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The Glorious Leader Johannes Vanbuylen.

The Glorious Leader
Johannes Vanbuylen.

(A young Johannes in one of his father's many propaganda photo's.)

The Glorious Leader Johannes Vanbuylen.
Reign July 14th, 2003-Present.
Predecessor: The Almighty Leader Dirk Vanbuylen.
(The almighty leader was his father)

Family life.

Successor: His son, Jack Vanbuylen. He will be the first People's
President of Tryienne.
Wife. Daring Do, a.k.a Daring Verbeecken.
son: Jack Vanbuylen, a famous Tryiennian athlete.

Personal life

Born: March 30th, 1986.
(Age 29.)
Birth place: Roma Major University Hospital, Roma Major, Tryienne.
Religion: Tryiennian Soldier Belief a.k.a. Gloria Fortes Milles.
Dreams and Goals: To set the mistakes of his father right,
and to push Tryienne into a super power and beyond.

Johannes Vanbuylen, often referred to as the Glorious Leader or, more elaborately, the Glorious Leader and Defender of Tryienne Ideals, is the current head-of-state of the People’s Republic of Tryienne, serving since 2008. Regarded by many within Tryienne as one of the greatest leaders in the country’s history, Vanbuylen’s personal life has nevertheless been fraught with strife and hardship. As the successor and only son of Dirk Vanbuylen, Johannes was raised almost from birth to be a future leader, something he wasn’t particularly interested in.
Early Life
Johannes Vanbuylen was born on 30 March 1986 in Roma Major, the capital of Tryienne, to Dirk and Honeycomb Vanbuylen. Johannes was Dirk’s first legitimate son, and his birth greatly elated his father, who despite his anti-Equinist beliefs looked upon his half-human, half-equine son with favor. However, Dirk, who suffered from several mental instabilities, began to grow estranged from his family not long after Johannes’ birth, and suspected that his wife wished to replace him with their infant child as leader of Tryienne so she could wield power from behind the throne. For this reason, Dirk poisoned and killed his wife when Johannes was only two; although greatly remorseful for his actions, Dirk became psychotic and mentally deranged following her death, passing nonsensical laws and eventually imposing a self-coup on his own government to install a highly belligerent communist dictatorship, which would clash frequently with its neighbors for the remainder of Dirk’s life.
For the young Johannes, his father’s insanity resulted in a terrible childhood; repeated verbal and mental abuse haunted the young colt, as did his father’s implementation of equine persecution in the early 1990s. His education was largely neglected, with only a few tutors brave enough to instruct him without his father’s knowledge or permission. When he was 12, Dirk began forcibly bringing the colt to battlefields all around Tryienne to witness war and combat, and was made to star in several propaganda posters and films to raise morale. While these actions did improve the father-son relationship, Johannes was still treated poorly by his father in private.
The late 1990s saw Dirk’s erratic behavior take a new turn; he instituted slavery against the country’s entire equine population and forced them to construct massive metropolises for the human population. Johannes himself was even forced to labor on several projects, which was in turn used as further propaganda footage by his father. Death camps were also established across Tryienne for both human and equine dissidents, creating a terror state that not even Johannes was safe from; in 1999, Johannes was intentionally left at one of the many death camps by his father after a tour, and was forced to remain there for nearly 3 days before being picked up.
Rise to Power
By 2000, Tryienne was financially exhausted from Dirk’s constant warmongering, and the country’s neighbors had all formed an alliance against Tryienne and were poised to invade the weakened country. Tryienne’s weaknesses mirrored Dirk’s growing maladies; his health became fragile and his mental state deteriorated so that he saw plots against him everywhere, even from his own son. For his part, Johannes had no desire to seize power from his father; he had grown interested in the sciences, and was eager to establish himself as a professor of biology. In 2003, however, Tryienne’s top generals and military commanders approached Johannes and requested he assume power from his mad father. Although Johannes was highly resistant, having no desire to either assume political power or overthrow his father, he eventually agreed after determining the alternative was Tryienne’s utter annihilation by the country’s neighbors, as his father was preparing yet another war against them.
With pressure put on him to appoint a ‘youthful’ leader to command the troops, Dirk eventually elevated the 16-year-old Johannes to the position of Grand General and gave him operational command of the country’s army. The country’s military elite saw this as their chance to be rid of the troublesome Dirk, and on 14 July 2003 the Republican Guard responsible for the protection of the Leader staged a palace coup against Dirk, arresting and imprisoning him without incident. The military was quick to hail the young Johannes as the new ruler of Tryienne, who cautiously accepted his new position; although worried about his father’s loyalists staging a counter-coup or worse a rebellion, no such incident occurred.
Johannes’ first act as the Leader of Tryienne was to call off the impending attacks on the country’s neighbors, and instead accepted treaties of peace and commerce with them. He then was forced to turn to his deranged father; although remorseful over his decision, Johannes was forced to accept that as long as his father lived, his position was insecure, and he faced a fate worse than death if he were to be overthrown. For that reason, the son gave the order on 18 July to have the father killed, and Dirk was smothered to death in his cell that same night by his guards.

(WIP/ Will be extended and fine tuned.)