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List of Leaders of the Republic (WIP)

The following list contains information about the offices of both heads of state and government, from the period of the Confederation of Independent States to the Third Republic.

Confederation of Independent States, (2067-2105):
1. Clay Kensington (2003-2078), served as the 1st President of the C.I.S. from its formation in 2067 until his death in 2078, in office for almost four 3-year terms. Vice President Jason Klepper served for the entirety of the Kensington administration.
2. Jason Klepper (2012-2082), served as the 2nd President of the C.I.S. from his accession following President Kensington's death until the election of 2081, losing to rival candidate, Senator Isabella Sharon of Alabama.
3. Isabella Sharon (2021-2106), served as the 3rd President of the C.I.S. from the election of 2081 to the election of 2090, losing to rival candidate, Representative Henry Bakersfield of Florida. Sharon played a vital role in the Confederate Revolution of 2097, living long enough to see the formation of the First Republic.
4. Henry Bakersfield (2020-2095), served as the 4th President of the C.I.S. from the election of 2090 until his death in 2095, having the distinction of shortest-serving President of the Confederation. Vice President Eric Walker, having served through the Bakersfield administration, finished his term.
5. Eric Walker (2024-2109), served as Acting President of the C.I.S. for the remainder of Bakersfield's term, as well as te 5th and final President of the C.I.S. from the election of 2096 until the dissolution of the C.I.S. in 2105. Walker's term coincided with the Confederate Revolution, a series of large-scale protests over the weak government. Walker, initially a Confederate (supporter of keeping the Confederation's government as it was), soon sided with the Federalists (supporters of reforming the government as a more centralized figure), only to concede with the New Republicans (splinter faction of the Federalists; called for a complete overhaul of the government) in the 2103 Congressional elections.

First Republic of the United Confederacy of Texas, (2105-2119):
1. Eric Walker (2024-2109), served as 1st President of the Republic from its formation in 2105 until the 2109 elections. Walker served to form the new government into a more U.S.-based republic, adding an Electoral College and a stronger federal government.