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Roleplay Event in the Order of the Southern North (Agreement)

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What is this about?

Before each Roleplay Battle Event, the Bar region, the hosting ('victim') region, and other officially participating regions make a special agreement about how the Roleplay should be and what rules apply in addition to the general rules for the Roleplay Event.

Thus, a event specific dispatch will be created for each event, summarizing the agreement for all participants as guidelines.

The next Roleplay Event...
... will be hosted by the Order of the Southern North from ?? to ??

Roleplay Setting for this Roleplay Event
(see general background story)

(preliminary, written by Qeyt, slightly modified by TheOrc)

Roleplay setting is that the Legion of the Cuke is looking for a valuable item that rolled out of the pantry into a portal close to the storeroom. They went in after it and are now searching where it went, trying to find it. Rumor has it that it's golden... but actually nothing is clear.

(A potential outcome would be that the Legion comes back with a random veggy, while the real item actually never rolled into the portal but below some furniture/bucket in the storeroom).

Special Rules for this Roleplay Event:

(preliminary, written by Qeyt)

1. The background story is as posted above.
2. Nations may not make 3 or more posts in a row unless...
a. They forgot something critical in the first two.
b. It is an important announcement for the region or event.
c. There has been no other post for 12+ hours.
3. No killing innocent civilians or forcing them to participate, not everyone might want to RP.

The Jury determining the Winner of the Golden Cuke of War:

Judges from the Bar:



Judges from the hosting region:



Further Judges:



Official Legion Members and their official home regions






LegionOrgs and natives responsible for this event