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The Artherianisches Reich of
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Reich Military Equipment

Equipment of the Bundesstreitkräft
NOTE: Logistics vehicles and other non-combat vehicles are not included in this factbook.

R2E1 Infantry Rifle (Standard issue rifle.)

R3E5 Infantry Rifle (Special Forces rifle)

Kar 98 (Rifles held in reserve. Actively used by the Kriegsmarine. Occasionally used as a sniper rifle.

AK-12 (Limited use.)

MG4 Light Machine gun (Standard GPMG)

M2A1 Heavy Machine gun (Used on vehicle mounts and stationary positions.)

R9A1 (Used by Artherian Internal Security Directorate agents. Chambered in 7.62×39mm)

EMR-6 Anti-Material Rifle (Anti-material rifle. Chambered in .50 BMG)

AR-30a1 (Chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum)

Glock 18C



Heckler & Koch GMG

Panzerfaust 3-IT

RG-6 grenade launcher

Panzerfaust 4

M1R2 Jericho IFV (5,350 in service )

M5R1 Scorpion IFV (3,870 in service)

Fuchs APC (9,340 in service)

Boxer APC (5,490 of all variants in service)

M3R2 Panther 2 MBT (800 in service)

M4R7 Bishop Main Battle Tank (6,480 in service. Further 1,800 stored)

Dingo MRAP (395,000 in service)

Panzerhaubitze 2000 (SPG, 1,540 in service)

AA-ATG-152 (15.2 cm PaK 50 in Artherian service) Kladenetz Anti-Tank Gun* (10,020 in service)

SPG-155 Grond* (480 in service)

9K58 Smerch (650 in service)

2K22M with 57E6 (740 in service)

Tor Short Range SAM system (520 in service)

Hammond Motors Icepick launch system* (Reportedly 574 in service)

Quiver-class Arsenal Ship
Length: 477 meters maximum, 382 meters main hull
Beam: 124 meters
Draft: 25 meters maximum
Displacement: 400,000 tons
Propulsion: 12x 550KW Kazansky Heavy Industries Azymuth Thrusters
Speed: 14 knots max
Crew: 100
Armament: 26,000 VLS cells, 12x Khan long-range missile launchers
Air Defense: 4x AK-630 automatic cannon, 4x CDM-440 Missile Launchers (similar to US Rolling Air Frame Missile), 10x Udav-1 anti-torpedo launchers, decoy dispensers, 2 Coalition-SV dual-barreled 155mm DP guns
Aircaft: 1x Helicopter OR 10x small Naval UAVs
1x NSR-13 long-range air and surface surveillance radar (D band)
1x NSR-14 AESA air and surface search, tracking and guidance radar (I band)
Armor: Key areas are protected with Kevlar layers, with the command citadel armored with 8 inches of steel armor but overall the ship is unarmored.

3 in service (Forums) 1 In service (Regional)

Lindemann-class battleship
-Length: 270.4 meters (overall)
-Beam: 38 meters
-Draft: 9.52 meters (standard)
-Displacement: 39,560 tons (standard) | 46,940 (full load)
-Installed power: 2x RITM-200I Nuclear reactors, 2x backup diesel
-Propulsion: 4x Screw propellers, 2x Waterjet
-Top speed: 35 knots
-Range: Limited only by consumables and crew fatigue
-Compliment: 82 officers, 1,450 enlistedmen
8x 38 cm SK C/44 ETC guns (4 x 2)
12x 15 cm SK C/31 ETC guns (6 x 2)
120x VLS cells
4x CDM-440
4x Rheinmetall Oerlikon Millennium CIWS
6x Rheinmetall SeaSnake 20
6x Rheinmetall SeaSnake 30
8x 533mm torpedo tubes
Numerous small-caliber machine gun posts
Small arms from ships armory
-Sensors, processing systems, and electronic warfare:
1x NSR-13 long-range air and surface surveillance radar (D band)
1x NSR-14 AESA air and surface search, tracking, and guidance radar (I band)
2x NTS-1E Sirius IRST long-range infrared surveillance and tracking systems
2x NGR-3T multi-function I/J band ARPA radars
4x 10.5m rangefinders (main turrets as backup)
2x 6.5m rangefinders (central secondary turrets as backup)
1x SSS-91B Sonar array (active + passive modes)
MASS system
SEWS-13 electronic warfare suite
Thor Combat Control System + associated guidance antennae
Belt: 320 mm (13 in)
Turrets: 360 mm (14 in)
Main deck: 100 to 120 mm (3.9 to 4.7 in)
-Aircraft carried:
2x helicopters
-Aviation facilities:
1x Helipad
1x large hangar for 2 helicopters

