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Thalassia's Roleplay - A Guide

Please Note - This dispatch is not updated or currently active. Contact Liruslau in place of Toerana III with any requests.

How To Get Started
To Get Started in Thalassia, you're going to need some essential things for the roleplay. This will help your roleplay experience, and while may take a little bit of time to set up, depending on how much free time you have, it will enrich your roleplay experience and make roleplay easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

The Map
The Map is the primary part of Thalassia's roleplay, it places everyone in a set geographical location to progress and create interaction between neighbours, friends and allies. Alongside this, it adds a sense of realism, making sure that everyone knows how far away they are from each other and how long it will take to travel places. This can be crucial in times of war, as the map also gives nations geographic features to work with, mountains and rivers, alongside the Ocean in its entirety, allowing key choke points for trade.

The Map is mandatory to partake in wars and Roleplay Events, every member of the regional roleplay must claim some land on the map to partake in these. As the regions gets larger, there is a possibility we will expand the map.
The Map is located here. To claim a section of land for yourself, telegram Toerana III or Sho with your desired claim. You can do this by telegraming us using this format:

Nation Name:
Desired Capital City Name:
Desired Nation Slot:
Desired Capital Position [Optional]:

Nation Name: Toerana III
Desired Capital City Name: Derai City
Desired Nation Slot: 5
Desired Capital Position [Optional]: N/A

Dispatches & Stats
Dispatches are required to partake in roleplay. The dispatches only have to be short and sweet, but they have to have some required stats in them.
Theses stats are your Military, Population and GDP. You may retrieve these stats by telegramining Czech Germania or Toerana III requesting these stats.
The proper format to collect these stats is as follows:


Can I have my roleplay stats for Thalassia?


You are permitted to update these stats once per week by telegraming either of us to retrieve an update. Only stats inside dispatches are valid, roleplay mods and Culture staff keep a record of all stats. The Dispatch for the stats may be as extravagant as you wish, but must include the 3 stats given to you by the staff. It can be as basic as just those 3 listed. For all other roleplay affairs, it is recommended you specify your skills and stats inside dispatches, although it isn't mandatory. For aspects and areas of RP that aren't given to you, we use NS stats as a guideline, allowing people to differ from there stats a bit but not drastically.

Warning - Military includes the Army, Navy and Airforce, the figure given is the number of soldiers at your disposal, not just ground soldiers.

We recommend Ponderosa's dispatch guides located here for good quality dispatches.

Post Differentiation
For all Roleplay posts, it is required you use the [RP] heading to display it as different from regular posts. Failure to do so will mean your roleplay posts are declared as not valid and you may be punished by roleplay mods.

Alongside this, becoming angry and using all caps lock is not acceptable, and you must remember that any posts made with the [RP] tag are not personal attacks or attempts at flame baits on another user, what happens in roleplay has nothing to do with non RP posts and the regional government.

Rewards Program
The Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Information have worked together to bring the Thalassian Rewards Program. You can read more about it below!

Please Note - This dispatch is not updated or currently active. Contact Liruslau in place of Toerana III with any requests.

An Introduction to Rewards

Roleplay rewards, a way to reward active members of our roleplaying community. The points are designed to encourage activity and benefit the Thalassian Community.

How to Gain Rewards

Rewards can be gained in a some very simple ways that all revolve around being an active, quality Roleplayer and a friendly face within the Thalassian Community.
The Guides for an increased chance at winning are:

  • Activity

    • The more active you are in Thalassia , the better, and the higher quality rewards you will receive.

    • Actively participating in roleplay, may this be In Character Diplomacy, wars, or events.

  • Helpfulness

    • Helping new members by answering questions.

    • Encouraging new members to partake in the Ministries.

    • Welcoming new members and showing them where to go to find out about the region.

  • Participation

    • Participating in one of the Prime Minister's Factbook events will gain you 2 points for a win, and a single point for participation, if your participation is of a high quality. This will be decided by the Prime Minister and/or Culture Staff.

    • Participating in events ran by the Culture or Information Ministries will increase your chances of being rewarded with points, and possibly bonus points.

You may however loose chances and potentially points because of the following behaviour:

  • Negative Behaviour

    • Unnecessary insults against a member of the community on the Regional Message Board, this is both Thalassia and her allies.

    • Harassment of other members of Thalassia or elsewhere.

  • Rule Refusal

    • Refusing to adhere to rules will mean a strike will be applied to your account.

