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Tzepami Military

AIT - Armija Imperialna Tzepamy (Tzepami Imperial Army) Армия Империална Цзепамы
529 Independent Brigades(351 Infantry, 150 Armored, 11 Air Assault), 38 transport helicopter squadrons, 78 Engineer Battalions, 32 close air support helicopter squadrons, 40 Logistics Battalions. 4,323,000 Personnel, 38,000 Vehicles.
Standard Issue Rifle:
Heckler & Koch HK433 modular assault rifle(Tz Designation: AG-33)
Main Battle Tank:
T-90MS(Tz Designation: TK-108 Nosorog)
Main APC:
GAZ Tigr(Tz Designation: PTL-18 Tigr)
Main APC:
BTR-82A(Tz Designation: PTH-20 Lev)
Main IFV:
CV90(Tz Designation: IPW-15 Volk)
Main Utility Helicopter:
MI-38T(Tz Designation: HT-12
Main Attack Helicopter:
KA-50/52(Tz Designation: HA-2Mk2 Alligator)
VIT - Vozdušnorožia Imperialna Tzepamy (Tzepami Imperial Airforce) Воздушорожиа Империална Цзепамы
21 Transport Squadrons, 6 Support Squadrons, 11 Air Attack Squadrons, 9 Interceptor Squadrons, 33 Fighter Squadrons, 12 Bomber Squadrons, 17 Airborne Brigades, 360,000 Base Security Troops. 1,810,000 Personnel
Primary Multirole Aircraft:
MiG-29SMT(Tz Designation: JA-29 Fulkrum)
Primary Strike Aircraft:
SU-25SM3(Tz Designation: A-25 Molnija)
Primary Interceptor Aircraft/Advanced Fighter Aircraft:
SU-57(Tz Designation: J-25 Sabela)
Primary Transport Aircraft, Aerial Refueling aircraft, and AWACS Aircraft:,_BIAP.jpg
IL-76/IL-78/A-50(Tz Designations: TH-17 Tesla, Z-8 Zdeslav, K-2 Kommander)
Primary Bomber Aircraft:
TU-22M Backfire(Tz Designation: B-4Mk 3 Bojar)
MIT - Marina Imperialna Tzepamy (Tzepami Imperial Navy) Mарина Империална Цзепамы
63 Destroyers, 21 Cruisers, 11 STO/VL Aircraft Carriers, 5 Fleet Carriers, Classified number of Submarines, 31 Marine Infantry Brigades, 18 Maritime Armored Brigades. 2,522,000 Personnel
Primary Frigate Class:
Admiral Gorshkov Class(Tz Designation: Klasse Tanagora)

Primary Destroyer Class:
Arleigh Burke(Tz Designation: Klasse Sever)

Primary Cruiser Class:
Kirov Class(Tz Designation: Klasse Vojnec)

Primary STOVL Carrier/LHD Class:
America Class(Tz Designation: Klasse Zau)

Primary Carrier Class:
Queen Elizabeth Class(Tz Designation: Klasse Slavimir)

Primary STOVL Aircraft:
BAE Harrier GR9 (Tz Designation: JAM-1Mk5 Lunj)

Primary Carrier-based Multirole Aircraft:
Dassault Rafale M(Tz Designation: JM-7Mk3 Škval)

Primary Naval Transport Helicopter:
V-22 Osprey(Tz Designation: NH-1Mk2 Rybolov)

Primary Naval Aerial Gunship:
AH-1Z(Tz Designation: HA-1Mk9 Kobra)