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Vasiliy Daletski, Founder of the Vladivostok Confederacy and Current General Secretary

Vasiliy Daletski is the founder and current general secretary of the Republic of the Vladivostok Confederacy after the collapse of the Russian Federation. He served in Russia's Federal Assembly for several years prior to the economic collapse and government shutdown.

Preceded by: N/A
Political Party: Socialist Party of Vladivostok

Born: February 2nd, 1988
Sex: Male
Spouse: Kladiya Daletski
Children: N/A
Parents: Vadim and Alonya Daletski

Signature: WIP

Early Life and Career

Vasiliy Daletski was the second of three children born to a Russian navy lieutenant and a general's daughter in Vladivostok, Russia. Daletski was heavily influenced by his parents, primarily his mother. Therefore, when his mother was appointed in the Vladivostok administration of Russia, Daletski began attempting to pursue a political career at 16 years old. At first, Daletski went to Far East State University for two years until eventually he temporarily left Vladivostok for Saint Petersburg, where he studied in State Petersburg State University for several more years. In Saint Petersburg he met his future wife, Kladiya Daletski, and got married there.

Political Career

Two years after marrying Kladiya, Daletski was given a position in the Vladivostok administration. From there he moved back to Vladivostok to work on the administration. After serving for a numerous years, he was given a position in Russia's federal assembly. He moved to Moscow soon afterwards. However, his position did not last for very long as Russia was on the verge of an economic crisis. During the economic crisis, Daletski attempted to bring economic reform through introducing policies to the assembly that would require a large industrial base to back it up, however, Russia was already too low on funds to support it and the government collapsed just weeks later, Daletski resigning just days prior to it's shutdown.

Foundation of the Vladivostok Confederacy

From there, Daletski moved back to Vladivostok in hopes of establishing his own government. When he got there, however, Vladivostok was already using it's own government, a small group of people who would agree on laws and implement them. This did not work, however, as they lacked the necessary manpower to enact these laws and corruption was immense. Daletski attempted to gather support against the government that was put in place, the main foundation for gaining support being that he would turn Vladivostok into a socialist nation. He stated that he would follow the Scandinvaian model, but instead of following Social Democracy and remaining capitalist, he would opt for fully-fledged socialism. His revolt succeeded, and Daletski secured power in Vladivostok.


- Daletski enjoys listening to classical music and knows how to play both the piano and the cello.
- Daletski's rise to power in Vladivostok is in part caused to his mother, who had a good amount of wealth and power from her position in the assembly before Russia's collapse.
- Daletski loves trout. No one is exactly sure why.
- Daletski owns a cat named Pluto, who is starting to become a national treasure and a common symbol throughout the country.
-Daletski's wife, Kladiya, is expected to have a child within the coming months.
- Despite being a socialist, Daletski does not have many very negative views on capitalism compared to many of those within his party.