When you repeatedly break one or more of Thalassia's rules, or otherwise fit the negative behavior listed above, a strike will applied to your account.
3 Strikes - 1 Week Ban from the Program and all points revoked.
5 Strikes - Permanent Disqualification from the program
Strikes wear out after 2 months and will be removed from your account

Types of Rewards

The Rewards program has a multitude of rewards available for winners to choose from, costing varied amount of points.

  • Banners
    These are banners that are custom made Thalassia banners just for the winners! Listed below are a sequence of banners. They all cost a varied amount of points, and their authors are credited in the dispatch. Upon purchase, a member of the culture team will provide the watermark-less copy to you with a personalized telegram!

    Banner 1. Pacifica Flag Adaptation - By Toerana III (and a considerable amount of help from Rocky peaks)

    Cost = 2 Points
    Banner 2. Thalassia Flag Adaptation - By Toerana III

    Cost = 2 Points
    Banner 3. Thalassia Flag Inverted Adaptation - By Toerana III

    Cost = 2 Points
    Banner 4. Thalassia N-Day Banner - By Toerana III

    Cost = 2 Points
    [Free for those who partook in Thalassia's N-Day Faction]

  • Roleplay Cities
    Roleplay Cities are a perfect way to customize your nation on the roleplay map! Each new city costs 1 point.

  • Cards

    • For a certain amount of points, you will be able to purchase any Legendary or Epic card currently residing in the nation of Thalassia roleplay rewards. Every point accounts for the purchasing power of 1 Market Value worth of Bank (The Card's currency). For example, if you had 10 points and you spent them all on cards via the rewards scheme, you could buy cards with the total value of 10.

    • For a different rate, you could purchase any Epic, Ultra Rare, Rare, Uncommon or Common card! Due to the nature of this, the rules and point to bank conversion will be slightly different.

      1. The card you wish to purchase must have a market value under 15.

      2. For every point you spend, you may buy 0.50 MV worth of cards.

      3. The nation the card is based on must exist. If the nation has ceased to exist you will be unable to purchase the card.

      4. You have a 50 Point limit per month to save on costs (and my wallet)

  • Custom Badges
    For 50 Points, you may purchase a custom badge with your nation's name. Due to the nature of this reward, it may take a while longer than other words to be purchased and received. These badges are:

Purchasing Rewards

To purchase a reward, telegram the Minister of Culture, Toerana III, with your request using the following format:

Nation Name:
Cost of requested rewards:
Requested Rewards:
If applicable
Location of Custom City:

Nation Name: Toerana III
Cost of requested rewards: 2
Requested Rewards: Banner 1
If applicable
Location of Custom City: N/A

Please note that all points balances are recorded in a dispatch, located here, and that points may not be shared, traded or otherwise sold for anything. They are tied to your balance forever. Any attempt to trade these points will be voided and you may be excluded from the program, depending on the severity of the misconduct.
Strikes and Punishments in reference to the Rewards system are located here.

Donating to the Program
The Program accepts with open arms donations of Rare, Ultra Rare, Epic and Legendary cards. The Epic and Legendary cards will be kept for rewards, and Ultra Rare and rare cards will be junked for extra money.
The primary reason for not accepting Common and Uncommon cards is due to the relatively low junk value of the cards, as we do not want lots of cards filling up the rewards nation, Thalassia roleplay rewards.

To donate, gift any cards to Thalassia roleplay rewards.

Full Disclosure:
This will not benefit you within the program, and the price to gift the card will not be refunded. However, you will be added to the list of donors here:

Please do upvote this dispatch if you so desire ^_^

Read dispatch

Rules and Regulations
This segment will cover rules and regulations, but will primarily redirect you to their respective dispatches.

Regional Message Board Rules
Alongside the roleplay rules, every post my abide by Thalassia's RMB rules. These are to keep chat following smoothly and efficiently to allow every member of the region to partake in Thalassia's RMB's chat!

Thalassia Regional Message Board (RMB) Rules

The following rules are, in fact, rules. They aren't suggestions. Everyone is expected to abide by these rules when posting on Thalassia's RMB, and anyone who doesn't abide by these rules will be subject to correction by one of our RMB Moderators. Corrective action could range from post suppression to temporary ejection or ban from Thalassia, or at the Founderís sole discretion, permanent ban from Thalassia. The corrective action to be taken will vary depending on the severity of the rules violation. No one really wants to do a lot of suppressing, ejecting, or banning, so let's all try to abide by the rules!

