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The United Neptumousian Empire

The United Neptumousian Empire

Flag and Coat of Arms

Motto: "Ours is the Sword that Guards the Merge."

Population: 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000+ (10 septillion)

Political Capital: Imperial Oasysii
Religious Capital: Midnight City

Official Language: Oasysiian

- Arch-Empress: Star Mystiina I
- Empresses: Aurora I and Cure II
- Supreme Councillor and High Sectoress: Cersolla
- Imperial Admiral: Xia

Establishment: 1 AC
Current Year: 5,000,001,912 AC

Size: 1,000,000 galaxies subdivided into 1,000 Sectors

Currency: Oasysiian Dollar

The United Neptumousian Empire

The United Neptumousian Empire commonly called the UNE, is an intergalactic monarchical empire. It is the most powerful empire in the universe, rivalled only by the Dark Empire, and the Altanian Empire. The UNE encompasses over 1 million galaxies and has has an estimated population of over 10 sextillion. The UNE is divided into precisely 1,000 Sectors, each is governed by a Sectoran or Sectoress. Sectors range in size, from containing as few as 10 galaxies, to as many as 10,000. Each Sectoran answers to the High Sectoress, Cersolla, who is also the Supreme Councillor of the UNE. Functionally, she acts as a Prime-Minister, answering directly to the UNE's Diarchs, the Empresses Aurora I and Cure II.

The Empresses are responsible for the primary governance of the UNE, their rank is hereditary, and has been so for the UNE's entire 5 billion year history. There are always two monarchs, and two lines of succession. The incumbent Empresses are the third pair in the UNE's history, and are the granddaughters of one of the first Empresses, Vera, the Goddess of Order. The UNE's monarchs belong to the House Bringer, members of which descend directly from the Cosmic God of Creation, the Holy Bringer of Life. As such, the Bringers are immortal, all of the previous monarchs of the UNE are still living, having merely abdicated the thrones to their heirs. It should be noted that female Bringers can reproduce with or without a mate, and their offspring are more likely to match their own sex. This results in the House Bringer being mostly female.

Arch-Empress Star Mystiina I,
High Queen of Life and Grace

The Empresses do not have full control over the UNE, however, for they answer to a higher power, in the form of Arch-Empress Star Mystiina I, the High Queen of Life and Grace, and Supreme Governor of the Church of Mystica. Star is the Matriarch of all Bringers, and directly represents the Bringer Himself. She has full absolute authority over the UNE, and reigns for all eternity. The purpose of the diarchical Empresses is to shift the burden off of Star during her eternal reign, so that she can act as an incorruptible overseer.

The UNE is the largest, most successful empire in the universe. The UNE maintains order across millions of galaxies, organizing the lives of sextillions of peoples, of millions of different races. The UNE's ultimate mission is to gain dominion over the entire universe in accordance with the will of the Holy Bringer of Life, at which time the heavens and the universe shall become one.


The UNE is named for the planet from which it originated, Neptumous. The UNE was founded following the Solar War, when the United Neptumousian Alliance strengthened its connection, forming a solitary state and empire.

The standard way to refer to a citizen of the UNE is as a "UNE Citizen" or "Neptumousian", but the latter is more uncommon since not all UNE citizens hail from Neptumous.


The UNE was founded following the end of the Solar War, a war fought between the United Neptumousian Alliance (UNA) and the Fireinian Empire allied with the Dark Empire. Following the conclusion of the war, the Fireinian Empire was defeated, and the Kingdom of Fireinous was restored. The Dark Empire fled, and established itself over time as the UNE's primary adversary. Since the Dark Empire was never fully defeated, technically the Solar War never ended.

The entirety of the Mys System was unified, and Star Mystiina I was crowned Arch-Empress. To legitimize the UNE's religious significance, the Goddesses Vera and Vena were crowned diarchical Empresses of the UNE. During their reign, the UNE was effectively governed by Star, until the thrones passed along to the daughters of Vera, Cersea and Cure. It was at this time that the Empresses became the primary governors of the UNE instead of the Arch-Empress. Following the conclusion of the reigns of Cersea and Cure, their respective daughters, Aurora and Cure II inherited the throne, and are reigning up to this day.


The population of the UNE exceeds 10 septillion, and encompasses millions of different species. The dominant race in the UNE is the Creature Elves, hailing from the capital world of Neptumous.

The UNE's language is Oasysiian, an ancient language that long predates the UNE, and originated in the UNE's capital city of Imperial Oasysii.

The UNE's official religion is Mysticianism, which is the veneration of the Bringer of Life as the one true God of all Creation. The religion is factually accurate, as the Bringer of Life is the creator. The UNE is a theocracy, as the UNE's head of state, the Arch-Empress, is also the head of the Mystician Church.

The UNE is home to millions of races, but the largest races are Creature Elves, Shadow Crawlers, Bodingars, Sadernians, Fireinians, Wattrousians, Zordians, Skeenians, Hugantissians, Floorians, Stelliosi, Tropiians, Desarians, and Iceans. The UNE also has a significant population of Altanian immigrants.

The Inner Ring of the capital city of Imperial Oasysii.

Largest Cities
1) Imperial Oasysii
2) New Vera City
3) New Vena City
4) Sandshore City
5) Midnight City
6) Crystal City
7) Port Cornon
8) East Galactia City
9) Isle City
10) Mountainport City


Empress Cure II, and Empress Aurora I

High Sectoress Cersolla, Supreme
Councillor of the UNE.

