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Beginnings, The Classical Era (1366CI/-4IO-1670CI/300IO)

Tzepami history begins when the continent of Tigrania was first discovered by the Sygtalian explorer Thnetus Anastasion 1,722 years ago, introducing written language among the native Htze and Pamg tribes. Anastasion was from the Sygtalia, attempting to circumnavigate the earth when his carrack, the Midatis, was blown off course by a massive storm. He landed on a continent he named Tigrania(naming it after Tigran I Mithradation, the then reigning emperor). He sailed up the Tze river, so named after the tribe living at it's mouth, and was amazed by the sheer density of it's population, writing in his journal: "Curashanit cesur semerie perurim<The sky is blackened by the smoke of campfires>". He believed that he was too far in uncharted lands that his best option would be to wait for some other explorer to discover their settlement.
Anastasion and his crew introduced writing, advanced metal and woodworking, and political organization to the Htze tribe, becoming revered as demigods for their contributions. The Htze used their new innovations to begin conquering the tribes surrounding them. Over a 20 year period, the Htze unified their people, and conquered their long-time enemies, the Pamg, creating a kingdom named after the 2 tribes: Htze-Pamg. Over time, the name simplified into Tzepam, and thus began the mediaeval era of history.