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Military Bases

Ibican Military Bases

[b]Joint Bases[/b]



Services Present

Units and Commands Presents

Joint Base Calahan

Cuyoga, Calahan

Air Force, Army, National Guard

87th Air Base Wing, 305th Air Mobility Wing, 621st Contingency Response Wing (Rapid Response unit), 14th Air Mobility Wing, 108th Wing,
57th Weapons Squadron, 314th Recruiting Squadron, 72d Field Artillery Brigade, 99th Regional Support Command, 2d Brigade,
75th Division, Military Entrance Processing Station, NCO Academy, 174th Infantry Brigade, 244th Aviation Brigade, 78th Training Division

Joint Base Pheonis


Air Force, Army, Navy

Ibica Forces Pheonis Command, 86th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, 86th Operational Support Squadron, 86th Civil Engineer Group, 86th Logistics Readiness Group,
86th Maintenance Group, 86th Medical Group, 4th Air Support Operations Group, 7th Weather Squadron, 35th Air and Space Communications Group,
1st Combat Communications Squadron, 1st Communications Maintenance Squadron, 35th Contingency Response Group, 35th Contingency Response Squadron,
35th Construction and Training Squadron, 35th Security Forces Squadron, 10th Expeditionary Aeromedical Evacuation Flight, 1st Battalion,
10th Special Forces Group, 54th Military Police Company, 21st Theater Sustainment Command, POND Guard Force (composed of local nationals),
721st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron,, Carrier Strike Group 5, Destroyer Squadron 6

Joint Base Troy

Forsythe, Albion

Air Force, Albion National Guard, Army, Coast Guard, Navy

Medical Education and Training Campus (METC), Military Entrance Processing, Army Veterinary Command, Army Dental Command, Eastern Regional Medical Command,
Brooke Army Medical Center, Army Institute of Surgical Research, Army Medical Department Center and School Health Readiness Center of Excellence (AMEDDC&S HRCoE),
Academy of Health Sciences, 32nd Medical Brigade, Army Medical Department Student Detachment, Non-Commissioned Officer Academy,
Defense Medical Readiness Training Institute (DMRTI), Army Medical Information and Technology Center (USAMITC), 51st Army Hospital,
18th Medical Logistics Company, 91st Medical Logistics Company, 70th Blood Detachment, 79th Ordnance Battalion (Explosive Ordnance Disposal),
5th Brigade, Army Cadet Command, Army Contracting Command Elements, 10th Contracting Support Brigade, 6th Region CID Ft. Troy,
25th Military Police Detachment, 70th Military Intelligence Brigade, HHC & companies AB, Army Network Enterprise & Technology Command,
106th Signal Brigade, Army Environmental Command, 502d Installation Support Group, 37th Training Wing, 37th Training Group,
737th Training Group, Defense Language Institute, Fifth Air Force, 24th Operations Center, Amphibious Assault Ship (INS Lamont Alden),
Amphibious Transport Dock (INS New Anglia1), Coastal Patrol (INS Zephyr, INS Shamal, INS Tornado),
Cruisers (INS Columbia Sea, INS Getty, INS Hue City, INS Vicksburg), Cutters (ICG) (ICGC Valiant),
Destroyers (INS The Sullivans, INS Joseph, INS Lassen, INS Farragut, INS Thomas Hudner, INS Paul Ignatius),
Dock Landing Ship (INS Fort Troy), Littoral Combat Ships (INS Underwood, INS San Marcos, INS James, INS Mayport, INS McDonald, INS Billings)

Madej Sands Test Range

Madej, Panamor

Air Force, Army

Launch Abort Flight Test Complex, Military Aeronautics Test Site, Madej Nuclear Test Site, Joint Ordinance Testing Grounds

