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The Universal Union - Deirism and the Void Masters

The Deirist Order Symbol

The Deirist Order, also known simply as 'Deirism', is the religion of the Union. It is what runs the government's theocratic laws, orders, etc. Deirism is founded upon the Void Masters, also known as Deirs. There are five primary Deirs that uphold the Void in which the Union resides.

A list of the Deirs is below.

Akubada: The Chaos Void Master; an entity of such strength and will that, even in slumber, his powers cause the physics of the Void to be altered and hostile, as well as causing Void Portals to open without intending to - essentially, he is what causes the Void's chaotic nature.

Adabuka: Twin brother of Akubada, Adabuka is the Order Void Master. He is what allows the Void to exist in an organized form despite the chaotic nature caused by Akubada. Adabuka and Akubada are seen as the two absolutes of the Deirs, the opposites that are needed to keep the Void in its current state and thus allow the Union to exist in turn. However, they are not heads of the Deirs.

Mogoth: Mogoth is the Creator and Destroyer Void Master; he creates whatever he wishes within the Void, as well as destroys. He is seen as the head of the Deirs simply by virtue of his raw power. Mogoth could, at a whim, destroy the entirety of the Void and thus the Union.

Kaad: Kaad is the Life and Death Void Master; she is the only female Void Master. She is the creator of all life, the being which allows it to exist despite the chaos and order brought about by Akubada and Adabuka, as well as being able to decide when and where someone dies, how, etc. She is seen as the "All-Mother" of Life, and is well respected overall. Some Deirists view her as the 'second head' to the Deirs, especially considering the rumors of the fact Mogoth and Kaad are in relations.

Xandas: Xandas is the War Void Master. He lives for the glory and thrill of destruction of the enemies of the Void and the Union. This is where the religious beliefs allow stratocracy to exist in the Union. Xandas commands all to destroy anything not of the Void, because of his need for war and battle. He is somewhat referred to as 'ridiculed' by other Deirs, but no one questions him, not even Mogoth.