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The Constitution of Vexia

𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝖁𝖊𝖝𝖎𝖆𝖓 𝕮𝖔𝖓𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖙𝖚𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓
Handbook of The Vexian State and The IPVP Leadership Corps
59283 IPVP:LC, Ensver
Table of Contents
-The Articles of Vexia
-The Chain of Command
-State Institutions

ARTICLE 1: Vexia is a Constitutional-Monarchy with the Emperor as head of state, army and government.

ARTICLE 2: The political foundation of Vexia are the three pillars; The People, The Government and The Emperor.

ARTICLE 3: Dero Kranzer is the infallible Emperor to whom everyone in Vexia owes allegiance to.

ARTICLE 4: The economic foundation of Vexia is the capitalist system of economy with vexian characteristics. The economic policy rejects parasitic capitalists who wish to continuing gaining money with no purpose and promotes productivist capitalism.

ARTICLE 5: In Vexia unemployment is unacceptable as thousands of jobs are on offer for the people to work for the state should be the highest honour. Those who are unemployed will not receive food and will be replaced.

ARTICLE 6: The IPVP Leadership Corps is made up of two parts; The cabinet who are the Realmsministers appointed by The Emperor and the GD1 Members are Government High Ranks after swearing an oath of allegiance to The Emperor.

ARTICLE 7: Trade Unions are ultimately banned as they are hideouts for Communists.

ARTICLE 8: All those who believe in Communism/Fascism will be detained and dubbed Enemies of the State.

ARTICLE 9: Blind criticism of the Realm, administration, Emperor or any such person or entity is forbidden.

ARTICLE 10: The Government is legally allowed to spy on the members of the public for fear of secret plots and break laws among other things.

ARTICLE 11: Communist/Fascist flags are banned. Flags of the enemies of Vexia are also banned but, any other flags you wish to fly you may fly them BUT only with a Vexian flag flying above it.

ARITCLE 12: The only court there is, is the People’s Court, The Kranzer Dynasty and The Emperor can overrule the rulings of the court.

ARTICLE 13: The Emperor has the powers to do anything in the Realm, nothing may hinder him as he is the physical representation of the people’s will.

ARTICLE 14: Spying on the Realm is forbidden, those who are founding spying upon the people, The Emperor or any government official will be dubbed an Enemy of the State.

ARTICLE 15: Strikes are outright banned.

ARTICLE 16: The workers are to be apart of the “Strength through Joy” program which provides entertainment outside of work including free holidays, theatre tickets.

ARTICLE 17: Any publications deemed inappropriate for the people of Vexia written by communists, socialists or any other political enemy are banned.

ARTICLE 18: All races are equal within Vexia as are both sexes.

ARTICLE 19: The Emperor and his Advisors may veto or pass laws within the Government Division 1 without the consent of the members.

ARTICLE 20: The forming of militias are banned.

ARTICLE 21: Guns are strictly controlled and only given to members of the Armed Forces or guarding units.

ARTICLE 22: Plotting to overthrow The Emperor or conspiring with an outside power is deemed Treason.

ARTICLE 23: For a law to pass in GD1 it must get a majority yes vote then it will turn to The Emperor to sign.