1. Do not violate NationStates rules.

Residents, especially those posting on the RMB, are expected to familiarize themselves with NationStates rules found in the FAQ, the Terms & Conditions of Use, and the One Stop Rules Shop. Any suspected violation of NationStates rules on the RMB will be suppressed and reported to NationStates Moderation, and will only be unsuppressed if NationStates Moderation rules the post not actionable. NationStates rules violations, once ruled as such by NationStates Moderation, may be met with severe penalties from our regional RMB Moderators depending on the severity of the offense. Offenses such a WA-multying, where NationStates moderation may not catch it will be reported and will be met with severe penalties, period.

Please also note that recruiting for another region via our RMB is a violation of NationStates rules. We won't tolerate it under any circumstances.

2. Do not advertise Discord servers for use in Thalassia.

Yes, this includes telegrams and DMs. The only Discord servers we permit in Thalassia is the server used by the government of Thalassia, which is only accessible to those who join a government ministry, and the public community server. We allow only these servers for safety reasons, following dangerous out-of-character incidents that occurred on our public Discord server in the past. Advertising any other Discord server for use here in Thalassia is a violation of the law, and is grounds for immediate ban without any appeals process. So please do not advertise Discord servers here. Representatives of foreign governments don't need to worry about this rule when posting foreign updates, event invitations, etc., but please be aware of the potential safety issues and exercise your best judgment.

3. Be respectful of your fellow residents.

This one is more of a judgment call by our RMB Moderators. We're not going to tell you what "respectful" means, but if you have to ask if something you're about to post is respectful enough, a good rule of thumb is you've probably already internally acknowledged it isn't. We're not going to so heavily police the RMB that constitutionally protected speech is curtailed or regional politics are hindered, but we're also not going to allow disrespect for each other to run rampant in the name of free speech or "realistic" politics. We've seen disrespect spiral into much more serious behavior in Thalassia in the past, and we're not interested in repeating the experience. So please, always be respectful of your regionmates!

4. Do not multi-post.

Please, please, please do not post more than once consecutively! Now that NationStates has created an "Edit" feature for RMB posts, there is absolutely no reason for anyone to post more than once consecutively on the RMB. If you think of something else you wanted to say, just go back and edit the post you just made, don't post another one unless someone else has already posted after your most recent post. Multiple consecutive posts makes it harder for other residents to follow along with the conversation on the RMB. We're likely to overlook the occasional forgetful multi-post, but doing it often will result in your multiple consecutive posts being suppressed, and if you do it really often it could result in ejections and bans. This isn't just a pet peeve, it's a matter of respect.

5. Contain lengthy posts and snip lengthy quotes.

One option to contain lengthy posts is to use spoiler tags by using [spoiler][./spoiler] around selected text, but just omit the period from the second tag. Another option for especially long posts is to create a dispatch instead, then link your dispatch on the RMB. Additionally, when you're quoting a post that is more than a few sentences, and certainly more than a paragraph, please snip the quote (by replacing the text of the quote with the word "snip"). Like multi-posting, extremely long posts and quotes can make it harder for other residents to follow along with the conversation on the RMB. So it's important to contain such posts within spoiler tags or linked dispatches, and snip long quotes, so other residents can easily join in on the RMB conversation. If you're wondering if a post is too long and should be contained in a spoiler tag or dispatch, or if a quote should be snipped, feel free to contact one of our RMB Moderators by telegram and ask them about it. We're always happy to help and answer anyone's good faith questions.

This rule may be waived on a case by case basis, but a good rule of thumb is to assume weíll ask you to spoiler it. During times of IRL political strife, this rule may be waived for respectful discussion within reason.

6. Don't use languages other than English.

We're an English speaking community. While that doesn't mean we won't accept anybody who speaks other languages, we require English (even broken) when posting on the RMB. Situations where usage of other languages is justified (RP, language discussion, etc.) are exempted from this rule, but general posts that are not in English will be subject to suppression, as it shouldn't be up to the rest of the community to translate everything you say.

7. Don't evade corrective action by an RMB Moderator.

Trying to evade corrective action by an RMB Moderator is the quickest way to get yourself a permanent ban from Thalassia, because nothing says participating in bad faith here like willfully and repeatedly violating our rules and disrupting our RMB. What does evasion mean? It means reposting something an RMB Moderator has suppressed. It means creating a puppet nation to dodge a temporary ban, especially if you use the puppet nation to cause further disruption on the RMB. It means rules-lawyering in the attempt to make a moderator look bad. Another situation that isn't outright ban evasion, but will be treated similarly, is causing trouble for Thalassia elsewhere because you're angry about how the rules were enforced against you. We expect everyone here to abide by our RMB Rules, and evading corrective action is simply unacceptable. Don't do it.

