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The Broootherhood of
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My Entitled OOC Factbook

It's in geography because I want you to really explore me but not really please don't do that

Hi my name is Satan, or as some prefer, Daddy. You can call me Daddy. Satan works though.
Lord Satan, that is.

Unless you don't consider the state of Sealand a sovereign nation. In which case you're wrong, and I am Lord Satan. So shut up.

Last time I checked I was in my early 20s, but to be honest I forget my age constantly to the point where I might be 80

I identify as a cool guy
I am a cool guy

if itís human Iím down
I canít think of any bisexual puns that relate to being cool

Iím not religious but Jesus was in fact muh nigga, Rest In Puppies

Political Pro and Anti:
Pro: G u n s, renewable power, Murica' (YEE HAW PARDNER), a world without borders, American military superiority, legal medical and recreational marijuana with a 21 age restriction on use, the first amendment which was gifted to us by the founding daddies that protects all forms of speech from the dumbest to the most edgy. I donít really like politics honestly, waste of time.
Neutral: No, I must have radical opinions and cannot be neutral on a n y t h i n g except abortion because on one hand it gives women rights (ew) and on the other thatís one less little s h i t in the world
Anti: coughNSGcough, gun control (you gunna let me yee or imma haw all over you), social media, mainstream news (news in general tbh), politics, the LGBTQ community, the UN, taking politics seriously, most foreign nations, anyone who dares not speak American, g a y s, damn l i b e r a l s, not having legal medical and recreational marijuana, all religion in general, snarky liberals are time and time again the most inhuman and annoying thing Iíve ever had the unpleasantness of witnessing, cocky conservatives are pretty annoying, and retarded too. Mostly NSG, though.

As you can see I could best be described as ďOh my god heís actually a centralist with nationalist and globalist views what the hell oh god oh fuÁkĒ

Aside from a few issues, I greatly despise politics and request that you donít bother me with them.

I donít actually really like NS
But most the people I know online are from here
And I actually like working on my ever-evolving and expanding story.

Yeah so that's it.