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Tippercommon Commando Corps

The Tippercommon Commando Corps is the command tasked with overseeing the special operations units within the Naval Flotilla, Lance Marine Corps, Air Corps, and Foreign Commando Program. Constituted on 5 June 1994 by the Tippercommon Board of Defense with the expressed purpose of, "creating a coherent and effective, enabling the cooperation of special forces between the separate branches of services to aid in the defense of the Tippercommon Commonwealth and her allies." The Tippercommon Command Corps consists of four subordinate commands: the Lance Guard Special Operations Command (LGSOC), the Airborne Special Operations Command (ASOC), the Naval Special Operations Command (NSOC), and the Third Commando Brigade, Tippercommon Foreign Commando. The Commando Corps carries out direct action operations, as well as missions in support of larger operations. Each SOC was founded separately and is unique in function, purpose, and capabilities. During joint operations, the Commando Corps functions as the command unit, combining the strengths of each branch into one coherent force.

While each branch provides its own personnel to the Commando Corps, there are strict requirements for enlistment that are universal throughout the command. Requirements include that all members (1) achieve a hierarchical pay grade of E-6 (Staff Sergeant in LGSOC) (with the exception of support/logistics staff), (2) have been on a deployment in a combat zone for at least 12 months, (3) score 25 out of 30 on the Physical Metabolic Conditioning and Strength Test, and (4)

Lance Guard Special Operations Command (LGSOC)




XIII Legion, "Lance Guard"

The XIII Legion is a light infantry special operations unit within the Lance Marine Corps. The branch's premier unit, the XIII Legion is the most combat tested, often the first unit to be deployed in combat theaters. Personnel of the "Lance Guard" are trained in air assault, airborne, and amphibious operations, and are the most skilled infantry in the Lance Marines.


XX Legion, "Apollo Guard"

The XX Legion is a specialized brigade, providing logistical support, communications, medical, forward air controllers, cooks, and construction personnel to LGSOC. While not itself a combat unit, medical and communications personnel who are attached to LGSOC combat units fulfill all enlistment requirements.


Lance Marksman Brigade, III Legion

While technically subordinate unit of the III Legion, the Lance Marksman Brigade is an independent scout-sniper brigade, providing spotters and sharpshooters to every Lance Marine Corps battalion. All scout-snipers within the Lance Marines are members of the Tippercommon Command Corps, but only one unit, Gemini Company, functions directly under it, operating in support of other LGSOC units.

(650, Gemini Company)

Marine Air Assault Division

An air assault unit, the Marine Air Assault Division is more specialized than typical Air Corps equivalents. The MAAD provides helicopter support for LGSOC and Lance Marine ground units, also participating in naval search & rescue and recovery missions. MAAD helicopter operators are aviators, not pilots. They are more adept in amphibious operations and are experienced in clandestine missions. MAAD is considered the most elite air assault unit in the Tippercommon Armed Forces. As a result, it receives a comparatively large amount of resources as well as newer, more advanced equipment.


Naval Special Operations Command (NSOC)

Airborne Special Operations Command (ASOC)

Tippercommon Foreign Commando