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The Constitution of the Second Republic of Tretrid (WIP)

This will be gutted in favor of a better one. When I do that, the previous one will never have existed. It will be retconned.
This Document is hereby written and established to install a permanent Government for The Nation of Tretrid shall follow each and every clause written in this document. Every line break shall define a clause unless a header is involved.

ARTICLE I: The Government
1: The Prime Minister and his Cabinet
All major executive decisions shall be made by a Prime Minister, and his or her duties consist of the following: Approving laws defined by the Second Republic National Council President to be major, appointing his or her cabinet, signing declarations of war, sign into law or veto any proposal vetoed by the Cabinet and supported by either 2/3 of the National Council and supported by the Second Republic National Council President OR 3/4 of the Council, propose the budget, and propose taxes. He or she has a one-year term, changing every February 9. Government officials, including but not limited to the Prime Minister must obey all regional laws.

The Cabinet consists of: The Minister of Domestic Affairs, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Defense, and the Minister of Wildlife Management. They receive proposals from the Council and the minister relevant sign them into law and notify the Prime Minister of this.

2: The Second Republic National Council

The National Council consists of two houses: The Council and the Assembly. Each must do their respective duties:

The Council consists of representatives elected via the Assembly. They have to vote on laws. They have 1-year terms, may be reelected, and term changer are effective on the new year. However, salary changes are effective upon that day unless blocked by the Prime Minister. They are led by the President of the Council, who must be a former Prime Minister, and has a two-year term.

The Assembly shall consist of every citizen Tretrid who goes to national polling places. They elect the Prime Minister and the Council, and may override a Prime Minister's veto with a vote.

ARTICLE II: Basic Rights and Duties
1: Rights
A citizen may worship whatever he or she wants, unless processes for worshiping are illegal. The Council may not favor any religion. All citizens of Tretrid has all rights to voting, and the ultimate right is to life and liberty for all persons that are living. Further rights may be determined in amendments.

2: Duties
All citizens between the age of 5 and 18 must go to school all year around except for Linkmajor regional holidays as determined by the East Pacific Magisterium, and two weeks off in mid-July for registration. Citizens over 18 are to be encouraged to became an MSR reserve, but not in an intrusive manner.

LinkThe flag of Tretrid has a red blackground, one yellow bend, one green bend, and Tretrid's emblem in the center.

ARTICLE IV: Ways to amend this document
To amend this document, it has to be supported by the majority of any provincial legislatures established in provincial constitutions, be supported by 2/3 of the Council, supported by the President of the Council, and supported by 3/4 of the Assembly.

With these words, we, the Second Republic of Tretrid, hereby establishes a permanent government to last this nation for years to come.