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The Armada(WIP)

Since the Armada is the Zravvisk's only permanent home, every ship in it doubles as a war ship. This makes the Zravvisk's mobile home as powerful as the fleets of large empires. There is little consistency in the Aramada as it made of whatever ships the Zravvisk salvaged, captured, or bought in their travels. Shiny new battleships mix with ancient armed mining ships from an empire that now only exists in history books. While Armada ships tend to be very well armored and reliable, the Armada tends to lag behind the rest of the galaxy in technology. Though the Armada is able to use its vast engineering knowledge to specialize its equipment to be almost as good as current designs in one area.

The Main Armada: The Armada that travels the stars and the vast majority of the population lives in.


    Modified Mining Laser
    Ion cannon batteries

Other specifications depend ship to ship.
Ships originally meant for mining, they are vital in keeping the Armada supplied with materials for repairs and refits during our travels. They tend to be some of the more powerful civilian ships we acquire. When their mining lasers are modified to operate at higher powers, they eat holes in unshielded ships, but do little to shields. But with ion cannons to eat through shields, they tend to be deadly.

Flying Dutchman
An infamous ship known for preying on unsuspecting ships in the middle of dangerous space weather for thousands of years. Eventually, it and the Armada met and clashed. Upon boarding, the zravvisk found out it was an experimental precursor ship and convinced the AI running the ship to join the Armada.

Despite it being an Armada ship, no one lives on it. The Ai, nicknamed “Phantom”, confirmed that the original crew died on the maiden voyage, but refused to go into details on how they died, nor is there any evidence. Everyone also reports feelings of dread while on the ship and a feeling that they shouldn’t be there. Even the zravvisk who are known to be fearless, feel creeped out on the ship.

There is also the fact that weird stuff happens a lot on and around the Dutchman. Visitors to it reported that it is very easy to get lost in as it almost feels like the ship rearranges its room layout. There are also rumors that a zravvisk that tried to become its captain vanished without a trace on it. It has also been known to drop off of every sensor only to reappear in a completely different spot, even though it does not seem to have a cloaking device. Some have even reported seeing shots phase right though it without damage. Finally, there is the fact that despite it only having an AI, it fights just as effectively as a fully crewed ship, which even the Dragua and Lunastra are not capable of.

Length: 10 km
Armor: 80m living metal

    3x heavy lances
    Plasma batteries
    Ion batteries
    Disruptor batteries
    Laser cannons

Once one of the best ships in the Xenibar Republic navy. After the Republic was conquered, the Vice Admiral Alexander and his flotilla refused to bow to their conquerors and set off. They and the Armada eventually met, and they having no where else to go join us.
Length: 15 km
Armor: 110m durasteel

    6x heavy lances
    Plasma batteries
    Ion batteries
    Laser cannons

A battleship designed against the convection that battleships stay in the rear hammering the enemy with powerful long-range weapons. The Hammerfall was instead designed to brawl with the enemy with powerful short ranged weapons and strong armor. Its most notable feature is its heavily armored prow made to both protect the ship and be a highly effective ram. Its oversized engines allow it a very respectable acceleration, at least in a straight line, it is not an agile ship by any means.

For weapons, it does have a spinal mounted quad mass driver to infect damage on enemies while it charges them. The classic spinal mounted heavy lances typically on battleships have been replaced by lighter lances set up in a boardside configuration. Those being the only two long range options it has, the rest of its armament is short ranged but heavy hitting graviton cannons, torpedoes, modified mining lasers, and plasma cannons. When not in combat, its heavy armor makes it a reasonably good mining vessel.
Length:13 km
Armor: 150 m durasteel

    Quad spinal mounted mass driver
    14x medium boardside lances
    2x modified mining lasers
    Graviton batteries
    Torpedo launchers
    Plasma batteries
    Laser cannons

Empress of the Stars
Once of the largest and most luxurious cruise liners ever built, stories of its great wealth in both material goods and people soon spread to pirates across the galaxy. We found it abandoned after a pirate raid and claimed it as our own. Massive refits were needed to bring it up to our standards, including removing many rooms and amenities to make way for armor and weapons. Now, it stands out as both a powerful ship of the Armada, and the most popular ship to go and unwind.
Length: 10 km

