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Political Parties of the Vladivostok Confederacy

Main Political Parties of the Vladivostok Confederacy List

Party Name

Political Affiliation


Socialist Party of Vladivostok

Democratic Socialism

Vasiliy Daletski

Vladivostok Democratic Party

Democratic Capitalism

Vladimir Stepanovich

Nationalist Vladivostok Party


Suvorin Kuznetsov

Vladivostok People's Party


Mikhail Ivanovov

Main Political Parties Descriptions

The Vladivostok Confederacy currently has two major parties in control of their government, the Socialist Party of Vladivostok and the Vladivostok Democratic Party. The two parties together currently have approximately 85% of the Vladivostok population stating that they support said party. The third and forth most popular parties, the Nationalist Vladivostok Party and the Vladivostok People' Party, have less than 10% of the population's support. The remaining percentage of the population either support a political party that is not among the most popular or did not specify their support for one party.

Socialist Party of Vladivostok (SPV):
The Socialist Party of Vladivostok is the main party of the Vladivostok Confederacy. The party had made major contributions to the creation of the current Vladivostok state, and as a result gained popularity among the people of the Primorsky Krai region. Currently headed by the General Secretary, Vasiliy Daletski, the Socialist Party upholds democratic socialist values, supporting state-owned and government-owned industry. The Socialist Party currently has approximately 53% of the population's support. The Socialist Party is on great terms with the Vladivostok Democratic Party, collaborating on a multitude of issues involving the country as a whole.

Vladivostok Democratic Party (VDP):
The Vladivostok Democratic Party is the second-most popular party in the Vladivostok Confederacy, having around 32% of the population's support. Most of the early founders of the Vladivostok Confederacy who did not support the Socialist Party supported the Vladivostok Democratic Party, including the head of the party, Vladimir Stepanovich. The party holds democratic capitalist values and generally tolerates the socialist values in the Vladivostok Confederacy. The Democratic Party has great relations with the Socialist Party, Stepanovich himself stating that he "willingly work(s) with the Socialist Party on a multitude of policies, including some that involve the General Secretary".

Nationalist Vladivostok Party (NVP):
The Nationalist Vladivostok Party was started following the creation of the Vladivostok state, believing that one of the only ways to avoid the mistakes of the previous Russian Federation was to embrace a new nationality, Vladivostok. The Nationalist Party has seen a large amount of support from the far northern areas of the Vladivostok Confederacy. The Nationalist Party characterizes itself as Vladivostok nationalist, as well as being extremely anti-communist and anti-socialist. Other political parties remark their similarities with fascism, but the Nationalist party denies or has no comment on said claims. They have stances against immigration from other countries (even those who were formerly part of the Russian Federation), as well as being pro-capitalist and pro-authoritarian. It is currently headed by Suvorin Kuznetsov and has approximately 9% of the population's support.

Vladivostok People's Party:
The Vladivostok People's Party's policies are remarkably similar to the Socialist Party of Vladivostok except for a few issues. The party and it's leader, Mikhail Ivanovov, believe in Marxism-Leninism, a political stance taken by the Soviet Union before it's collapse. It is one of the parties formed around the same time as the Vladivostok People's Party. After facing one defeat after another, however, the majority of the population is curious why the party has not dissolved. The Socialist Party of Vladivostok has made numerous attempts to merge with the People's Party, but the People's Party has been resisting this. It is believed that the party will lose support, it's followers switching to support the Socialist Party, and dissolve within the next couple of years, whether or not they merge with the Socialist Party of Vladivostok. It currently has 4% of the population's support.

Popularity of the Parties in the Vladivostok Confederacy

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