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T4T - Toerana for Thalassia

T4T - Toerana for Thalassia

Full Disclosure up front, at the time of this election I am also running for the position of Officer in TRR, may this effect your vote
Hi, I'm BowShot, also known as Toerana. I'm here to pitch to you why you should vote for me in the upcoming elections.
First, a bit about me. I've been playing this game since late December 2018, and have been in and out of the Thalassian community, and that which preceded it, from my join date. I'm currently active in both Thalassia and the Rejected Realms, as well as being a citizen of South Pacific & Warzone Airspace (when it isn't occupied). My former involvements in the region Voltarium gave me some experience in running a, if I do say so myself, fabulous program to encourage WA membership, and endorsement of the delegate. I'll leave a link to everything I have from Volt here, in case you're curious.
Onto my proposals..

  1. Putting the Delegate's vote in the hands of Thalassians
    The Delegate is the representative of Thalassia to the World Assembly, so it is vital that Thalassians have a say of over how their delegate vote, as their endorsement contributes to our voting power and influence in the WA. I will always, baring a few exceptions, vote with the majority of Thalassians. There is one exception to this, if there is a Security Council vote that may harm Thalassia and/or her allies. If this is the case, I will take the advice of the Prime Minister and/or Founder, before voting on behalf of the region. In all other cases, including Security Council votes that have no connection to Thalassia, the majority opinion in the region will have my vote.

  2. Rewards for World Assembly Members
    A key part of any World Assembly Program is rewarding those who partake in it. Similar to systems in The North Pacific, I would look to create rewards and badges for a certain categories, WA membership, endorsing the delegate and possibly more in the future. I can't say what I have in mind, as I'm still collecting all my thoughts. Past evidence of a similar program can be found in the aforementioned Voltarium work, for those who want to have an idea of what I have done previously. Yes, I agree, my graphic design badly needs improvement.

  3. An Adaptive Endorsement Cap
    I believe that Thalassians should be allowed to endotart to their heart's consent, but that can lead to risks, including accidentally accumulating too many endorsements. An endorsement cap that follows the Vice Delegate's endorsement number would ensure no one is climbing too high, but while still giving Thalassians the room to endorse and receive endorsements largely hassle free.

Have any questions? Post them on the RMB or send me a telegram, here or on my main: Toerana

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