    Plasma batteries
    2x Heavy Lances

Lunastra II
The second oldest ship in the Armada, gained at the same time as the Dragua II. While not nearly as large as it's larger cousin, it still packs a large punch. It has two noticeable features, along with the Dragua II it has a short range teleport for sending zravvisk boarding parties or large explosive payloads directly to a hostile ship, and its advanced tactical jump drive. Its tactical jump drive can instantly teleport it to any location within kilometers of it and recharging within minutes. Few ships can wreck as much havoc as it when in close range.
Length: 3 km
Armor: 20 m living metal

    1 medium lance
    Port and Starboard heavy torpedo launchers
    Plasma batteries
    Phase distruptor batteries
    Laser cannon batteries
    Swam missile launchers

Special: Wormhole stabilizer

Dragua II
The Armada's capital ship in more ways than one. This is where the chief and council lives and rules the Armada from. It is also one of the first ship the Zravvisk had ever acquired, a gift (or spoils of war) from the precursors. It is still one of the most powerful ships in the Armada with its heavy shielding, fearsome Titian Lances, and advanced technology. The Titian lances being known to have a 50/50 chance of vaporizing a battlecruiser in one shot or being able to vaporize an entire megacity when used in orbital bombardment. Its most fearsome weapon is the Armageddon Cannon; when charged it will pierce a planet's crust and destabilize its core, destroying it. Of course, it charges too slowly for most battles and the zravvisk have little desire to destroy any worlds after losing their own. It is regulated to destroying asteroids and enemy space stations.

Length: 25 km
Armor: 300 m living metal

    Armageddon Cannon
    3x Titian Lances
    3x 3 Heavy Lance turrets
    Phase Disruptor batteries
    Plasma batteries
    Ion cannon batteries

Special: Wormhole stabilizer


    Mass Divers

Other specifications depend ship to ship.
Ships that are at least as much as factories as they are ships. They process the ore form the mining ships into parts for the rest of the Armada. They tend to be fitted with physical weapons since they can produce their own ammo and rarely have any trouble with running out. The backbone of the Armada's economy along with the mining ships. Can double as mobile shipyards if needed.

One of the armed civilian ships of the Armada. Their main purpose is to hold the stockpiles of spare resources of the Armada, allowing the Armada to continue fighting without worrying about resupplying for a time. While the biggest of freighters can rival capital ships in size, they are lightly armored and armored for their size. Found in the center of the Armada while traveling and in the back of battle formations for protection.

    Mass drivers
    Heavy lance

These small ships scout out ahead of the Armada to warn of ambushes or enemies in the area. Often crewed by one or two people and stored in hangers when not in use. They are the most standardized ship in the Armada.
Average length: 20 m
Armament: disruptors
Special equipment: Advanced sensors and stealth.

Solemn Dagger
A Chozo stealth cruiser designed and given to the Armada during the Chozo Civil War. Its unique feature is a stealth shield that when activated redirects sensors around the shield of the ship and cancels out the gravity of it as well making the ship appear massless. This makes the ship nearly undetectable, but the process of redirecting sensors around its shield interferes the shield, weakening it, and draws a lot of power. So much so that the only weapon it can fire while stealthed is its large armament of torpedoes. When it is not stealthed its graviton cannons can make short work of all but the most heavily armored ships at close range, but it’s helpless at any other range.

Length: 6 km
Armor: 0-50m flux armor

    Port and Starboard heavy torpedo launchers
    Heavy graviton cannon batteries
    Light laser cannons

Special: Sheath Shield

A new ship proposed by Sliver Feather of the Council of Sages. Its blueprints are still being designed, but a few things are known about it. Frist is that it is meant to centralize the Armada’s research and learning to close the gap in theorical knowledge and technologies between the Armada and the rest of the galaxy. Second is that it is planned to be the largest science ship ever constructed with high quality equipment to analyze local space, stellar objects, and anomalies. Third is that it is expected to have a section dedicated to every discipline, even medicine which most zravvisk consider useless.
Length: Expected to be capital ship sized
Armor: Expected to be very heavy for other nations civilian ships
Armament: Undecided. Lances, laser, and plasma cannons are expected. There are suggestions to give it one of every weapon type the Armada has so it can be testbed for them.

