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Toerana For Prime Minister

Does the Logo look terrible? You bet it does
BowShot | Toerana for Prime Minister - Jan 2020

Hello, I'm Toerana, commonly known as BowShot to those off you who know me offsite, and I'm running for Prime Minister this election.

"So, BowShot, how'd you join Thalassia?"
Good Question, Pacifica, the region before Thalassia, was the first region I ever stayed in, right as Cormac became Delegate. One day, I was checking my nation and chatting on the RMB when I got at telegram. So, as per usual, I opened and read it. Cormac was insane enough to offer me a job! As his Secretary of Foreign Affairs. This was where I got my first taste of government life and I enjoyed my time. I was in and out of Pacifica a lot over the past year, but I've always considered it my home and enjoyed whenever I was in the region. Fast forward to when Sho was Prime Minister. DRUS, the Minister of Culture at the time and a friend of mine, resigned from his post as Minister of Culture. I'd had this account in the region for a little while, and I was starting to be a bit more active on the RMB around July. So, when Sho said applications were open, I said "screw it," and applied. I was accepted and become Sho's Minister of Culture, founding and outlining much of what Culture runs today. I was in my position through Sho's two terms, including the transition to Thalassia, and when Bad won his election, I was offered a job and was Minister of Culture up until my resignation, surrounding drama in Lazarus we ignore the fact I'm banned there. I have made an attempt to be more active within the RP community, but I have a habit of writing a lot, not finishing and then just not coming back to it. It's a bad habit of mine.

Sorry for the text wall.
"So, Yeah Lazarus, what happened with that?"
Gulp. Lazarus isn't one of my proudest moments. I had been a citizen for not to long when I was approached to join Lazarus' Military, infact, instead of writing this all here. See my trial. I leaked a couple of things from the discord of the Lazerene Guard in an attempt to forwarn friends in the warzones of raids. Sadly, one of the people I leaked to was a bit bold, and the TNP ratted on me ;-;

Oh well, I hold no hard feelings against Lazarus, I'm just banned for 2 years. Oops.

See my trial Linkhere.

"So you, like your text walls?"
I have a habit of them, apologies to people who prefer light reading.

"So, where can I ask you more questions?"
Feel free to telegram me here, on this nation, or my main account Toerana. I am quite active and I am usually around to reply within a timely manner.

My Experience
On my time on NationStates (roughly a year), I have had jobs in some regions, notably Thalassia, Voltarium and the odd thing in the Rejected Realms.
I was:
  • Secretary of Foreign Affairs in Pacifica
    Although FA isn't my favourite area, I did learn some valuable lessons within that department, and I thank Cormac for giving me the opportunity.

  • Minister of Culture in Pacifica/Thalassia
    This has been my longest running job and I thoroughly enjoyed it, although I was not the best with time keeping. I thank both Bad and Sho for not kicking me out when I got a bit annoying.

  • Councillor/Emperor's Councillor/I kinda forgot the Job Title of Internal Affairs in Voltarium
    I hope to think I was a big part in Voltarium for a while, helping out strongly in their Internal Affairs area, running a few programs. Voltarium was also the place that I learnt how enjoyable roleplay is, it had a great group of roleplayers although the region refounded recently.

  • Deputy Officer of Outreach in The Rejected Realms
    I was one of two Deputies in TRR under Bormiar, some people in the gov may know him from N-Day, I did a little bit of work, including writing the RMB Guide for the region, and doing some formatting stuff that ultimately wasn't used.
    However, I am somehow an RMB moderator in the region, after Kyo appointed me and Jack kept me. I like to think I'll do a decent job.

My Plan
  • Culture
    Culture is my passion, it has been by far my most enjoyable time in Thalassia and I hope to invest heavily in the department, alongside my Minister, whomever that may be.
    I am very much interested in cards, and hope to provide card based rewards for all aspects of Thalassian life.

  • Security
    Security is and will be a primary focus for me if I am elected. I will be looking to maintain proscriptions on regions proscribed, as to maintain our regional security, as well as work with the Minister, whomever that may be, to ensure Thalassia remains safe. This may be identifying possible threats to the community, and working with offsite moderation to ensure potential offsite targets are monitored, although that drifts slightly outside of the departments role. Recently there has been the destruction of the Confederation of Conservative Nation's discord, and that is a horrifying event that I, and Thalassia, stand firmly against. No community deserves anything to be destroyed, regardless of who they are.

  • Foreign Affairs
    Ah yes, my old friend of Foreign Affairs. I'll be honest, that area does not interest me, but, I will be aiming to maintain the ambassador reports that occur, and I will also be looking to work with the Ministers of both FA and Information to public press releases and FA updates to keep our allies informed and friendly. Another key goal for Foreign Affairs is, well, foreign relations. Thalassia is blessed with some amazing friends and allies, such as those in Osiris & Democratic Socialist Assembly, and I hope to expand culture events with these regions and bring Thalassia into some fabulous new, strong friendships with our embassy regions and more.

  • Information
    Newspaper and regional updates. Information's goal will be to keep everyone informed, and alongside our counterparts in NSToday, work to produce the regional newspaper, assuming it's feasible. If I am honest, this is the department I have the least ideas for.

    If you've made it through this, wow, okay, I'm impressed. I thought my text wall was a bit too much, but I'm glad to read it! Feel free to ask me any questions, on the RMB or through Telegrams, and I hope to see you vote for whichever candidate you view as the best in this election.
    P.S. I am very sorry for that horrible banner thing.... graphics design isn't exactly my strongest area.