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History of Thalassia

The History of Thalassia
Suggested by Maritagnia

Thalassia is a region full of rich culture, active roleplay, proactive government and strong community. In this dispatch (and possibly more to come) we will list everything that has happened in Thalassia during our History.

For all upcoming events, check Newswire, Thalassia's newspaper, which has listed recent news and upcoming events. It is located on the WFE (World Factbook Entry)

If you believe we have missed something noteworthy, telegram myself, Toerana III/Toerana with the event, the date of the event, and a short summary.

The most notable events in the history of Thalassia are located in the sidebar which (if on mobile) will have been at the top of the dispatch, while not on mobile it will be located to the side of this text, just above the events Table.

The events listed here are in Chronological order.


Date of Event


Start of the Transition

18th of September 2019

After the Cabinet and Vice President Unanimously voted in favour of transitioning to Thalassia, the notice was published and the transition began.
The Transition was due to Pacifica's founder having Ceased to Exist for a period of 30 days again, after this incident having happened in the past.
For More details, read the notice located here.

End of the Transition

25th of September 2019

The Transition period ended and all remaining nations in Pacifica were ejected.


26th-27th of September 2019

N-Day started at 9pm UTC and Thalassia created a faction named "cRoMaC ft. All the Boys".
Despite being decimated by the "Horsemen of the Apocalypse", Thalassia did fairly well for their first N-Day Event. For more details, read the regional dispatch located here.

Discussion of the Constitution

28th-30th of September 2019

The discussion of the proposal of which could become the Constitution of Thalassia began 1pm UTC and ran until the 30th of September, 1pm UTC (8am CDT). The Proposal passed and became the constitution of Thalassia.
For more information, read the proposal located here.

Presidential Election Nominations

3rd-6tth of October 2019

Nominations for the first election for President opened on the 3rd of October and closed on the 6th.
3 People declared their intent to run:
Rockiberg [No VP Declared]
Wymondham [VP Declared - Wiskawga]
Owl Archipelago [No VP Declared]
For more details on the election, see here.

Presidential Election Extra Campaign Period

6th-10th October 2019

The Extra Campaigning period started on the 6th of October and ran to the 10th of October. During this, all 3 candidates published their campaign dispatch(es).
Wymondham, Owl Archipelago & Rockiberg.
During this, a debate accorded. For more details on the debate, see below.
For more details on the election, see here.

Presidential Election Debate

7th-8th October

The election debate was hosted by NSToday in the region of Thalassia Election Debates. All the Presidential candidates took part.
The debate is still up and can be found here.

Presidential Election Vote

10th-13th October 2019

The vote for the election of President started on the 10th of October and continued until the 13th.
The vote was held via a WA resident only poll. The poll is located here.

Presidential Election Vote Results

13th October 2019

The vote lasted 3 days, with Rockiberg being elected President with an outright majority!
The results can be found here.
The poll can be found here.

Prime Minister Election

13th-16th October 2019

Nominations for the first Prime Minister election started on the 13th of October and closed on the 16th, with the following nations declaring their intent to run:
Czech Germania
Dino thalassian mission
More details on the election can be found here.

Prime Minister Election
Extra Campaign Period

16-19th October 2019

The additional campaigning period began on the 16th of October and ran until the 19th. The campaign dispatches for each nominee are below:
Czech Germania | Badivermeraed | Dino Thalassian Mission

Prime Minister Election

20th-23rd October 2019

The vote begun on the 20th, with none of the 3 candidates having withdrawn from the race.
The poll which governed the election can be found here.

Prime Minister Election Results

23rd October 2019

Badivermeraed won the election with an outright majority of votes!

Vice-President Confirmation

23rd-28th October 2019

Czech Germania was nominated to become Vice President of Thalassia by the President, Rockiberg, on the 23rd of October.
The poll started and the voting commenced on the 25th of October, and ran to the 28th.
Czech was confirmed as the Vice President of Thalassia with a margin of 32-1.
The poll can be found here.


30th October 8pm UTC - 1st November 5pm UTC 2019

Z-Day8 was Thalassia's first ever Z-Day, the region became a cure focused region and Quarantine was introduced.
The Results of Z-Day, as well as the nations that partook, can be found here!

Voting Length Amendment

4th-7th November 2019

The voting length amendment was put to vote on the 4th of November by President Rockiberg.
The amendment was written by Rockiberg and passed 18 For, 4 Against.
The Poll can be found here, with the amendment being found here.

Founder Transition

14th November 2019

Cormactopia Prime resigned from their position of founder on the 13th of November and handed the founder nation, Thalassia Founder over to Sho, who originally founded the region.
More information can be found here.

Public Discord

[Amendment - 12th-14th November 2019]
[Server Release - 15th November 2019]

The Discord amendment was moved to referendum by President Rockiberg on the 12th of November, it lasted for 2 days as per the recently enacted voting length act.
The Amendment was co-authored by Badivermeraed & Thalassia Founder [Pending Identity Confirmation].
It passed 16 For, 4 Against.
The vote can be found here, the amendment can be found here.