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The United Inter-Galactic Navy [Disbanded]

The United Inter Galactic Navy is a Space body of Military and Scientific profesionsals thats main job is to assist the World in Space Affairs. Any Nation of the Cosmos is welcome to join this alliance.

Members -
The United Sovereignty of Moyeria
The gildan republic

-UIGN Law-

+ Every member is required to follow the THE UIN PREFACE.

+ Member nations are indemnified to respond to to any aid any other member nation needs.

+ There is no hierarchy in the UIGN. anyone and everyone is subject to everyone and anyone member nation in the UIGN.

+ Being a Galactic force of military and science, any deemed, underdeveloped race on a newly discovered planet must be left alone until the race has general concept of intergalactic travel. Generally a 8th stage race.

-Race stages-

1. Tribes
2. Organized cities
3. Feudal government
4. Divisions established
5. Concept of a political system
6. Invention of artificial travel and industrialization
7. Contains many nations and areas of complexity
8. Has a general "modern" view of the world and universe around them
9. Has reached space
10. Has potential to be an intergalactic power
11. Galactic superpower