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Science, Empire, and Industry. The Early Modern Era(841IO-1464IO) Part 1

During the "Pax Tzepama" 13 kings reigned; 7 from the Skanjež, 3 from the Ognjev, and 1 each from the Zbignjevski, Škodrev, and Prjemyšljev families. All of them were prominent landed noble families. This monopoly by the nobility of the crown caused major discontent among the rich and powerful merchant families whom had risen from peasant and burgher backgrounds. After being forced to the wayside politically for so long, they moved against the nobility. Utilizing their extensive wealth, they hired a massive mercenary army and began a 11 year civil war against the Škodrev king Michail IV. The war resulted in redistribution of all of the land, and the end of feudalism in Tzepam, and a reform of the Vjed Posjeda to be based around monetary wealth, rather than landownership. The first thing this new council did was elect one of the major military commanders of the war, Nikolaj Eugenović Kovalov, as King Mýcholaj I. This new Mercantile Government set out to fulfil all consumer desires, and create new ones to profit from. Thus they established the Kupnamarina§Merchant marine§, and set out to lands unknown to find new sources of wealth.
The First land they found was known locally as "Mšitakou". Later renamed Novo tzepam