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The Armada of the Zravvisk Information (WIP)

The Armada the of Zravvisk




Capital: The Dragua II

Largest city:
The Dragua II

Official Language:None

National Language:

Demonym: Zravvisk

- Chief: Valstrath

Council of Ten

The Armada of the Zravvisk

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The Armada of the Zravvisk is a nomadic fleet that wanders the galaxy.


The nation's name is the same as their species which in their language means "Space born". The space dragon nickname comes from their resemblance of the mythical creatures of many species known as dragons. It is believed that the word dragon comes from Draguan which is how the Zravvisk refer to themselves, if a species they are speaking with can not pronounce their species name.

The official way to refer to one of them is a "Zravvisk." However, the more popular way is to refer to one of them is a "space dragon."


Little is known of their early history as they have forgotten most of it and few if any civilizations are still around since when they started roaming the stars. They are believed to have come from a planet known as Dragua, which is now known as the Waovics Delta asteroid field. It is unknown how the planet shattered into so many pieces, but the process seemed slow enough to let the Zravvisks adapt to space. Since then, the zravvisk have wandered the stars inspiring legends and tales of terror.

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As they are nomadic, they little in the way of recognized territory. Excluding systems where they frequent visit and set up colonies, they come and go as they see fit and claim almost no territory. Only three systems are under their control; the Dragua system, the Dionov system, and NCS 535.



All members of the Armada know both galactic common and Zravvisk. Zravvisk has been described as a series of growls and roars. Written Zravvisk is based heavily on, if not an exact copy of, the language of the Precursors that built the zravvisk’s first two ships.

Ancient Zravvisk is their original written language before acquiring their ships. It is an extinct language made of a series of scratches. Only a few examples exist today in the shrines of the Dragua II and Lunastra II along with those found at the shrines and archeological sites of the planet Dragua. It is impossible to translate most of the language due to lack of examples and context. Its only modern use is the Armada using it as an unbreakable code.


All zravvisk venerate their ancestors and believe that their ancestors have a hand in the way the universe runs. Auxiliary members of the Armada may follow the ancestor worship of the rest of the Armada or their own faith.

The vast majority of the Armada are members of the zravvisk species. However, several members of the Armada are of various different species that have joined the Armada in its wandering. They are referred to sometimes as auxiliaries to make clear when someone is speaking of the zravvisk species or a member of the Armada of the Zravvisk. About ten percent of the Amrada's population is made of auxiliaries.

Main article: The Chief and the Councils
They have a simple government form similar to tribes of primitive societies. Rulers are chosen by combat. The current chief is Valstrath and is granted with almost unlimited power. This is so that the Armada can take decisive action quickly. Just below the chief is the Council of Ten, whose powers include being able to reverse any of the chief’s decisions, being the highest court, and being able to declare the current chief unfit. Below the Council of Ten is the Council of Sages and the Auxiliary Council. These two councils are advisory and so lack the board powers of the chief and Council of Ten. The Council of Sages is composed of the wisest men of the Armada and so is the second highest court, manages education, and advises the chef and Council of ten based on their thoughts and historical examples. The Auxiliary Council advises the Chef and Council of ten based on the Auxiliary members of the Armada’s needs and wants. Only the members of these three councils can become chief, either by directly challenging them to a duel for the position or taking part in the tournament after a chief’s departure.

Below the three councils are the ships and fleets of the Armada, which act like provinces in other governments, following the laws and directions of the national government but also fairly autonomous. Ships are ruled by a captain who has final say on how his ship is run. Most captains are chosen by combat, but every ship has its own traditions. Fleets are groups of ships that decided to give up some of their autonomy so that they can work better together. Fleets are ruled by a chieftain or an admiral for fleet made of mostly auxiliary ships. Chieftains have roughly the same powers as the chief, but only within their fleet. Captains and chieftains are equal in rank with chieftains having higher authority in their fleet. Many ships and fleets try to have councils like the higher three to advise and keep powers in check, but everyone has their own traditions.

Foreign Relations and Military
Main articles: The Armada and Non-ship forces
The zravvisk are isolationist. They rarely interact with nations far from their current location, and for the most part only interact with local nations though trade and defending themselves. They see little reason to involve themselves in foreign affairs as it would entangle them in politics and they believe states have the right to manage their own affairs. There are a few exceptions to this however, if a government destroys a planet or commits genocide, the zravvisk will immediacy declare a war of vengeance which will not end until either the government is declared on or the Armada is destroyed.

Most nations do not care for the Armada’s disregard for borders but give them a pass due to their known neutrally, honor, and the fact that the Armada does it to every other nation. Other points of contention include the large number of artifacts they have looted, their disregard for claims not in use, and rumors that they enjoy eating sapient species. Other nations respect the Armada for their strength, honesty, and their pacifistic nature that has them attempt diplomatic solutions before force.

Despite the Armada’s low population, every single person in their nation counts as a soldier giving them a military that can match most powers’ militaries in size. Their navy has enough ships that it can rival the even great power of the galaxy, though many of their ships are militarized civilian ships. Their knowledge of the galaxy is great and often allows the Armada to set up ambushes, turn tides of battles, and catch empire off guard as they use nebulas and wormholes to come from an unexpected angle. Planetside the zravvisk species are well renowned shock troops, dropping in from orbit and quickly overwhelming anyone not prepared to fight a member of the zravvisk species. After capturing the important areas of a planet they’re loot it and destroy infrastructure that make it useful to their enemy’s war effort before leaving it and ignoring guerrillas.


They are a collectivist state, pooling resources to met the basic needs of all Armada members before worrying about luxuries. Fuel, parts, medical care, education, and enough food for meeting each member of a ship's crew nutritional needs is proved free of charge to all members of the Armada. Anything more than that will cost the crew member though. Due to the Armada being almost entirely ship based with the need for consistent defenses and maintenance, the unemployment rate is almost 0%. They maintain their resource pools for the Armada by imposing Armada wide quotas on all resources gathered so they go straight to the stockpile without charge. After quotas have been met, all resources gathered can be done with however the owner wishes and can be charged for.

The Armada is very skilled at salvaging parts and ships from what they find in space. Alongside their mining fleet and factory ships, they are economically independent from most other powers. Their interactions with other powers is usually dumping spare resources into the power's economy so that Armada members have enough cash to act as tourists. They have been known to accidentally crash more primitive nations' economies by mass dumping gold into them. Another common interaction is individual zravvisk buying and selling artifacts into and out of their hoard. Besides resources and artifacts, the main zravvisk export is their style of engines since they are known for their reliability and efficiency.



Due to their nomadic nature, they have little in the way of infrastructure excluding stations and refineries set up in the few systems they claim. These stations act as rest stops on their travels.


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