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The Zravvisk "Space Dragons" Species Profile.

The Zravvisks are a well-known species in the galaxy, though by their more common name: the Space Dragons. Their nickname was inspired by their resemblance to many species' mythical creatures by the same name. In fact, it is widely believed that the mythological creature was based off primitive societies coming into contact with a zravvisk while it stopped to rest on their planet. Despite how well known their nickname "Space Dragon" is, information on the species is not as widespread, and after the Stroshook Prime incident, this article aims to alleviate that. For accuracy, all information has been verified with members of the zravvisk species.

Appearance: As their nickname "space dragons" implies, they look like many species' mythical creatures of the same name. Their scales come in every color and one of their most distinguishing characteristics is their massive wings. Fully grown members of the species are between 5.5 and 6.5 meters tall standing on their hind legs and 7 to 8 meters long. Their wingspan tends to be the same as their length.

Credit: Artist unknown

Biology: The most impressive fact of their biology is how they are adapted to survive and thrive in the harsh vacuum of space. They require no air to breathe, are excellent at regulating their internal body temperature, and are mostly immune to the cosmic radiation. It is unknown how they "fly" in space, in an atmosphere the answer is obvious. They also seem to encode some of their memories into their DNA, allowing them to pass on experiences through generations.

One of their most famous abilities is their "plasma breath", which can be concentrated into a powerful beam or several "fireballs". It is unknown on how they are able to use this super-heated natural ability. Of note is also their scales. Their hides tend to be as tough as a star fighter's armor making them very durable. Their claws and teeth have a hardness similar to that of diamonds, which combine with their strength allows them to sheer through metal. Due to the high geothermal activity of their homeworld and constant lava flows, they are quite resistant to high temperatures, being able to tolerate temperatures of around 1200C. They dislike colder temperatures and it is somewhat hazardous to be near them as they have to use their plasma breath to warm up.

The last thing to note about them is their regenerative abilities. This regeneration is too slow to help too much in a fight, but afterwards all the wounded will survive. The catch is that it requires them to eat before the regeneration kicks in. Meat is by far the best for it while other organic foods are far less effective. Minerals do not activate the regeneration. This means that if a zravvisk is at death's door, all it needs to eat some meat and it return to full strength eventually, even regrowing limbs. This also means that they will live lives that can be measured in centuries. It is also unfortunately, the reason some zravvisk warriors are known for eating their enemies after a battle.

Diet: As their claws and teeth suggest, they love meat. However, their living in space has also made them quite extreme omnivores. If something is organic in nature, they can very likely eat it. They've also been known to eat raw minerals and things that can make very good spaceship fuel.

Society/Behavior: The zravvisk live and travel in one Armada of ships. Their society is similar to that of a clan or tribe's. They are ruled by a chef and several council members. These positions are chosen by duels. Their idea is if that they are led by their strongest warriors, they be better able to defend the Armada. Since their Armada is both their home and only way to travel between stars, every member of the fleet is trained in how to defend it and every ship doubles as a war ship.

Despite their reverence for combat, they are not an aggressive species by nature. They see little point in starting a fight with other races. Most fights tend to occur because of a misunderstanding or the zravvisk avenging something. In fact, several species can be seen living in the fleet with the only requirement that they abide by the zravvisk's laws. Of course, exceptions exist and some zravvisk have been banished form the fleet for being too violent and dangerous.

They also worship their ancestors. This might be in part to their genetic memory, and each member being born with some of the memories of their ancestors.