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The Imperium of
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[OOC] Rapid Fire Factbook for the Lazy [All Updated]


- Future Tech: The Imperium is best described as 'Space USSR as seen by George Orwell, with slight edits from The Glorious God Emperor of Mankind.'

- Transhumanist: Welcome to the Future. Humanity is Obsolete. The New Human has arrived. Biology is weak and flawed, and it must be replaced. We've got all the good parts of any Transhumanist society, and Socialism makes it available to everyone.

- Socialist: As you should be able to tell by the flag. Most production is controlled by the Imperium, all resource harvesting is controlled by the Imperium, pretty much everywhere the limited private sector operates, the Imperium also operates.

- An Industrial/Agricultural Powerhouse: When you have entire solar systems dedicated specifically to Production, Storage, and Agriculture, this tends to happen.

- Extremely Militarized: Even the 'safe' Core Worlds, have Planetary Garrisons consisting of a few dozen ships, and orbital defenses, that often include dozens of massive Battlestations, and countless smaller Defense Satellites.

- In desperate need of Allies: They are starting to realize that they are actually outclassed in many fields by many nations, and while Steiner's Military might not be the most diplomatic of people, Markhov's Ambassadors are more than willing to set up negotiations. Don't expect Trade Concessions, though.

- Extremely Organized: The Imperium places a very high value on doing things properly, you are not likely to find anything in the Imperium that was not planned to an absurd degree.

- Practically Orwellian: Or as close as they can get without violating WA Law.

- A brutal police state: There is a reason Internal Security is referred to as 'inescapable', or 'omnipresent'.

- Controlled by 300 year old conspiracy: Irrell Levant's status as Imperial Grand Praetor is the first phase of a plan to create an Imperium-Controlled Archailect. That's a Trans-Sapient Artificial Intelligence. Imperial Intelligence spent the last 300 Years setting this in motion, and trying to understand enough stolen Archailect Tech to get away with it. It's... sort of, working.

- Human: Blame Precursors. They're still working out how this makes sense themselves. The Archailects aren't sure either.

- Isolationist: They literally built a wall in space. Made of Space. Because f**k you, that's why.

- Extremely Territorial: They delineate their borders by entirely arbitrary lines in Space. Does it make sense? No, but you'd damn well respect those borders. Even Exterior Territory Violations warrant Military Action.

- In the World Assembly: Military Policy often leaves Markhov with little to do. So he spends his time there, trying to give the Imperium a better international image than 'Isolationist Genocidal Maniacs'.

- Genocidal: If we think they can get away with it before the WA notices, they will wipe out every single one of you if you piss them off. No Mercy for those who stand in the way of the Imperium.

- Actually pretty free: The Imperium really does not give two s**ts for what you do, so long as you are not participating in illegal markets, killing people, or working against the Imperium.


- Friendly: The Imperium will find somewhat polite ways to tell you to f**k off, before they just kill you. Unless you are their allies, or their enemies. You can probably guess how we react to those.

- Forgiving: The Imperium holds grudges, if you manage to become proper enemies of the Imperium, you're going to have a bad time.

- Democratic: Read the Signature, Nation Stats are not to be used here. Using them as a basis for your claims will get you, at best, laughed at, at worst, shot at.

- Corrupt: Again, Nation Stats are not your friend. Accuse the Imperium of corruption, and you'll get a brief explanation of the nightmare that is Imperial Intelligence and its role in keeping things corruption-free.

- Your trading partner: The Imperium is about as Isolationist as it gets. They told them that building a wall in space would be horribly impractical. So they did it anyway, and we call it the Subspace Barrier. 70+ years of "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" and counting.

- Modern Tech: The Imperium is an FT Interstellar Dictatorship. Treat it like one, and you will do well.

- Past Tech: Yes, they use Archaic names for our everything. No, they are not running around with Swords and Shields. Though, that is actually part of the Training for IAF recruits. There's no swordfight like a swordfight in Powered Armour with swords made out of Battleship Armour.

- Going to put up with your s**t: If you show up with a fleet of xthousand, xhundred kilometer super dreadnoughts with super-hyper black hole shielding that makes them invulnerable to attack, they will literally collapse a dimension on top of you. Godmod your way out of that.

- A Dystopia: Unless your definition of dystopia is 'place where you have near-unlimited access to advanced technology, free cybernetic modification, and literally cannot be in poverty unless you actively try to be, and you'll still be better off than people actually in poverty'.

- A Utopia: Unless your definition of Utopia includes; 'Near-Omnipresent Militarized police force, being about as orwellian as possible without violating WA law, a government that commits genocide regularly, racist to anything not human, and secretly controlled by an Intelligence Organization that just recovered from splintering in two.'.

