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History of the Zocalo

The Zocalo is one of the more economically and militarily powerful countries of the NationStates World, created with a Babylon 5 theme. Once actively involved in role-playing, as members of both the SWEC and the WSA, they are a now a seldom heard from and sleepy regional power located on the continent of Babylon

The Zocalo worked together with nation state of Delenn to build Babylon 1, in orbit around Wysteria. The space station was designed for lab experiments and monitoring the climate of the world below. It was designed for a crew of 4 and as part of their obligations to the Wysterian Space Agency, crew rosters were opened up to other WSA member states. Later in the year, Babylon 1 was docked with Furlab 6 (a Grendel space station) to create Babylon 2. Eventually, Babylon 2 was considered obsolete and too expensive to maintain, and was allowed to burn up in the atmosphere.

The Zocalo is active in the Wysterian Space Agency and participated in the Lunar 1 mission to the Moon. Captain John Corbin was a member of the crew on the Lunar 2 mission. The Zocalo also took part in the Ferrarton led WSA initiative to build a series of radio telescopes across Wysteria. Within their borders, the Zocalo operates a launch site at Cape Grenadine. When they developed their starfuries for space construction and exploration, while they were put to work in building space stations in orbit above Wysteria, they were also sold for military purposes to The Grendels and Epona. Their success in both construction and in battle against ZaKommian space marines, led to additional orders. The Zocalo was one of the nations that participated in the Grendel`s Shield of Heaven (ABM defence program). This earned them the ire of neighbouring ELF, who were members of the Wysterian Coalition (who had threatened to nuke numerous nation states). Far from being unable to defend themselves and having many potential allies if invaded, the Zocalo did not allow themselves to be bullied by the Wysterian Coalition, and continued their work on the Shield of Heaven program.

The Zocalo was the eighth member of the South Wysterian Economic Community. They provided a lot of the naval strength for the SWEC's South Fleet. During the Zocalo's turn in command of the South Fleet, Rear-Admiral Jordan, ran a large scale naval exercise (Operation Golden Gloves) to simulate a SWEC naval blockade. Naval ships from the Zocalo, who were not part of the South Fleet, were used as the enemy force. They were a big player in SEAS (Southern Expeditionary Agency for Space), both as a driving force for the SEAS Space Station and participating in the GLOVES project (to launch an independant GPS system for SWEC use). The Zocalo hosted the fourth and seventh SWEC summits. The seventh summit was called by the Zocalo to dissolve the organization, after a majority of its membership left to create the Wysterian Union. The SWEC had only allowed nations from Wysteria's southern hemisphere to join and attempts to change this policy failed, especially since there were now newer nations in the northern hemisphere with an interest in them, so the Wysterian Union was created to be more inclusive. After the SWEC was dissolved, the Zocalo took control of the partially completed SEAS Space Station and renamed it Babylon 3. It was later completed and became the focus of the Zocalo`s space agency, with crew rotation positions made available to all Wysterian Space Agency member states.