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Special Forces

Army(АНЦ - Армия Национална Цзепамы): Спецялна Разведка Группа(СРГ) "Спраг" - Special Reconnaissance Group(SRG) "Sprag"
Special Mission Units assigned to every Brigade(1 Batallion per Brigade), Operational roles the same as Tier 2 and 3 units in the US military. Performing important Reconnaissance and Intelligence gathering operations for in-field units, they are vital to any war effort Tzepam is involved in. They have a very Special relationship with the Pathfinders, as the Pathfinders were once a part of the SRG's command.

Navy(ВМЦ - Воjеномарина Цзепамы): Спецялни Марини Разведка Темы(СМРТ) "Смртничи" - Special Marine Reconnaissance Teams(SMRT) "The Dead"
SMRTs serve in a role supporting Amphibious Troops ahead of landings, Sabotaging defenses and assassinating high ranking officers. They also operate in counterterror and threat assessment for naval bases. They serve as the Navy's version of the SRG.

Airforce(ВРЦ - Воздушоpожия Цзепамы): Воздушнодесантни Стезанаjтеци(ВДСН) "Скакничи" - Airborne Pathfinders(AP) "Jumpers"
The Airborne's transfer to the Air-force led to it's elite Pathfinder regiment coming under Air-force command, their missions include: Forward Air Control, Landing Zone Clearing and Marking, Airbase threat assessment, aiding in high-risk Search and Rescue missions, and supporting other SMUs. The Pathfinders maintain a close relationship to the Army's SRG.

Military Police(ВПЦ - Воjена Полиция Цзепамы): Спецялна Реакция Сила(СРС) "Омега" - Special Reaction Force(SRF) "Omega"
The military police took the lead in creating an elite Special Force for major criminal incidents in the region. Local police usually defer to the MP and/or the SRS when exceedingly dangerous situations arise. The SRS often finds its self operating with the MVD's SNG.

Ministry of Interior(МВД - Министерство Внутрение Дел): Cпецялнa Hазначения Группа(СНГ) "Витез" - Special Purpose Group(SPG) "Knight"
The primary Antiterror unit in the nation, often serving with SRS personnel. SNG has a well earned reputation for being incorruptable, amid bribery scandals in the MVD. They have often been considered for transfer over to the Military Police.

Intelligence Service(ЦСР - Цзепамска Служба Разведкы): Разведка Опора Комманд(РОК) "Рок" - Intelligence Support Command(ISC) "Roc"
The ROK is shrouded in mystery, operating in support of HUMINT and SIGINT operations, they are the front line against all of Tzepam's enemies abroad. They frequently find themselves in situations that could ruin relations between Tzepam and the nation in which they operate, however they have almost never failed their homeland. Often working with allied nations and the military, these units have a high attrition rate due to the dangerous and mentally overwhelming responsibilities they shoulder. Only those who have served 5 years in one of the other Special Operations units in the nation are considered eligible.