- English Speaking: The only reason they have translators for Earth-Languages, is because because we stole Translators from the Archailects. Factbooks are written in English because I speak English. Any actual foreign languages will be translated by Google, because I only speak English.

- Non-Human: Yes, they do not come from Earth. No, they are not Non-Human. Blame ambiguous precursor civilization.

- Afraid of you: Yes, you are a galaxy-spanning empire that fields hundred kilometer supercapital ships, no, that will not stop them from throwing Planetcrackers at you until they literally cannot build anymore. That will take quite a while.

- Going to Godmod: Yes, they can collapse dimensions on people, and field a dozen planetcrackers under normal circumstances. These are treated like the extremely powerful superweapons that they are, and will be used incredibly sparingly unless they have a damned good reason. And things get boring when you do nothing but spam superweapons; I'm not here to be bored.

- Economically Broken: When you have literally dozens of Solar Systems to harvest for resources, it is quite difficult to be broken.

- Industrially Invincible: It is entirely possible to outpace them industrially, hell, many Capitalist FT Nations probably do. Money is a wonderful incentive.

- Without Mercy: If you are willing to go away and stop getting in their way, they are more than happy to leave you alone.

- Invincible: It is entirely possible to get around the Subspace Barrier. You just have to be capable of moving between point A, and point B, without ever actually passing through the intervening space. If you've got FTL that briefly puts you in another dimension, you're good. Note that this is extremely privileged information, you won't know this ICly unless you actually try it, which is something of a violation of common sense, or you somehow get ahold of it through other means.

- Invincible Part 2 Electric Boogaloo: It is entirely possible to breach a Shield World, just remember that you will need a properly obscene amount of Firepower. Once you get past that, however, it is comparatively easy-going. Industrial, and Outer Worlds are practically defenseless in comparison, and the Core Worlds are defended by only the First Fleet, unless you neglected killing off the Forth before you attempted this, at which point... how the hell did you manage that?

Frequently Asked Questions

- Hey, you said this was a Socialist State, but you mentioned Private Industry! That's not Socialism!

As an actual, honest-to-god, hardcore Socialist, I know. It's technically a bizarre Mixed-Economy State-Capitalism sort of deal. But It's what most people think of when they hear Socialism, and, quite frankly, I'm lazy, and don't feel like explaining it more than a few times. So Socialist is the word.

- You said you don't want to deal with super-OP godmodders, but you have Planetcrackers and Dimension-Dropping Bombs. What up with that man?

There's only about a half-dozen Planetcrackers, and they're quite valuable military assets that aren't going to be risked in unimportant engagements. Unless you're on a similar scale of paranoid security, or deploying xhundred kilometer battleships, you'll never see them. As for the Subspace Annihilators, only a few people know those exist, only one is kept around at a time, the production of them is even more dangerous than Subspace Accelerators, and using them screws over the Imperium by stopping the usage of any Subspace technologies in the area for a while. The Imperium wants to use them just as little as I do.

- You know, looking at your factbooks, this is getting pretty Fashy in here. Are you a fascist? Should I get ready to Bash?

Yes, the Imperium gets more than a bit Fascist at times. No, I'm not a Fascist. Again, hardcore Socialist over here. Classless, Stateless Society, not Genocide and Nuclear Holocaust.

- Hey, I've got this idea for a [Generic Evil Space Empire], I bet we'd be just the best of friends!

Evil for Evil's sake isn't interesting, and isn't something the Imperium is going to support for the sake of being Evil. Pragmatic Villainy, Utopia Justifies the Means, and Well-Intentioned Extremist are the tropes you're going to want to play up if you want something like the Imperium/something the Imperium might support.

- What's the difference between an Anti-Ship beam, and an Anti-Surface beam?

Focus, really. Anti-Ship Beams are quite thin, Anti-Surface Beams are quite broad. Obviously, the Anti-Surface beams are far weaker, but you don't need as much firepower to glass dirt, as you need to vaporize hull metamaterials.

- The Grand Praetor Tank has a 'Naval PPC' on it! And look at the size of the thing! How is that not overpowered?

Oh no, it's really overpowered. But you'll only ever see a handful, at most, in an entire planetary invasion, even if there are something like 5 legions involved. Here's a hint; don't get in front of it. The PPC has absolutely no ability to aim horizontally.

- How can you be 'Nearly Orwellian', a Dictatorship, have Fascist Elements, be Genocidal, Isolationist, and Imperialistic, and not be a Dystopia? I think you're just being silly.