Raeder-Class Superdreadnaught FORUM ROLEPLAYING ONLY
Length: 1,919 meters
Beam: 282
Draft: 51
Armament: 30 81-cm ETC guns in 6 quintuple turrets.
20,000 standard Mk 41 VLS cells
Various CIWS and RIM missiles.
Max speed: 26 knots
Displacement: 21,275,700 tons
Complementt: 27,500 Ratings
135 Officers
5 High Tier Commanders
30 pilots
570 aircrew
Aircraft: 20 seaplanes or UAVs

2 in service

Gerhard von Scharnhorst-class aircraft carrier

A model of the carrier in 2010

Class Overview


Gerhard von Scharnhorst-class aircraft carrier


Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft


Artherian Kriegsmarine

Preceded by

LinkGraf Zeppelin-class

In commission

7 August 2017



Under construction












General characteristics


Nuclear Aircraft Carrier




Overall: 330.1 m (1,083 ft)


Waterline: 40 m (131 ft)


11m (36 ft)


2x RITM-200I Nuclear reactors
4× shafts
3× manoeuvring thrusters


25-30 knots (56 km/h; 35 mph)


Limited only by maintenence and resupply


Approx. 6,400

Sensors and
processing systems

1x NSR-13 long-range air and surface surveillance radar (D band)
1x NSR-14 AESA air and surface search, tracking and guidance radar (I band)
2x NTS-1E Sirius IRST long-range infrared surveillance and tracking system
2x NGR-3T multi-function I/J band ARPA radars
1x NCR-5W air traffic control radar
1x ALA-1 landing aid radar

Electronic warfare
& decoys

2x FL 1800 S II ECM suite
12x Sippican Hycor SRBOC launcher


16x S-500 launchers
4× CDM-440
3× Rheinmetall SeaSnake CIWS system
4× Rheinmetall Oerlikon Millennium Gun
5x M2A1 Heavy Machine gun
5x MG4 Light Machine gun

Aircraft carried

90-100 aircraft

The Gerhard von Scharnhorst-class is a class of three nuclear-powered aircraft carriers currently in service with the Artherian Kriegsmarine. The lead ship of the class was named after the famed reformer of the Prussian Army, Gerhard Johann David von Scharnhorst. Having an overall length of 330.1 meters, this makes the class the fourth-largest vessel currently in service with the Kriegsmarine, after the Raeder-class superdreadnaughts, the Quiver-class arsenal ships and the Scylla-class ballistic missile submarines. It is only slightly shorter than the Calicambrian Nimitz-class and Gerald R. Ford-class, putting the ships third in overall length for nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. However, the ships have the same displacement under full load and can carry up to ten more aircraft. The ships have been deployed all across the world, from the North Sea to the South Pacific and everywhere in between. The class has been in commission since 2017, and the first ship is scheduled for refueling in 2042, giving each ship a BRT (between refueling time) of 25 years.

Each ship costs approximately 7.2bn Creds in current Creds.

Initially designed as a conventionally powered carrier similar to the Medoynian Clemenceau-class, with the integration of the Russian Lander in the late 1990s the design boards suddenly found themselves in the possession of the plans for the ill-fated Soviet carrier program, as well as the tools and knowledge to build new nuclear-powered supercarriers. To construct a ship of this size, however, a massive modernization program was undertaken to enlarge and enhance the Sevmash shipyard, as well as the Crimean shipyards. However, due to cost overruns and Oscarian unwillingness to permit large carriers through the Bosporus and Dardanelles straits, the Black Sea shipyard expansion program was scaled back, resulting in the class of carriers being laid down and completed at the Sevmash shipyard.

As previously noted, the Scharnhorst-class was initially intended to be a diesel-powered carrier, drawing design influences from both the Clemenceau-class and the indigenous Graf Zeppelin-class. The ship was to be 275 meters long, displace 36,792 tons fully loaded and have a beam of 55 meters.

