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The Community of Timuria formed as a result of several linguistically similar peoples forming a united centralised polity for the first time in their history. While they have a history of decentralised city states being the primary form of government, they have always had a conceptualisation of civic duty. Once they unified into a community the city states surrendered their powers voluntarily to a parliament. The country is a Republic with a Vizier acting as Head of State and a Prime Minister as head of government. The Head of State has minimal power, only having limited veto powers.

The country organises its economy via a centrally planned Workers Committee, with bureaucrats appointed to oversee different sectors of the economy. The All Workers Common Front (Tüm İşçi Ortak Cephesi) known as TIOC, the governing party that holds 548 of the 550 seats in the parliament, is an alliance of many left leaning to left-wing parties that comfortably won the first election with only approved Independents making it into the parliament and the main opposition party: The Coalition for Liberty (Özgürlük Koalisyonu) were unable to win any seats.

Official Name: The Community of Timuria (Turkish: Timurya Topluluğu)
Official Languages: Turkish, Turkmen, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Azeri and Uzbek.
Common Languages: English
Population: 61.3 Million
Religious Composition: Islam 43%, Atheist 31%, Folk Religions 20%, Others 6%
Capital City: Demir
Currency: Demir
Vizier: Ibrahim Karaman (Independent)
Prime Minister: Sabuktigin Imamoglu (All Workers Common Front)
Composition of Parliament: All Workers Common Front (548), Independents (2)

The Community of Timuria