "eater of guts", later changed to mean "loyal guts" to signify their rebirth under the awoken Azavir

general look at the castes and breeds

history overview, touch on the different relevant ages

beginning to early 6th age


8th age and beyond

A Human biologist's note on Ha'Hosh sensors. Art by Synne Industries

The Ha'Hosh were created long ago by Azavir as biological weapons and tools, they run on radiation and heat, and share a collective hivemind of sorts. The term Ha'Hosh generally fits any creature created by Azavir that has at least basic intelligence. This can range from your most basic Watcher to the largest Pamodar. Generally speaking Ha'Hosh have a special organ, usually in the form of horns, a crest, or other bone-like structures that allows them to instantly communicate with each other from vast distances. Paired with the Neural Organ, these organs not only facilitate their communication, but also their link to the Neural Network. Think of the Neural Network as the internet, connecting Ha'Hosh to each other and allowing newly created Ha'Hosh to rapidly download information and experience the moment of creation. This sort of hivemind-like network is used by Azavir to direct and control the Ha'Hosh.

Every Ha'Hosh has a Neural Organ, this organ acts similarly to a brain, giving them processing power, memory, and thinking, however it also acts as their nervous system. These organs are spread throughout the body like veins, some have their organs more "bunched up" than others to facilitate higher cognitive functions. Ha'Hosh are not intelligent in a traditional human sense, their lives are dedicated to their roles and functions, they do not dream big, have lofty ideals and goals, nor do they care much for games and fun. Their intelligence is gained through generational experience and expertise in their roles. A Ha'Hosh can learn to speak and write, but unless ordered to, has no interest in such learning. They act more as cold, calculated machines with souls, small pieces of individuality separate the trillions of them apart. Their small mannerisms-imperfections in the birthing process, give them their personality and individual thoughts and actions. Azavir does not hold direct control over most breeds, only select breeds in the Watcher caste are directly controlled. The rest have their own free thoughts, but perhaps not free will.

Loyalty runs deep, genetically modified to be loyal like a dog, their love for their creator is unconditional. Azavir supplies them with their only real source of sustenance, it gives them their reason for existence, and serves as a beacon of hope and light in the darkness, it as well their home as it is their creator.

The Ha'Hosh come in all shapes and sizes, and not all share the same organs or systems, but generally speaking most do share a majority of organs and systems. Such organs, systems, and structures will be discussed in more detail here.


A metallic skeleton made of an unknown material supports the Ha'Hosh, it allows the creatures to absorb large impacts while also maintaining structural stability. Some parts of the skeleton act as an additional layer of armor, particularly around the reactor, located in the chest cavity.


Also made of a metallic material, these muscles bend and contract, even grow. This not only gives yet another layer of protection, but gives the Ha'Hosh massive strength and speed.

Transport Systems

Coolant System - Delivers a freezing coolant throughout the body, it is focused around the horns, reactor, and tail.

Heat Recycling - Uses excess heat to increase reactor output via "heat pipes", this system is also used to deliver heat throughout the body in order to stay warm.

Biomass System - Acting like a vein and artery system, the Biomass system transfers and delivers biomass throughout the body for repairs, growth, and function. This is what gives Ha'Hosh their relatively quick healing factor, and what allows them to regrow significant damage.


thick, dense, extremely kinetically absorbent
head, tail, hands, and feet are all covered in thick armor
can grow a thicker armor like over the body in response to physical trauma
heat fins
vents - heat/steam dispersion, spacial movement, excess byproduct discharge (poopy)


reactor - converts fissile material and/or Vir'Grish (Star Blood, radioactive material Azavir produces) into usable energy via fusion, the hotter it gets, the more energy it outputs.

guts - uses biomass to create usable energy, typically just a back up to reactor, guts can sustain a Ha'Hosh as long as said Ha'hosh has available biomass (plants, animals, minerals, etc) to feed on, but greatly limits their abilities, taking away all long range sensors and weaponry.

converter - converts and directs power from the reactor and guts into the rest of the body

energy storage - stores excess energy, used as back-up, in desperation, or to restart the reactor

Neural System

uses a 3 part system
main - Serves as a processor, used to react to the environment, think, etc. Does not allow for deeper intelligence, as it is fairly simple. Is spread throughout the body, loosing more than 75% leads to death, any less is typically survivable.

secondary - Serves as a brain, can be accessed through drug use, allows for deeper thought, personality, and creativity. Without an activation drug, it serves minimal use.

link - Connects each individual to (relatively) nearby Neural Networks, and eventually the greater network

see neutrality for more

Major Organs

second brain - handles complex calculations, image processing, and data interpretation. Ha'Hosh can function without this, but the loss of this organ can lessen an individuals' effectiveness, reaction speed and radar notably.

stomach - processes what's eaten into usable biomass and sends it into either the guts, or Biomass System, it doesn't store much.