Our name translates to space born for a reason. Many of our species fly out into space to eliminate enemy fighters/bombers, take out battleship turrets, and board enemy ships if possible. Once a zravvisk boards a ship, it is usually as good as captured since most marines don't carry the heavy equipment need to put down a zravvisk. Common boarding points are the enemy hanger, or if the ship is lacking one and is lightly armored enough, clawing though the armor.

The craft the Auxiliary Fighter Crops use for air superiority, harassing capital ships, and light strikes on planetside units. While they lack in standardization and cutting-edge technology, they make up for in their impressive piloting skills that are second to none. Each pilot knows their craft like the back of their hands and push them to the very limits.

The “Eclipse”
The personal fighter of Jor’kul, the commander of the Auxiliary Fighter Corps. It is a heavily modified Krirken Swarm fighter. It has been fitted with actual safety features like ejection and shields so it won’t blow up if an enemy glares at it too hard. It also has been refitted with more powerful engines so it retains the Swarm fighter’s infamous agility and speed. Like standard Swarm fighters, it has enough agility and speed to dodge missiles and be a terror in a dog fight. A small disruptor has been fitted into the nose allowing it to one shot any fighter or bomber with a good shot.
Length: 8m

    3 swarm missiles or 1 torpedo
    Small disruptor

The craft the Auxiliary Fighter Crops use in heavy bombardments of planetside units or capital ships. While they are much rarer than their fighter-based cousins, they are no less skilled at piloting their craft. Like the rest of the Armada there is little formal standardization in bombers, but the Auxiliary Fighter Crops do have a favored model of bomber that is as close as the Armada gets to standardizing something.

BZ-229 “Megafortress” aka “Dragonfortress”
An older bomber that while is just barely agile enough to dodge anything besides point defense, can deliver enough missiles to wipe out half an army in a single pass or enough torpedoes to make capital ships nervous. While it lacks speed, it compensates by being heavily armored and shielded. It is also covered in A.I. controlled turrets which have been known to intercept and shoot down incoming missiles, but fighter pilots with the right tactics can overwhelm them. They also have a reputation for being very reliable.

It is the most common bomber in the Armada and several improvements have been made to the Megafortresses in the Armada. The so called “Dragonfortess” variant the Armada adores boasts even more reliably and armor and has replaced some of the laser cannon turrets with small disruptor turrets for easier shooting down of fighters. Some pilots even fly it as a super-heavy fighter, because while it’s ability to lock onto fighters and agility are subpar, once it does it a lock it caries more than enough missiles to delete a squadron that is foolish enough to be in front of it.

Length: 40m
Armor: 0.3m durasteel

    7x dual laser cannon turrets
    2x small disruptor turrets
    108 swarm missiles – 36 torpedoes or one "Storm ender" bomb

XSB-101 “Owl”
The Owl is the main bomber of the Xenibar Remnants, though it is not very popular outside of them. Instead of being a slow lumbering bomb bus like the Megafortress, the Owl was designed to be fast and stealthy. With its oversized engines and cloaking device it can get in and out before the enemy knows it is there, but its small bomb bay forces it to be very careful with choosing its targets.
Length: 30m
Armament: 9 swarm missiles – 3 torpedoes
Special: Cloaking device.

Ridley's Patrol Flotilla: The ships that guard Ridley's Rest, the Armada's only ship yard.

The only star base the Armada owns. Built by the legendary chief Ridley near the NCS 535 black hole millennia ago, it has equal parts cutting edge technology and ancient mistakes. Most of the space is dedicated to shipyards, refineries and factories for the local high-quality fuel and minerals, and defenses against enemy ships. It is also outfitted with powerful sensors, allowing it to detect enemy fleets far out and get a early warning. With its powerful shields, armor, and weapons it can hold off most enemy fleets long enough for the Armada to return. It is home to the only super heavy shipyard able to service the Dragua II's huge size.
Diameter: 40 km
Armor: 1 kilometres of durasteel

    x36 heavy lances (9 lances with limited traverse covering each side)
    Plasma batteries
    Ion cannon batteries
    Disruptor batteries
    Laser cannon batteries

The patrol flotilla is constantly in flux as new ships finish in the shipyards or get sent off with the Armada all the time. Concrete numbers are hard to come by for any given time.


