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The Empire of
Psychotic Dictatorship

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The Light
-The Light is the one man who leads the new Tsarusian people

-The Light's true name is known no longer
-It is rumored he has seen the New World Order, and the almost world wide transition to immense evil, known as the Great Transition

-While he is the most powerful in the world, he lives an extremely simple life
-This lifestyle consists of no self gratification. In his free time, he will meditate, read, work out, sharpen his fighting skills, or interlink/pray to Nature, God, the Angels and Saints
-Otherwise, he is working, eating, or sleeping
-He is heavily augmented with cybernetics and biomedical operations, and can lead the nation for centuries on end
-He cannot feel saddened, angered, or even happy for that matter.
-He cannot feel at all. Physical pain, to him, is an intense sensation of touch which serves to warn of bodily harm.

-The Light cannot be removed from his position of power
-He is the backbone of the nation, and has been since before the Great Transition
-He can only be influenced by the Strazhnist Aristocratic Council. It is possible for anyone to reach this point.

Strazhnist Aristocratic Council
-Referred to as Councilmen
-Once known as Big MT generations ago
-In any case, there may be 513 sectors of 51 blocks of 50-200 individuals (or more, depending on population of Edvilka class)
-1 individual from each block is selected by their block as a voter (or a Block Representative)
-These voters choose a sector representative from the other 49 blocks of their sector
-These sector representatives choose a Councilman from their sector
-There will be 513 Councilmen

-They serve as the advisors to the Light, and as representatives to Edvilkan voters
-The top minds of the nation, they often live an extreme lifestyle based off what school they study under
-They have excelled in their school, and have been voted in by the Edvilka class to serve in the Council

-Due to their high value, they may be sustained with sophisticated biological/cybernetic augmentation
-In this case, their "prime time" (usually 20s-40s) can last decades and decades

Strazhnist Aristocracy
-Referred to as the Edvilkan, Tsarusian for "Noble" or "Aristocrat"
-The nations more intellectual, athletic, and overall superior people
-These people have earned the right to vote in representatives into the Council
-They often bear a garment, bandana, symbol, patch or other to distinguish themselves
-They are found at the top of every STEM field
-They will go on retreats to work among the Drudges
-They also train Strazhnist Militiants, the sophisticated forces of the Strazhnist forces

-The Edvilka may select (or be selected by) a School
-These Schools may determine how the Edvilka will live their life, it may be extreme or non-invasive
-Each school represents one of many traits of Tsarus
-Those traits being strength, knowledge, asceticism, and virtue

-Edvilkan can be described as having an aura of slight gentility
-In their presence, the novice or low caste can't help but to feel inferior or perhaps begrudged
-Despite this, the Edvilkan retains a great politeness and courtesy to the lower caste
-As well as a welcoming nature to the eager novice

Flag of the Strazhnist Aristocracy

Flag design from: rightwingstudysquad on ig

Upper General Population
-Referred to as White Collars
-May have to reside in urban areas for certain jobs, among the drudges and hopefully among the Edvilkan

-The upper general population works the more complicated jobs, which usually require college degrees
-Often, they are involved in STEM, and the higher paid jobs come from the military
-Also may work in the trades

Lower General Population
-Referred to as Blue Collars
-This is the most populous class
-Often found in the slightly more urban suburbs

-They live fulfilling lives, and play important roles in Tsarusian society such as small business owning, teaching, etc
-They live the life the higher ups seek to preserve from global capitalism
-They live lives of comfortable poverty, with much time to spare for hobbies
-This is the life :)

Storm Class
-Genetically modified soldiers
-Terrifyingly oversized
-Sent out into the Global Capitalist world by the millions
-Out there, they destroy all that is ugly, to pave the way for what is beautiful: Strazhnism
-To all Tsarusian people: they are your friend!

Drudge Class
-Drudges, grey collars, etc
-The underclass, those with poor intelligence or little skill, or worse: inbreds or unwanted anomalies
-They do menial, dull tasks
-Any job that requires little to no skill is worked by these individuals
-Sustained by cheap nutrient matter packaged into cubes
-Often hedonic, they are content in their indulging
-Be kind to them, they're trying their best