The whole idea here is 'Livable Dystopia', not something you'd want to live in, but not something that is easily argued against. Believe it or not, actually, 1984-Style Dystopia is really hard to pull off realistically. There's two ways to approach it, the Orwellian approach, which is to corrupt revolutionary ideals into your own mold, and rebuild society in such a way that yours is literally the only way; or the 'Utopian Dystopia' approach.

That is to say, create Dystopia, as Utopia; the Imperium is an efficient Government that genuinely cares for its citizens, You need not fear of being gunned down for voicing your opinion, or even organizing against the actions of the State, You will never want for necessities, nor be forced to endure unnecessary suffering, You will be educated to the highest standards possible, and are free to seek your own life within the Imperium as anything, anyone you please. All you need is to do is step in line, obey the law, maintain absolute loyalty to the Imperium, don't look too closely at the cracks, don't try too hard for Information that isn't given to you openly. Let us control everything, it will all be fine if you just step back in line, and let us handle it. We're here for your safety.

Of course, not the only way, merely the best way. Just step back in line.
Obligatory reminder that such is not actually my personal belief system, calm down.

- What's a PPC?

Particle-Projection Cannon. I may or may not have stolen that name from Battletech.

- What's a Particle Projection Cannon?

LinkAsk Wikipedia.

- This 'Subspace Barrier' sounds pretty overpowered.

That's sort of the idea. You don't really want to screw with the Imperium unless you're at a similar or greater technological level. I've never much liked the idea of playing some Underpowered Stellar-Starter nation, and I feel like the Isolationism, and the general attempts to keep things reasonably realistic helps keep this in-line.

- Who are these Archailects you bring up all the time?

Aeiouia. A friend of mine who's part of the joint-canon the Imperium is in.

- Somebody mentioned 'Absolute Magnitude', what's that?

Well, Absolute Magnitude is a measurement of the brightness of stars. It's also the name of a something being worked on by myself, Aeiouia, and a few others. Details may or may not be added when it comes closer to completion.

- So many Sci-Fi series use this term, so, what exactly, is a Pulse Rifle?

For the Imperium, a Pulse-Rifle, is a Pulsed-Laser Weapon, developed by the UTCS prior to the collapse.

- What's the difference between Shields, and Hardened Shields?

The usual shields only deal with Energy weapons, Lasers, Particle Beams, the like, kinetic weapons just pass right through. Hardened Shields stop everything; they are not safe to walk on, the Imperium will not be responsible for any critical existence failures resulting from your doing so.

- Why use many shield layers instead of one, really awesome shield?

In-Universe Min-Maxing. It lets the Imperium abuse Regeneration procedures, and decentralizes the Shield so that if one projection network goes down, the ship isn't totally screwed.

- What's all this 'Heavy Capital Ship Armour' nonsense? That doesn't tell me anything!

As it turns out, 'Armour Material Pattern 6724A' isn't much of an indicator either. This is to give you an idea of how certain types of armour stack up to eachother. Capital Ship Armour is better and heavier than Cruiser Armour, Heavy Capital Ship Armour, even moreso. Thickness in meters is an average, not uniform, to preempt your next question.

- Is the Armour Thickness- Hey!

Told you.

- I'm beginning to think that these aren't so much questions, as bizarre ramblings written up at 5:00 on no sleep.

That's absolutely absurd. It's only 3:30.

- It doesn't seem like you're taking this very seriously.

You're reading a factbook called 'Rapid Fire Factbook for the Lazy'. If you wanted seriousness, you'd read the others. If you already have, and are just reading this one for completeness... thanks, I guess.

- Hey, my question isn't represented here!

Send me a Telegram, I'd be happy to explain it, and then copy/paste it over here.

- Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

I'd let him, but I don't know which one he is.

- What if I told you...



Almost. It's less Communism, more State-Capitalist-Fascism. I know; they steal everything that is good.

- Why do you keep talking about Fascism? Are you a Fascist?

No, but I play one on TV.

- Hey, you said you were an actual socialist! Don't you know about the 500-Trillion people killed by Communism? You're as bad as Hitler!

There is only one way to respond to this; a long, detailed explanation of why I'm a Socialist, and why the number of people 'killed by communism' is, for one, slightly over-inflated, and two, vastly lower than the people 'killed by capitalism', and why those are both meaningless terms that we should stop using. I'm not going to write it, of course, that'd take effort.

- [Horseshoe Theory]

Please stop using this blatantly-false non-argument.

- With your obviously superior musical taste, what should I be listening to right now?

LinkSabaton - Carolus Rex

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