tongue - not actually a tongue but the input and output for the stomach and main weapon respectively, and where the vocal system is housed. Uses a vibrating diaphragm to create sound, this is done through vibrating the diaphragm itself, requiring no air or gases. There is one of these organs in each mouth, tail included.

spinal accelerator - for primary weapon, accelerates particles throughout the body before firing, causes the short "charging sound" heard before firing. Connected to the tongue on either end of the Ha'Hosh

immune system - Not susceptible to any real traditional illnesses, parasites, or viruses, the immune system of a ha'hosh is used to fight off chemical attacks, for example, neutralizing an acid attack, putting out fires (possible when you have a small sun in your chest), or fighting off flesh-eating bacteria. This does include traditional sicknesses, but most of those cannot survive the temperatures in a Ha'Hosh anyways.

misc sensor & processor(?) - interprets data such as direction, weather, humidity, pressure, and temperature

special - para'un sack, worker sack


horns - SAR, LIDAR, X, C, Ku band phased array radar / multipurpose multifrequency phased array radar / laser range finding

eyes - Visible light, IR/UV, and hyperspectral (allows detection of gamma radiation and radio bursts)

hearing - The ha'hosh do not have ears, they detect sound via feeling or detecting vibrations through a medium like a gas, liquid, or solid. This sense can be the easiest to overload for them, and is usually quite muddled at distances.

smell - Thousands of tiny sensors inside the mouth detect chemicals, allowing a very precise sense of smell, but is very limited when the mouth is closed

touch - Ha'Hosh touch works very similarly to humans, pressure on their (non-armored) bodies is converted into a sensation.

special - awacs radar guy radar, crest radar + comms

Natural Defenses

kinetic -
claws, tail, jaws, magnetic accelerator

thermal -
phased array laser, gamma ray/proton accelerator(?), radiation/heat

chemical -
bioweapons(?), flamethrowers of some kind(?), bad breath(?), radiation

special - solar flare (tarny)

extra info on the breeds biology

evolution, keep brief, mostly rely on created visual

Neruality, telepathy, & psychic influence (ie: like a mouse being around cats, ha'hosh can influence other species to lower their guard around them, or even see them as "cute")

da hoosh varus
activated by ionizing radiation, accelerates physical evolution and causes mental changes such as a lack of fear and a genetic predisposition of loyalty to Azavir. This makes otherwise hostile or anti-social species significantly more likely to accept Azavir and the Ha'Hosh, and prevents mass hysteria.

Despite their rather gruff and scary exteriors, the Ha'Hosh have a large capacity for compassion and empathy. The Ha'Hosh share a deep link with each other, a neural network that allows for thoughts and feelings to be instantly transmitted between themselves. Over time this deep understanding of one another has allowed them a sort of enlightenment. Although they were once mindless drones, they are now capable of effectively communicating and understanding most forms of life. From the simple animal to the most complex silicon-based lifeforms, the Ha'Hosh are open and welcoming to (almost) all. They are not perfect though, and misunderstandings and even fights can still occur. A high value is placed on effective communicators, as a good communicator can be the difference between all-out war and a deep bond.

The life of the Ha'Hosh is not a glamorous one. You must fight, or everyone dies. You must constantly work, or Azavir may fail and perish. You must deal with and befriend the most despicable of creatures, or watch them be ripped apart and consumed. You must struggle, fight, and claw for every single light year of territory, or risk being overwhelmed.
They suffer so that others may thrive, and although the mind of a Ha'Hosh is sturdy, it is not unbreakable. In order to combat the unfathomable amount of stress, the Ha'Hosh have turned to Shu-Shatus. Otherwise known as narcotics.

what's it like to live as a hoosher


via nerual link (main form), laser (secondary form), radio or other frequencies (uncommon, tertiary), auditory(secondary), and physical (tertiary)

It is hard to emphasize the great duty placed upon the Ha'Hosh. They are constantly faced with an ever-encroaching enemy that seemingly cannot be stopped. The literal fate of the universe is often solely in their hands, rarely getting the help they so desperately need. They are constantly surrounded, massively outnumbered, and usually in rather hopeless situations. However there is some joy still to be had in life. Shu-Shatus is a broad term referring to any drug used or encountered by the Ha'Hosh. Whether is be naturally occurring or artificially made.

The most common Shu-Shatus are Ghrubaum and Hontbaum. Ghrubaum [Sticky Plant] is a relaxant that is ingested orally, or smoked. It relaxes the body and mind of the user, and can calm even the most stressed/angry Ha'Hosh. Ghrubaum has additional medical properties for the Ha'Hosh, an extract is used in the most common healing agent to help tissue regrowth. It is also used to counteract some side effects of other drugs, such as dizziness, nausea, drowsiness, and pains and aches.

