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Islamic Peace Prize

Islamic Peace Prize

Medal of Islamic Peace Prize, awarded to the winner of the prestigious prize

Islamic Peace Prize is awarded by Emir Fahad Ayub Alvi at Turkhestan University Hall, Tashkent

Islamic Peace Prize is an international prize issued on 14th February, 2016. It is awarded to the person or organization who has significantly contributed to Islam and Muslims. This prize is generally awarded once every year. This prize will be awarded by Islamic Peace Prize Awarding Committee (IPPAC) consisting of seven members from different member nations under the chairmanship of Secretary Foreign Affairs, Turkhestan. The winner of the Islamic Peace Prize will be given the Medal with an amount of 50 Million NS$ by the Government of Turkhestan

Islamic Peace Prize is awarded to;
-An individual contributing significantly in bringing, promoting and spreading message of peace, friendship,brotherhood and love among Muslims,
-To the Individual or organization working for promotion of Islamic culture,teachings and message of Tawheed,
-To the individual or organization working significantly for the defense of Muslims and for the freedom of Muslim nations that are under occupation,
-To individual or organization working against Islamophobia, racism and spreading awareness among non-muslim regions and nation about Islam. Speaking on several forums in defense of teachings of Islam and logically pointing out misunderstandings and misconceptions of non-Muslims about the religion of Islam.
-To individual or organization promoting religious tolerance and respect for all the religions and working for all the basic human rights including freedom of speech to be granted to all the citizens including Muslims and non-Muslims equally.
-To individual or organization helping the newly converted Muslims or non-muslims interested in Islam to learn,understand and implement the teachings of Islam considering it a duty.
-To the most influential, strongest and powerful individuals or organizations of the Islamic World.
-To the individual and organization who helps fellow Muslims morally and practically in case of war(for defense or offense) against Non-Muslims.

Islamic Peace Prize Awarding Committee (IPPAC):-
Islamic Peace Prize Awarding Committee consists of seven members from different member nations of IPP. Secretary Foreign Affairs of Turkhestan will be the permanent member and chairman of committee. Remaining six members can be changed if required. The committee is headed by the Chairman who is also the permanent member of the committee. Chairman will conduct all the sessions of committee and will be head of committee.

Members of Committee:-
Members of IPPAC will be taken from nations endorsing this prize(member nations). One member will be taken from each nation. For the first award, six members will be taken from first six nations who became members. Next year, other six members will be taken from next six nations on basis of date of becoming member. Once the list is completed, it will again start from first member nation. Members can be nominated by the Head of The State/Parliment/Supreme Court of that region and will be approved by Chairman. Chairman will have power to ask Head of the State/Parliment/Supreme Court to change the nominee for the member if he does not trust one who was previously nominated.Following are some guidelines for selection of members of committee:-
-The member must be trusted, active, honourable and have good character
-The member should be honest and dutiful.
-The member should remain neutral as member of IPPAC.

Process of Nomination and Awarding IPP:-

Any Muslim/non-Muslim individual citizen of a Muslim/non-Muslim nation can be nominated for the peace prize by any other Muslim. In case of organization, any Muslim can nominate the organization.

Initial Stage(Nomination) :-

Nominated individual or organization will fill the Nomination Application. Nomination application will briefly describe the contributions of that nation or organization. This application will be sent to the members of committee who will interpret them under supervision of elected Chairman of the IPPAC. After interpretation, committee will select the strongest cases for the final stage.

Final Stage(Awarding the Prize):-

IPPAC will ask the applicants(nations who proposed) of the selected strongest cases to file another application in which they will have to describe their contributions in detail. These selected individuals or organizations will be considered as nominees for the Islamic Peace Price. The seven members of IPPAC will decide the winner of award under supervision of the Chairman. They will have the power to ask for a public vote, if they want, on this matter but this public vote will have no official status. It is purely the power of IPPAC members to decide the winner of award. Committee will vote for the winner of the award. If there is a tie after voting of committee members then the case will be referred to the Chairman and vote of Chairman will be final to decide the winner. In the end, Islamic peace Prize will be awarded by Emir Fahad Ayub Alvi in a ceremony held at Turkhestan University Hall, Tashkent. Head of The States, Foreign Ministers and members of Parliment may attend the ceremony if they desire to.

Member Nations of Islamic Peace Prize:-

Any Muslim/Non-Muslim nation can endorse this Prize and become a member of IPP after the approval of Chairman. Following nations have endorsed the prestigious Islamic Peace Prize and have been granted the status of members of IPP:
8-Empire of narnia
10-Mansuriyyah Islamic State
12- Komneneia
13- Sibiri-
15- Samudera Darussalam

Members of IPPAC:-
1- Turkhestan(Chairman)
5- Mishalle
7- Kwadai

Membership Form:
All Muslim/non-muslim nations are allowed to become members of IPP except Zionist nations.The nations need to fill out the following form inorder to get the membership of IPP:

IPP Membership Application

Full Nation Name:
Government Type:
National Leader:
Political Ideology:
Religious Ideology:
National Religion:
Percentage of Muslim Population in Nation:
NS Civil Rights Value of your nation(out of 100):
Common Views about Muslims:
Anything else that we should know? Write here:

[ ]I hereby agree that government of my country has officially endorsed the Islamic Peace Prize and that we are not a Zionist nation.