Military Academies

  • Air Force Academy - Cuyoga, Calahan

  • Army Officer Academy - Willmington, West Monroe

  • Coast Guard Academy - Albany, Angola

  • Naval Academy - Laurel, Romane

  • National Defense College - Fort Mason, Nevada, Albion

Air Force Bases

  • Air Force Base Boston - Boston, Panamor

    • Panamor Air National Guard Headquarters

    • Air Force Headquarters

    • Air Combat Command

    • Operational Test Center

  • Air Force Base Houston - Houston, Petra

    • Petra Air National Guard Headquarters

    • Air Mobility Command

    • Air Reserve Command

  • Air Force Base Maddison - Maddison, East Monroe

    • East Monroe Air National Guard Headquarters

    • Space Command

    • Air Force Material Command

    • Training Command

  • Air Force Base Lafayette - Lafayette, Cartier

    • Cartier Air National Guard Headquarters

    • Global Strike Command

    • Air Force Cyber Warfare Command

  • Air Force Base Vermont - Vermont, Hamilton

    • Hamilton Air National Guard Headquarters

    • Special Operations Command

Army Facilities

  • Camp Charlotte - Charlotte, Haviland

    • Haviland National Guard

    • Army Cyber Operations Headquarters

  • Camp Deritter - Deritter, Cartier

  • Camp Lewis - Lewis Beach, Ochoa

    • Army Airfield Lewis Beach

    • Ochoa National Guard Headquarters

    • Missile Defense Command

  • Camp Romane - Buena Vista, Romane

    • Romane National Guard Headquarters

    • Army Logistics Command

  • Camp Underwood - Underwood, Hamilton

    • Hamilton National Guard

    • Army Training Command

    • Ibica Forces Northern Command

  • Fort Albany - Albany, Petra

    • Petra National Guard Headquarters

    • Army Material Command

    • Army Airfield Albany

  • Fort Carter - Rhone, West Monroe

    • Army Forces Ibica Command

    • Army Forward Command

    • West Monroe National Guard Headquarters

    • Army National Guard Command

    • Ibica Forces Southern Command

  • Fort Elizabeth - Elizabeth City, Angola

    • Criminal Investigations Command

    • Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters

    • Army Medical Command

    • Army Hospital Elizabeth

    • Judge Advocate General Corps Headquarters

  • Fort Mason - Nevada, Albion

    • Albion National Guard

    • Army Airfield Nevada

    • National Defense College

    • Army Recruitment Command

    • Special Forces Command

    • Army Intelligence Command

    • Test and Evaluation Command

    • National Cemetery Headquarters

  • Fort St. Clarke

    • Albion National Guard Headquarters

    • Deployment and Distribution Command

    • Acquisition Support Center

    • Human Resources Command

    • Army Hospital St. Clarke

Naval Facilities

  • Naval Activity Support Barton

    • Naval Reserve Command

    • Naval Training Command

    • First Fleet Headquarters

  • Naval Support Activity Cameron - Cameron, Cartier

    • Third Fleet Headquarters

    • Oceanography Command

    • Sea Systems Command

    • Naval Airfield Columbia

  • Naval Support Activity Columbia - Columbia, Edward Island

    • Second Fleet Headquarters

    • Facilities Command

    • Legal Service Command

    • Naval Airfield Columbia

  • Naval Support Activity James Island - James Island Territory

    • Special Warfare Command

    • Naval Air Station James Island

    • Testing Range James Island

    • Naval Security Command

  • Naval Activity Support Laurel - Laurel Romane

    • Naval Airfield Laurel

    • Fourth Fleet Headquarters

    • Naval Safety Command

  • Naval Activity Support Magnolia - Magnolia, Ochoa

    • Naval Observatory

    • Supply Systems Command

    • Office of Naval Intelligence

  • Naval Activity Support Olympia - Olympia, Angola

    • Naval Engineering Command

    • Naval Medical Command

    • Expeditionary Combat Command

  • Naval Activity Support Parkland - Parkland, Petra

    • Naval Air Station Parkland

    • Submarine Warfare and Command Center

    • Naval Network Warfare Command

  • Naval Support Activity Porter

    • Bosphorus Forces Command

    • Naval Meteorology Command

  • Naval Activity Support Woodville - Woodville, Hamilton

    • Naval Air Station Woodville

    • Naval Air Warfare Center

    • Naval Flight School

    • Air Systems Command

  • Naval Activity Support Willmington - Willmington, West Monroe

    • Naval Headquarters

    • Naval Air Forces Command

    • Naval Strategic Command

    • Fleet Forces Command

    • Naval Personnel Bureau