Hontbaum [Seeing Plant] is a psychedelic that is used during downtime, it is ingested orally. The life of a Ha'Hosh is not envious, and they have been around long enough to be painfully aware of this fact. Hontbaum allows the Ha'hosh to escape, if just for a short while. The Hontbaum has differing effects on different Ha'Hosh breeds, but the general affect is vivid visual, auditory, and physical stimulus. Some report seeing massive open fields with beautiful, colorful skies, others see massive intricate structures, the core of Azavir, a massive never-ending beach, and even the feeling of a warm embrace.

Warrior Ha'Hosh will often take Fukbaum [Powerful Plant] to push themselves past their limits for battle, and is rubbed on the body. It is much like a steroid, increasing the speed, reaction time, and strength of the user. It also increases the temperature the the Ha'Hoshs' reactor, allowing for a higher output while the Fukbaum lasts. This drug can be straining on the body, and as such Ghrubuam is used after to counteract the painful aftereffects. In large amounts Fukbuam is fatal even to the Ha'Hosh, but desperate Warriors will take large doses for stronger effects, but too much can cause a reactor meltdown.
Much like the tales of berserkers, Ha'Hosh used to take another steroid-like substance that would send them into a blinding, furious rage, and greatly increasing the temperature of their reactors to fatal levels. It is extremely rare, and as such is hardly used anymore.

Shiibaum [Treat Plant] is an artificially grown drug, and is consumed as a treat. Shiibaum is given as a reward or for special occasions and gives Ha'Hosh a short, but powerful positive mood boost. A Ha'Hosh on Shiibaum is a happy Ha'Hosh, regardless of their immediate situation. Interestingly, the effects only work on Ha'Hosh, but it is reported as tasting sweet by other species.

Named Ha'Hosh are those who have gone far beyond expectations, names are uncommon and worn as a status symbol. Greater importance is put on these individuals, and as such they typically have very long life spans.

The planet where Tarn's story began.
"A creature of immeasurable rage and fury.
With bubbling, boiling vengeance and insatiable hunger for revenge.
Its' suffering and hatred only bringing it further strength.
Although its' enemies know no fear, they will know its' wrath.

It is Tarn. It is rage"
- Tarn's Tale

Created as a Vagos Warrior in a peaceful system, Tarn spent thousands of years traveling and meeting his brethren in the system. He would work with them using his vast experience gained from being the local Gaz'Kruls' most prized Vagos. His peaceful life would change during a mass Khuraki attack, and although a valiant effort was put up, Tarn would watch every single one of his brethren die before he was all that remained. It is said that he fell to his death from atop a mountain of bodies into the depths of the planet. But he would return, evolved and changed. A psionic scream resonated throughout the Neural Network as Tarn rose from the ashes of that now dead planet, the blood of trillions, and an entire living planet fueled his unquenchable rage and fury. There would be no mercy for the Khuraki, and they would pay for their sin.

Tarn would receive his name from Azavir itself following the creature's reunion with Azavirs' forces, the name meaning 'blinding rage'. Tarn is is often portrayed as a mythical creature or god-like being in many alien cultures that have come across him, either inspired or terrified by even a taste of his blinding fury and power.

Though they know no fear, they will know his wrath. He is Tarn. He is rage.

”You can run, but we're faster”
- Motto of the ‘Restless Gypsies’ 66th Joint Expeditionary Force

Frual loves nothing more than going fast, a speed junkie to their core, it's Linkhunger for speed making Frual one of the fastest Ha'Hosh to ever live. Created on a desert planet as part of a Linkpack of Staz used to defend a newly created colony, Frual would spend most of their early life patrolling the desert for Khuraki. There was little for the Staz to do but race across the dunes, and from there Frual found their true purpose, going really, really fast. Frual would get so good at going fast it would end up attracting the attention of a Gaz'Krul, who transferred the usually large Staz into a joint force consisting of Humans and Ha’Hosh. Frual struggled to sit still, usual for any Ha'Hosh, and thus was partnered with the 66th Joint Expeditionary Force, the ‘Restless Gypsies’. The Humans dominated this JEF, known for their excessive speed and light vehicles, the Staz worked well with them. Here Frual made such an impact on the humans with his need for speed, they decided to name the Staz, Frual, the Ha’Hosh word for restless. Frual would spend down time racing against the humans, sharing in their love for speed. In official duties, Frual serves as a fantastic scout and more importantly, is highly adept at hit-and-run style attacks, almost completely abandoning stealth.

Being one of the fastest land creatures in the universe, Frual has a recorded top speed of at least 190 mph (in earth-like gravity), though it is constantly increasing with time as Frual continues to improve. Frual is one of the most well-known Ha’Hosh in human culture, and is frequently mentioned in media and art due to their insane speed.




The mortally wounded Dukar had been figured dead, left forgotten on a dead planet, surrounding a quietly dying star, for hundreds of thousands of years. But it was not.

- ponders orb 4 long time
- actively watches the universe get literally darker
- encounters philosophical challenge
- cool death, pans out to a meaningless one


Khur & Karg (rip and tear)