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List of Provisional/Transitional and Interim Governments of the Democratic Union of Free States

List of Provisional/Transitional and Interim Governments of the Democratic Union of Free States
By The Union Historical Committee

A provisional government, also called an interim government or transitional government, is an emergency governmental authority set up to manage a political transition generally in the cases of the collapse of the or suspension of a previous governing administration. The first provisional government for the Democratic Union of Free States was established during December, 2017.

All of the provisional governments of this Union were made up of appointed/unelected officials or elected officials of the previous governing authority. As of 2019, the Union has had 4 transitional/provisional governing bodies, with two failed attempts to set up a provisional government.

List of Provisional/Transitional and Interim Governments

Name of Governing Authority

Type of Government

Leader of Government

Officials in this Government


The Convention for the Union of States

Provisional Government

President of the Union Convention: Nova Blazeville (Blazeville)

Convention members: High Knight Kingdom, Member 2(never joined NS), Member 3(never joined NS), Tronian autonaomous oblast

  • This government existed before the Union was founded and was the governing body of the founders previous region.

  • Member 2 and Member 3 never joined NS and their names are not revealed for privacy reasons.

  • The Union Convention was established to create a constitution but power struggles caused it to become ineffective

  • it was dissolved on January 24th, 2018 along with the region it was supposed to govern.

The Transitional Administrative Body

Transitional Government

Supreme Governor: Nova Blazeville (Blazeville)

Royal Federative Kingdoms (Director General of Embassies and Communications)
Iron Republics (Immigration and Border Control Chief)

  • This body was also known as the Union Interim government but would rarely be referred by either name.

  • The Union Governing Council was the sole administrative body during this time period and held supreme power over executive, legislative and judicial power.

  • This council was governed by the Interim Articles of the Union and its sole task was to govern the Union until a constitution could be established.

  • According to the Articles this Council was made up of three officials with the Supreme Minister being its leader and having near dictatorial power.

  • The Council had the authority to eject and ban nation without trial, create new laws and appoint anyone to the council or abolish any position if needed.

  • The Council and the Government as a whole was dissolved on March 8th, 2018 after the establishment and adoption of the first Constitution.

The Union Chiefs Authority

Provisional/Interim Government

Chief Commander: Albaznia

Chiefs: High Knight Kingdom, United Caldonia, The Eronian Freeland

  • This body was created after the House of Chiefs dissolved themselves on April 1st, 2018 and tasked itself to create a new constitution.

  • Unlike previous provisional governments this body had little authority over the Union itself and only had the authority to draft a new constitution, however it had the power to create new laws which had to be approved by the House of Ministers.

  • This body was stripped of its legislative power on May 4th, 2018 by the House of Ministers.

  • By May 21st the House of Ministers seized the constitutional drafting authority from this body and gave it to the Executive branch, after which this government's sole authority was to debate on new constitutional provisions and drafts.

  • On May 25th the Union Chiefs Authority was forcefully dissolved by Supreme Minister Ocenaia and three days later the Constitution created by this now dissolved government was put into place by decree of the House of Ministers.

Provisional Government of the Free Union

Provisional Government

Chief Minister/Head: Ocenaia (June 7th - June 18th)
Head of the Provisional Government: Ocenaia (June 19th - June 19th)
Head of the Provisional Government: Royal Federative Kingdoms (June 19th - June 22nd)

members: United Caldonia, Nova Blazeville(Blazeville), The Eronian Freeland, The Progressive States, West Tronia, Cifica, High Knight Kingdom, Iron Federations, United Asialavilba

  • This Government was created on June 6th, 2018 by an act of Parliament.

  • This Government was made up of two bodies The Executive and the Union Constituent Congress, the Court existed outside this Government as an autonomous body.

  • The Executive was made up by the Head of the Provisional Government (Head of State) and the Chief Minister (Head of Government). Supreme Minister Ocenaia formally assumed the role of Chief Minister on June 7th, 2018. The position of Head of the Provisional Government was offered to Chief Justice Royal Federative Kingdoms who declined, after which the Chief Minister took on the position himself. The Executive had the authority to keep the peace within the Union and eject people with permission from the Courts, however none of these powers were ever exercised by the Executive during this time.

  • The Union Constituent Congress was made up of the members of Parliament from both houses with United Caldonia being appointed as Speaker by the Head of the Provisional Government on June 7th, 2018.

  • On June 18th the Union Constituent Congress passed the 4th Constitution and transitioned into the Provisional Parliament.

  • On June 19th the position of Chief Minister was abolished and Ocenaia returned as Supreme Minister of the Union under the 4th Constitution. The Provisional Parliament then proclaimed Chief Justice Royal Federative Kingdoms as the Head of the Provisional Government on the Same day.

  • On June 22nd the Head of the Provisional Government abolished the Provisional Parliament and transferred its powers to the newly elected Parliament. On the same day he dissolved the Provisional Government of the Free Union and transferred any remaining executive authority to Parliament who promptly handed it over to the Executive Branch.

Failed attempts at creating Provisional Governments
Here is a list of the failed attempts at creating provisional governments in the Union

The Constitutional Council
Proposed by: United Caldonia
The Constitutional Council was proposed by Supreme Minister United Caldonia on April 4th, 2018 to create a new constitution. This body was to be made up of two members of Parliament, one elected citizen and the Founder with the Supreme Minister as the President of this Council. The proposed powers of this Council were to establish a constitution and serve as an emergency legislature. The proposal was rejected by Parliament without any debate on April 5th, 2018.

The Caretaker Government of the Democratic Union of Free States
Proposed by: Ocenaia
The Caretaker Government was proposed by Prime Minister Ocenaia on May 28, 2019 as an amendment to the Constitution. The role of this body was to re-organize the election system of the Union. The amendment was put to vote but was stopped after Vice-President Blazeville resigned leaving no effective leader to oversee the process.

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