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The Second Republic of
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The April Incident

All out-of character parts occured in real life.
On April 3 2016, due to... extraordinary circumstances (part 2, section iii, question 8) and a procedural error the previous day (OOC: me borrowing the computer that hosted [REDACTED]), the WAIC (World Assembly Intelligence Commission) sent the First Republic of Tretrid National Council (the FRNC) (as well as [REDACTED]) a telegram saying:
This nation has been determined to be in breach of World Assembly rules, which permit you to have only one nation in the WA at any time. This is an official warning to allow you to rectify the situation. If you do not comply, you may be permanently barred from the World Assembly.

OOC: The WAIC's telegram, as well as some problems that occured was why I performed my leave of absence.
The Tretrid Justice commission [and the WA (seeing if another violation would occur)], not knowing what really happened, performed an investigation on the government (including themselves), causing paranoia ("Could we trust our own government?") and conspiracies theories. The NC voted to shut down all governmental actions that involved making policies until the investigation ended and when the NC next met (as well as all actions of WA ambassador Lydia Powell) , unintentionally causing more paranoia. Things got far worse when the prime minister, Matthew Irvine, resigned from office due to the political situation which he referred to as "ghastly." He declared that "Apocalypse Looms in Tretrid! (OOC: the site sent me an email warning this) Eight days later, the Justice commission ended its investigation, and the WA saw the government's lack of activity did not violate its regulations. WA Ambassador Powell and Foreign Minister Bartholomew Smith were somewhat confused when they saw in their inbox the WA acceptance email, but they were not able to accept it until "when the NC next met."
On August 4, a group that was commonly thought of as terrorists thought that democracy was overrated. After a failed coup d'état, they decided to form Toksun ance. (OOC: that is a second account I made to see how crazy things could get) The FRNC met the next day to discuss Toksun ance, as well as end the crisis. They were not able to meet earlier because of bomb threats from the group that would become Toksun ance. The same day, a new prime minister was elected: Adam Wilson. The military pushed Toksun ance outward until The Second Republic of Tretrid was its original size. With the establishment of the Second Republic, the FRNC became the SRNC.