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Rommel-class Guided Missile Cruiser
Hull: Trimaran
Length: 185.014 meters
Beam: 36.27 meters
Draft: 5.48 meters

1x Nuclear Reactor
2x Diesel Generator 100 MW
2x Fixed Impellers
4x Vari-Directional Jet Impellers
1x Rudder
Speed: 32kts
Range: Unlimited

23 Officers
275 Enlisted

Sensors/Electronic Equipment:
1x NGR-3T multi-function I/J band ARPA
1x NSR-14 AESA air and surface search, tracking and guidance radar (I band)
1x NSR-13 long-range air and surface surveillance radar (D band)
Long Range SONAR
Precision Search SONAR
Advanced Passive SONAR Suite
CBR Detection Suite
AEW Suite
Counter EW Suite
Nixie Decoys
Flares/Chaff Pod-Rockets

1x: 152mm Advanced Gun System (ETC)
68x Missile Pods (2 Cruise Missiles or 4 Anti-Air/Anti-ship missiles per pod)
8x Mission Variable CIWS/SeaWIS Mounts
8x 50mm RACs (Remote Autocannons)
2x in 12.75in Torpedo Tubes
2x 533mm Triple-Torpedo Mounts (internal bay)
4x 25mm Crew-Operated Autocannons
4x .50-caliber Crew-Operated Machine Guns (Not depicted)
2x 40mm Crew-Operated Grenade Launchers

x2 Helicopter/VTOL (Internal, possible additional 2 External on Helipad)
x6 RHIBs (4 in BLAC, 2 in Sidebays)
x2 Marine/Special Forces Platoons

28 in service

Lütjens-class Destroyer

Class: DDGN, (Guided Missile Destroyer/Nuclear)
Hull Style: Trimaran
Length: 186 meters
Beam: 36.88 meters
Height: 42.3 meters (from waterline) 52.42 feet (with draft)
Draft: 10 meters
Tonnage: 11,000†
Speed: 49 knots
Aircraft: 8†
Boats: 12 RHIBS (or 8 RHIBs and 1 Fast Assault Craft)
Ship's Force: 126†
Air Wing: 20†
Deployed Forces: 96-122 Troops

160x VLS Tubes
2x 533mm Torpedo Tubes (Ventral)
1x 152mm Advanced Gun System (ETC)

4x 30mm SeaSnake CIWS
4x 25mm Mk3 Rapier Defense Autocannons
7x .50-cal RWS
4x NRAM-32 Longsword (24 Missiles each)
2x 1.2MW FEL
60x Active Anti-Torpedo Decoy-Explosives
2x Active SONAR Decoys, towed
8x .50-cal Machine gun posts
Full Command Electronic Warfare & Deterrence Suite

Power & Propulsion
Power Source: 1 D2H 800Mw LMTR
Back up Source: 3Mw Diesel Generators
Battery Back up: 12 Hour life, 4 for propulsion
Propulsion: 2 Azipod Motor-Propulsors
Secondary Propulsion: 1 Internal Asimov Engineering CV-2 Motor-Propulsors
Tertiary Propulsion: 2 Extending Maneuvering Azipods

1 Helipad, Large
1 Large Helicopter Hangar

48 in service

Lightning-class RRDN (Rapid Response Destroyer, Nuclear)
Length: 196.6 meters
Beam: 27.4 meters
Draft: 5.4 meters off-cushion
Top speed: 65 knots (surface effect mode)
System weight 10,000 tons
Power: 2x 100 MW nuclear reactors,
Crew: 116 + space for up to 115 refugees
Aircraft: 4
Radar: X-band AESA MFR, S-band AESA VSR
Top speed: 65 knots in surface effect mode, 20 knots regular
Armament: 160 Cell VLS, 4x 57 mm dual-pupose guns, 2x CDM-440 launchers,
Propulsion: Nuclear powered electric water-jet, 8 main motors + 4 secondary motors
4 In service

Skjold-class coastal corvettes (62 in service)

Baden-Württemberg-class frigate (20 in service)

Sachsen-class frigate (17 in service)

Bremen-class Frigate (4 in service)

Braunschweig-class corvette (13 in service)


Length: 62 meters
Beam: 7.3 meters
Speed: 14 knots surfaced, 23 knots submerged
Test Depth: 340 meters
Crush Depth: 790 meters
Propulsion: 1x MTU 16V 396 marine diesel engine
3x HDW/Siemens PEM fuel cells each with 130 kW
1x Siemens electric motor 1700 kW, driving a single seven-bladed skewback propeller
5x 533mm Torpedo tubes (4 bow, 1 stern; Stern tube only has four heavyweight torpedo reloads and is intended primarily for use with the IDAS. Export version adds an additional five torpedos, bringing the total up to ten.)
50 Anti-Torpedo active countermeasures/explosives (25 PORT/STBD)
16 (8 PORT/STBD) Passive Countermeasures
25 Enlisted
15 Officers

