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Super Duper All-Round Overview

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Satan Luciferius Lucifage


In Office:

19XX to 202-

Preceded by:


General Secretary:

David McCallen

Personal Details


Unknown, estimated 9.8-10 billion years ago


Unknown Location, Eden


Estimated to be around 18 billion years old


Hybrid Rhefugi


Male Technically asexual, assumes male role and form


That's not an appropriate question


6'1" (human) / 15'2" avg, variable (Rhefugi)


215 lbs. (human) / ~8 tons avg, variable (Rhefugi)

Political Party:



Satan is not religious










Grath University of Biological Engineering - 2001
Archeron Institute of Technology - 1999, 2010
Technical University of Munich - 1889
Massachusetts Institute of Technology - 1871, 1950
University of Oxford - 1407
Sapienza University of Rome - 1309
Many of Hell's top educational centers - N/A
Unaccounted for or unfinished others


Political Info

Political Ideology:

Satan doesn't subscribe to a certain ideology,
but could be discribed as a libertarian.

Economic Ideology:

Satan doesn't subscribe to a certain ideology,
but could be described as a Capitalist

Political Test:

Note: Not entirely representative of his views

Quick Bio

Warning: This bio contains info that isn't yet known by my canon's universe,
or isn't widely available.

Satan L. Lucifage (Originally simply known as Lucifage) is a about 18 billion year old super evolved
being called a "Rhefugi". He is not the devil or anything of the sort, in fact he actively defends
humanity from another Rhefugi known as Kaeg, or "God" as she refers to herself. She also
happens to be his ex-wife. Luckily she didn't get the kids. Not that she was fertile, anyways.

Satan is an immensely powerful creature, and is in fact a living universe (He is Hell itself). Satan can
create what he assumes are wormholes that act like portals, allowing him to travel from place to
place, or even to different universes, or theoretically alternate dimensions. Satan can also almost
freely control black holes, understanding how they work completely. He could technically end all life
in the universe given enough time.
His real, true body is not a 15 foot tall demon, or even the material that makes up Hell, no, his is a
massive sort of “non-euclidean” almost Lovecraftian light gray mass, constantly changing
shape and giving off a lot of radiation. This body somehow can control things with what seems
to be something along the lines of telepathy. As such, he can control his demon and human bodies.

Satan has dedicated his life to uniting humanity to not only killing Kaeg, but also to have humanity
achieve apotheosis. Satan firmly believes that humanity is destined to become gods, and once
they do, they'll let his children, demon kind, have happy lives. Then, and only then, will he allow
himself to finally rest.

Satan is a fairly nice fellow, often taking situations in an unserious and humorous manner.
However he is not an idiot, and knows when to be serious.
He is incredibly smart, always striving for more and more
knowledge. Satan has an air of confidence to him, but is humble, almost never prideful of himself.
Sadly, billions of years of failure to protect your friends, family, and entire species from
your crazy ex-wife
will take a toll on your mental health. This isn't even mentioning the countless other
species who've fallen,
or how many he had to use to save others, abandoning his second wife, watching all your friends
die, falling in love just to have them live not even a fraction of your lifespan, an so on.
But Satan keeps going, never surrendering to his depression and fear. Instead using the
boiling rage inside
him to save all he can before finally falling. He is in essence, literally to angry to die.

He acts as the universe's guardian, but he never wanted any of it, rather, he would prefer a
simple life. While others would dream for such power, Satan has no real delusions of
grandeur, hardly wanting to rule UIJ, let alone all of humanity.

All things considered, Satan's life has been extremely unlucky, and he can't wait until it's over.
“Spoilers” from here down.
Sadly it will never end. He does eventually unite humanity, but because of constant bickering,
it took longer than predicted to prepare for Kaeg's eventual attack. Humanity, Heaven, and
Hell all fell, however satan does end up killing and consuming Kaeg, allowing himself to
achieve apotheosis himself. This is when he finally meets his creator, a lazy god who
created his universe, kicked the creation of the next god into motion literally right off
the bat, and then went to go do something else. Satan kills his god in a fit of justified
rage, and makes his own universe out of desperation to bring everything back. This
triggers a series of events that eventually lead to time literally repeating itself, a new Satan,
same old problems. Each new rendition of Satan does everything the same, until the
one referee to in my current lore decides to do something different. This Satan absorbs
his god, allowing him to reach the god above that one, doing the same, never
stopping. Eventually Satan absorbs enough to end literally everything, himself
becoming existence itself, and with this amount of shear power, deletes himself.
Satan ends all existence, meaning there is literally nothing.


- Satan believes in humanity's limitless potential for growth and technology, as such he will
fiercely defend humanity, even from itself.

- Satan is not the biblical devil, but he also is, but technically isn't. The biblical devil is actually
based on Satan, however holds no basis on Satan himself. Long story.

- While Satan has served in many militaries, he mostly served as medic or high-ranking officer.
He would do this to gain insight on humanity, rather than any other reason.

- Satan can alter genetic information, force rapid limb regrowth, and exterminate diseases. But
keeps this mostly secret.

- Satan has many hobbies in order to keep his mind active, these include making models, games,
wood and metal working, biological research, cooking, and a bunch of others.

- Satan’s net worth is estimated to be in the trillions due to his possession of priceless
artifacts and gold.

- Satan is estimated to be nearing the end of his lifespan, that being 20 billion.

- As time moves slower in hell than it does in our universe, Satan is technically older than our own

- Although he suffers from depression, anxiety, and trust issues, Satan tries his best to not let it
stop him from enjoying his life.

- Satan can change how he experiences time.

- Satan lives in a seemingly small house out in the capital's great forest, however he has made a
pretty big basement, equipped with a two large workshops, a lab, tech room, and other places.

- Although he has lived a long and extremely eventful life, Satan is not a philosopher, nor does
he claim to be a genius.

- Satan has written a few books, most of them detailing what has happened in his lifetime.
Some have to do with self-help, and he's also written his own cookbook. Wild one, that one.

- Satan has had many children with humans, however none of them are human/Rhefugi mixes,
so they're no different than a regular human.

- Although not a god by the technical definition, Satan is the closet thing there is to a god,
and as such loosely uses the term to define himself. Satan is not all-knowing, nor all-powerful,
but he is a living universe with the ability to make life, and he is pretty knowledgeable.

- Satan is a mixed race Rhefugi, being parts “Orizoh” and “Ordhah” equally. This explains his
tremendous might, mixed with his above-average intellect for an Orizoh, and extreme growth potential.

United Islands of Jeon



Satan D. Lucifer

General Secretary:

David McCallen

Secretary of Defense:

Knael Knight

Secretary of Foreign Relations:

Lindsey McBeth

Secretary of NIID:

Iya Aon

Secretary of The ACF:

Wyatt Baker

Basic Information

Government Type:

Benevolent Dictatorship


"Pride, Wisdom, and Power"

National Anthem:





Largest City:

Vox Vosi

Official Languages:

English, Gahuoka

Official Religion:



65% Caucasian, 15% Demon, 8% Black, 7% Asian, 5% Latino


From WIP



Land Area:

835,987 mile² / 1,345,390 km²

Highest Point:

Mt. Higar

Lowest Point:

Lake Vista

GDP (nominal):

$124 Trillion




Credit (C)

Political Info