If you have an issue with a moderatorís action or request, do what they ask in the meantime and then contact the Founder for a final ruling.

Read dispatch

Roleplay Rules
Alongside the roleplay rules and regulations that have already been explained here, there are a multitude of rules and guidelines for Thalassia's RP.

Thalassian RP Rules and Regulations

Hey, welcome to the Thalassian RP rules. These rules are in place to provide a fun and friendly RP experience for everyone.

1. Rules

Nations wanting to participate in role play on the Thalassian RMB shall:

1.) Have a dispatch containing their role play stats, which has been checked and declared valid by a Stats Distributor.

2.) Always follow official RP stats when participating in role play (for example by not exaggerating their nation's military size beyond its actual, official size) and use NationStates stats as a guideline for other areas of RP (for example by making sure their population's average IQ in RP is somewhat close to their NationStates IQ stat).

3.) Abide by RMB rules.

4.) Type [RP] at the top of each of their RP posts on the RMB to differentiate from Out-of-Character writing.

5.) Try to maintain realism while role playing by:

a. Transporting troops realistically (not moving hundreds of thousands of troops, much less in an insanely short amount of time).

b. Keeping their technology at or below a level of advancement coinciding with the loosely modern time period that Thalassia's RP is set in.

c. Accepting defeat in war and not writing the plot in their favor when it is unrealistic to do so.

d. Listening to RP Moderators when told that their actions in RP are unrealistic.

6.) Write RP posts in the third person by default or, if they wish to write an RP post in the first person, indicate at the top of the post the perspective it is being told from, and never write from the perspective of their nation in the first person. (Third person is "The nation of [blank] declares war on [blank]," while first person is "I run down the street." Role players may not write as their nations in first person.)

7.) Not perform RP actions on behalf of other nations such as, if fighting a battle on another nation's soil, declaring the weather conditions in that location, since the weather in a nation is in the domain of that nation only.

8.) Follow all orders given by RP Moderators, and deliver to the Minister of Culture or Prime Minister any complaints they may have in relation to those orders after they are followed.

9.) Only participate in wars if they are on the regional role play map.

2. Moderators

The following nations will moderate the regional RP, with hopes of preserving fun atmosphere for every nation participating in RP:

1.) Arenado

2.) Czech Germania

3.) Zentata

Read dispatch

Culture Team
This section will cover the Culture team behind Thalassia's RP and events, as well as how to join!

Roleplay Mods
The Roleplay mods are the nations / players that moderate the Roleplay and ensure people are the following the rules. They are listed in the Rules and Regulations dispatch, but they will also be listed here. They are:

1. Toerana III

2. Czech Germania

3. Sho

4. Badivermeraed

5. Rockiberg

6. Liruslau

Culture Team Members
Alongside the roleplay mods, there are also non mods who work on the Culture team to produce events and roleplay for Thalassia. I personal thank you to everyone who participates in the planning of the Culture Department as it can be a large task but the team works well together to tackle all problems.

Prime Minister
Minister of Culture
Toerana III
Deputy Minister of Culture
Culture Staff
Dino thalassian mission
New Camelot of Avalonia
New United States 0f America
Honourary Culture Staff
Czech Germania

How to Join
We are currently accepting Applicants for the Culture Team! Check out the dispatch below on how to apply!

Culture Staff Applications
The Culture Ministry is currently looking for new members! But, we are looking for some specific skills for our applicants. We would like:

1. A Discord account - This is used for planning and preparation for Roleplay and other culture programs and projects!

2. We are currently looking for people with good Graphic design skills, if you have some examples to show us, we'd love to see!

If you are interested in applying, just telegram Toerana III (or Toerana for a typically faster response) for your interview! If you would like to cut some corners and get off to a quick start, you can fill out these questions and send the answers along with your application request!

How long have you been in Thalassia?

What is your Timezone?
If you don't know your timezone, google it!

What made you apply for this role?

Do you have any other aliases that you may be known by on the site?

Do you have any interesting skills/talents that may be useful in the Ministry?

Is there any else you'd like us to consider?

Read dispatch