Durasteel: The most common ship alloy used in construction. High strength combined with relative ease to make makes it a very popular material to build and armor a ship out of.

Flux armor: A very unique armor found only on Chozo ships. Keeping in theme with their love of modularity, they appiled the same technology that allowed them to materialize and dematerialaize their power suits at will to their ship armor. The resulting flux armor is able to dematerialize when less armor is needed like during refits or missions where speed is more important or materialize more to repair damage or to provide more protection. Unfortunately materialization of armor is also very energy intensive and damage to the projectors that keep the armor stable can result tin very interesting things happening.

Living metal: A highly advanced armor that knowledge how to work with has been lost to time. It is just as durable as other high strength alloys used for ship armor, but it has the propriety to regrow to repair damage, even during battle. It will also react to incoming fire by hardening and making itself denser to reduce damage.

Sheath Shield: Hides ship from sensors and uses counter gravity waves to make it appear mass-less from an outside perspective. Halves current and maximum shields while in use. Also shuts down all but the lowest energy using weapons.

Wormhole stabilizer: After finding a wormhole in the galaxy, this device can temporary stabilize it as long as it is focused on it. After stabilizing it, the wormhole can be expanded to allow ships to transverse it to travel across the universe instantly. It can also destablize wormholes and shrink them down to deny use to others. It has never been used to make a new wormhole, but it is theoretically possible if a partially weak patch of space-time is found. Or cause a very big explosion, but nothing ventured nothing gained.

Armageddon Cannon A superweapon that can shatter planets.
Rate of Fire: Very slow to extremely slow based on power
Damage:Varies from planet destroying to vaporizing space stations in one shot
Range: Very long
Special: Needs approval from the Council of Ten to fire. At higher power settings each firing will cause a power surge and knockout every system for a short while. Only one in existence.

Graviton Cannon: Fires very high densities of graviton to let the resulting gravity wave wreck ships.
Rate of Fire: Low
Damage: Varies based on distance from cannon. Right up next to the cannon is devastating while the damage falls off quadratically with distance. (E.g. being twice as far reduces damage by 4 times)
Range: Very short

Ion Cannon: Fires a burst of charged ions at the target. Wrecks havoc on electrical systems.
Rate of fire: Medium
Damage: Very high against shields, none against armor.
Range: Medium
Special: Can cause power failures on unshielded targets

Lance: Fires a highly focused beam of energy
Rate of Fire: Slow
Damage: High
Range: Long
Special: Usually only found in fixed spinal mounts in war ships

Laser cannon Fires short bursts of high powered light
Rate of fire:High
Damage: Very low
Range: Short
Special: Usually used for point defense

Mass Driver: Accelerates a projectile to high speeds.
Rate of Fire: Slow
Damage: Above average for shields, medium for armor.
Range: Infinite if you can predict the target well enough, medium to long if you can't.
Special: Fitted with a special shield modulator that allows it to bypass shields while weakening it.

Modified Mining Laser: Fires a constant beam that quickly eats through hulls.
Rate of Fire: Very high
Damage: Almost none to shields, very high against armor
Range: Short

Phase Disruptor: Fires high-energy quantum charges that deal damage on the molecular level and can completely bypass most known forms of defense.
Rate of fire: Slow
Damage: Low
Range: Short
Special: Bypasses any known shield and can pierce though any armor

Plasma Cannon: Fires bursts of plasma at enemies. Good all round weapon.
Rate of Fire: Medium
Damage: Medium
Range: Medium

Storm Ender: A super massive bomb only for the heaviest of super heavy bombers.
Rate of fire: Low
Damage: Very high
Range: Short
Special: Bypasses shields

Swarm Missiles: A warhead that splits into several warheads that can each track a separate target.
Rate of fire: Medium
Damage: Low
Range: Short
Special: Bypasses shields. Can track up to 16 different targets. Useful for point defense.

Torpedo: A semi-guided anti-armor warhead
Rate of fire: low
Damage: High
Range: Short, but infinite for predictable targets with little to no point defense
Special: Bypasses shields