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The Militarized Union of Sovereign Nations within the Void

The Militarized Union of Sovereign Nations within the Void (commonly, "The Union") is a barely-governmental force that is, as the name suggests, purely of militarized force. It is the military police and military power of all of the Void Dimension's nations. The Union can instill some political power, but doesn't actually rule anything; and even if it did, since it is a Union, each nation is still sovereign and such, just under the Union's banner for a manner of speaking.

The Union was founded in the year 2860 A.D., in the Void. It now encompasses and has influence within every nation within the Void; however, it is formed up by their combined military power and prowess. The Union is led by the Council of Generals, which are the Generals selected by all of the Union's participating governments to form the leadership. There is also the Overseer, a position that is above the Council and, in war-times, can basically do as what is determined necessary in order to preserve all nations of the Union and the Void.