30 in service

42 in service

Type XXXI (Legacy-class) Strike Submarine (SSN)

Length: 387ft
Width: 41ft
Speed: 42 knots (surfaced)(46 on LIHBS), 44knots (submerged)(49 on LIHBS)
Crush Depth: 2,500 feet
Propulsion: (2) S10W2 Liquid Metal Cooled Thermal-Fission Reactor
10 VLS Pods
6 Torpedo Tubes (Bow)
90 Anti-Torpedo active countermeasures/explosives (45 PORT/STBD)
16 (8 PORT/STBD) Passive Countermeasures
116 Enlisted
14 Officers
2 ASDS (Internal Bay)
1 ASDS (External Mount)

12 in service

Type XXXII (Stiletto-class) SSN

Displacement: 12,500 tons full displacement
Length: 110 meters
Armament: 8x 660mm torpedo tubes
18x 660mm single-use weapons chambers (not able to be re-armed at sea)
18x Vertical Launch Tubes for anti-ship missiles
16x Sail-mounted VLS for short-range Netfire missiles
Crew: 15 officers, 120 enlisted
Top speed: 26 knots (official), 30 knots (actual)
Power Source: S10W2 Liquid Metal Cooled Thermal-Fission Reactor
Endurance: Limited only by food supply and maintenance

12 in service

Scylla-Class Supercapital Ballistic Missile Submarine

Displacement: 84,000t submerged
Length: 350m
Beam: 26m
Draft: 16m
Reactor: 1x INNEC RA(PW)-14 supercritical pressurised water reactors (enough to produce 480MW power for max. speed + electrical power)
Turbines: 2x50 MW auxiliary diesels
Shafts: 1
Screws: 1 x 7-bladed large-area shrouded
Speed: 27 knots (50km/h) submerged
Endurance: Food supply (2yrs)
Test Depth: 400m
Complement: 185
4 x 533mm (21in) torpedo tubes (normally for LY5755) (60 capacity)
40 x LY4046 ‘Dawnbringer’ SLBMS
6 x GWLS.35M4 dual length 8-cell VLS (cell dimensions: 0.7 × 0.7 × 9/18 m^3) (LY4031, LY589, or similar)
Lyran InfoWar Mk 387 bow-mounted sonar array
LY388 towed array sonar
LY389 passive intercept and ranging sonar
AN/ALQ-99 ‘Tiamat’ EW suite
LY7010 I-band navigation radar
LY7720 obstacle avoidance sonar
LY7781 environmental monitor
LY7094 oceanographic sonar
Type 2078 fire control bow element
LYMkIV(N) CBRN emergency overpressure system

2 in service

Kris Damen Tanker-Transport (10 in service)

Elbe-class replenishment ship (7 in service)

Berlin-class replenishment ship (7 in service)

Oste-class surveillance ship (8 in service)

Frankenthal-class minehunter (17 in service)

Ensdofr-class minehunter (11 in service)

DA-13 UCAV (400 in service. Enlarged and capable of carrying a 2,000kg payload.)

F/A-24 Multirole Carrierborne aircraft (401 in service)

F-40 Golden Eagle Air Superiority Aircraft (560 in service)

F/A-44 Multi-role Aircraft (1,190 in service. Has one variant: Electronic attack which is capable of carrier operations and of which there are 400 aircraft in service)

B-5 Black Wraith Strategic Bomber (90 in service)

NH90 Multi-purpose helicopter (3,210 in service. Sea Lion, Sea Tiger, TTH and MTT)

AH-21 Attack Helicopter (400 in service)

C-10AL Dracotaur (50 in service)

C-11M Atlas II (190 in service)

C-9D Atlas I (105 in service)

Gzemnid Strategic Air Defense Radar (Approx. 300 dedicated stations)

ARTHUR Counter-battery radar system (326 in service)

Penicillin Counter-artillery system (420 in service)

Space Forces

Vela-Class Light Frigate

Definitive-Class Heavy Frigate

Foreground and background: Superiority-Class Battlecruiser
Middle, right to left: Superiority-Class Battlecruiser, Amerika-Class Frigate, Sustainment-Class Resupply Ship.
Extreme foreground: A-12 Shuttle
Extreme Background: Moot-Class Destroyer

Dominance-Class Carrier

FB-6 Exo-Atmospheric Fighter