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A Guide to The Political Parties of Timuria as of The Second Parliament.

Tüm İşçi Ortak Cephesi

Tüm İşçi Ortak Cephesi (All Workers Common Front), often abbreviated to TİOC (or TIOC in foreign language translations) is the governing party of Timuria and was formed as a consequence of the unification of the various city states driven by its predecessor Birlik İşçileri (Workers in Unison) alongside other civil organisations. A party whose structure is that of an alliance of several parties ranging from the socially Liberal, pro democracy, Demokratik İttifak (Democratic Alliance) to the agrarian Socialist Emekçi ve Köylüler Partisi (Labourers and Peasants Party) all the way to the hard left Sosyal Demokrat İşçi Partisi (Social Democratic Workers Party). The dominant faction currently in the party holding 145 of the 285 seats that the party holds in parliament is the Halk Kurtuluş Parti-Cephesi (HKP-C, People's Liberation Party-Front) a faction spanning hard left militants, democratic socialists and social Liberals. The current Prime Minister Sabuktigin Imamoglu is a member of the HKP-C.

Özgürlük Koalisyonu

Özgürlük Koalisyonu (Freedom Coalition), abbreviated to ÖK (or OK in foreign language translations) is the main opposition party in Timuria who formed as a hasty cobbled together group of disparate interests who wanted to oppose TIOC in the first election, though they did so unsuccessfully failing to gain a single seat in the first election. Their fortunes improved and they became the main opposition following the second election. The party has since splintered fermenting the multi party system that began with the second election, though the party remains a rather contradictory alliance of centrist, centre-right and even some loosely non-secular traditionalist elements. The dominant factions include: Muhafazakar Partisi (The Conservative Party), Özgürlük Partisi (Party for Liberty) and Gelenek Koalisyonu (The Coalition for Tradition.) The party's current leader and leader of the opposition is Naz Dogancay, a formidable and straight talking woman who is a member of the Party for Liberty.

Savunma Cephesi

Savunma Cephesi (Defence Front), abbreviated to SC is the third largest party in the parliament, made up of discontent elements of TIOC who feel that the party's policy of opening the country to the wider world is fundamentally weakening the country. The SC is strongest in regions that have not seen the purported benefits of opening up to the world. Often accused of crossing the line into fascism and racism, the party vigorously denies this claim, instead referring to itself as "Left of Centre, but for workers of this country." The party's voters tend to be a combination of disaffected left leaning, but socially traditionalist elements in parts of the country that have not boomed such as Uryan and right wing voters who want a more hard-line approach to immigration, combined with basic services that operate in a mixed economy. The current leader is Alparslan Timurtas, a 67 year old former factory worker who famously supported unification.

Timurya Komünist Partisi

Timurya Komünist Partisi (Communist Party of Timuria), abbreviated to TKP the fourth largest party by voteshare and fifth largest by number of seats in the parliament, is a broad Far-Left to Left wing front of several factions, including: Marxist-Leninist, Titoist, Maoist and Democratic Socialist tendencies within the party. The party formed from the splitting of several left wing organisations from TIOC primarily in opposition to the gradual process of decentralising democratic control of the economy as well as allowing parties that would sow "false consciousness" into the political system, both of which the party claims will "leave the door open for the creeping Liberalisation and capitalisation of our economy." A party made up of parliamentary socialists and hard liners, it often splits in critical votes between the Democratic Socialists and its various revolutionary factions when deciding whether to vote along the TIOC line or not. The current leader is a 41 year old militant trade unionist Kemal Macaoglu, who hails from the Marxist-Leninist faction of the party, but is considered popular among almost all factions.

Alternatif Timur

Alternatif Timur (Alternative Timur), abbreviated to ALTI (Timurian for six) the fifth largest party by voteshare, but the smallest by parliamentary seats, is a National Conservative, right-wing party consistently primarily of adherents to the "Six Golden Principles" that govern the party's ideology: Secularism, Traditionalism, Agrarianism, Populism, Nationalism, Protectionism. Typically a receptacle for voters who agree with the principle of liberalising the economy within Timuria but who want to ensure that the nation cannot be exploited by foreign nations as well as protect traditional Timurian values. The leader of the party is a young 29 year old, nationalist firebrand Ulku Guzelhayat.

Banice ve Azanlik Halk Partisi

Banice ve Azanlik Halk Partisi (Banijan and Minority People's Party) abbreviated to BAHP is the fourth largest parliamentary party in Timuria. Considered a left-of-centre party with a particular focus on minority rights extending from the substantial Banijan minority to the long persecuted Shia minority all the way to LGBTQ+ and other social minority rights. Strong in the south of the country near the border with Banija, the party often aligns with TIOC on social issues, but reserves a critical eye on economic issues. There are several factions within the party that represent particular interests, the leader of the party is the only LGBTQ+ and Shia leader of a political party in the country, 49 year old activist Rahim Muhadow.