The UNE is primarily governed by the Empresses, of which there are always two. The current Empresses are Cure II and Aurora I. The Empresses govern under the authority of the Arch-Empress, Star Mystiina I, who is the Supreme Head of State, and an incorruptible overseer. The Empresses have numerous advisers and officials, including Lady Qin, the Chief Imperial Adviser, Director of the Qin Lan Agency and Commander and Chief of Police, Imperial Admiral Xia, the commander of the UNE's military forces, Lord Aurion, the Imperial Treasurer, and Lady Tez, the Chief Scientist.

Second to the Empresses is the Supreme Councillor and High Sectoress, Cersolla. She may be empowered to act on the behalf of the Empresses when needed. Cersolla leads the Supreme Council, a political body akin to a parliament. The Supreme Council is responsible for enacting the will of the Empresses, ensuring the law is upheld, and keeping order throughout the UNE's vast territory.

The Supreme Council consists of Councillors, High Councillors, which are held in higher esteem then regular Councillors, and whose votes carry additional weight, and the Vice Councillor, who is second to the Supreme Councillor, and carries out her duties in her absence. The Council mostly consists of mortal citizens of the UNE, but also contains members of the House Bringer. At the top is the Supreme Councillor, who may veto any decisions made by the Supreme Council, and who reports directly to the Empresses. The Supreme Councillor also holds the High Sectorate, which is responsible for distributing the UNE's laws to the 1,000 Sectors of the UNE.

In turn, the Sectorans and Sectoresses of the UNE have authority over the galactic governments within their Sector, and the galactic governments command the solar governments. Solar governments hold sway over planetary Great Kingdoms, the head of the solar government is typically the most powerful Great King in the system. Below the planetary monarchs are continental governments, usually ruled by a High King. Lunar bodies are treated as continents of the planet they orbit. Continents are further subdivided into countries, which have more diverse forms of government in relation to the needs of the local population. On Neptumous, the capital world of the UNE, a country typically has a King or some other monarchical rank. Countries are then themselves usually divided into provinces or states, which are often governed by ranks such as governors, premiers, dukes, barons, sovereign princes, or viscounts. The lowest subdivision of the UNE is the municipal governments, which are subject to the provincial or state government. A municipal government governs a city or town, and is concerned only with the most local of issues. Municipal governments are among those that occasionally operate on democracy, which is quite rare in the UNE. Larger city governments may hold sway over smaller ones that are in the immediate vicinity.

The political centre of the UNE is the planet Neptumous, located in the Mys System, within the Mystiin Galaxy, which falls under the jurisdiction of Sector Primaris. Sector Primaris is governed directly by the Empresses. The capital city of the UNE is Imperial Oasysii, a city that is over 7 billion years old, and was the capital of the Old Oasysiian Empire, and the later Galactian Empire, which were predecessors to the UNE prior to the advent of space travel.

Foreign Relations and Military

The UNE has diplomatic relations most prominently with the Altanian Empire, which is usually open to reason. Altanians are usually reluctant allies to the UNE, but can sometimes become aggressive depending on their current emperor. The UNE has two prominent ambassadors, the twin brothers Deadheart and Cloud, who are younger brothers of the Arch-Empress. Altanian UNE relations are, however, primarily overseen by Zola, the daughter of Altanian emigrants and wife of the UNE's Imperial Treasurer, Aurion.

Due to the threat of the Dark Empire, the UNE maintains a massive defensive military, consisting of untold quintillions of star ships. The UNE employs sextillions of soldiers for the defence of the empire. They are equipped with advanced UNE weaponry and armour, and are highly trained to face the tactics employed by the Dark Empire. The Mys System is guarded by the UNE's largest fleet, the Combined Imperial Fleet of Cersea, named for the Empress who assembled the fleet. All UNE planets have planetary shielding systems installed, and maintain at least a small defensive fleet. The UNE's military leader is the Imperial Admiral, Lady Xia, who is responsible for the undertaking of all military operations, and in advising the Empresses on military action. Her second in command is High Lady Admiral Anima.


The UNE's economy is managed by the Imperial Treasurer, Lord Aurion. Aurion is a younger brother of the former Empresses Cersea and Cure. The UNE's economy is completely government controlled, legally all corporations belong to the government, but are allowed to be run by private citizens, under heavy regulation to ensure that companies abide by moral guidelines set out by the UNE. The prices of products may not exceed certain values, in order to prevent inflation, and maintain the value of the UNE's currency at a consistent number. The UNE's anti-inflation policies allow the government to have practically limitless funds, if there is need of more money, the government can simply print more, without being able to devalue it.

The UNE depends heavily on a class of vessel known as Sunbreathers for its material needs. These vessals gather all of the UNE's resources from the depths of space, as well as manufacturing large quantities of the UNE's equipment, such as star ships and weapons.


UNE culture varies widely across the UNE's million galaxies, but it consistently values loyalty to the empire and its diarchs. On Neptumous, concepts of nobility are prized, and the religious values of the Mystician Church are very important. The UNE is not without issues, racism toward certain species is a problem. Expatriots of the Dark Empire are often the victim of hate crimes, as well as Altanians occasionally.


Virtually all of the UNE's technology was created by Lady Tez Bringer, the most intelligent mind in the universe short of the gods themselves.

Lady Tez, Chief
Scientist of the UNE.

The UNE's infrastructure is maintained with extreme efficiency by robotic labour forces, the streets of the capital city are always pristine, not a spec of refuse will be found in the city. All public utilities are consistently kept in full working order, and the aesthetic appearance of the UNE's infrastructure is kept impeccable.

The UNE runs almost entirely on perpetual energy. There are varying types of perpetual energy cores, which are rated according to their energy output. Smaller cores cannot run larger machinery, for their energy output is insufficient to to power it. The UNE's most powerful energy core is the one which runs the defensive shield of Neptumous, this core is imbued with magical properties that make the shield nigh impenetrable.