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Personnel: Team KMSN.

Classified file C-137: Obsidian Legion Phantom Program .

Team name: Crimson.
Formed: September 25, 2019
Status: Active

The top phantom team in the Triumvirate. Each member was handpicked by Emperor Roxas and CE Viktor Amory for skill and team compatibility. Due to their effectiveness in the field and preferential treatment by the Emperor they are also known as “Roxas’ attack dogs.”

Their early days largely consisted of hunting down Violetist cells, however they first gained regional notoriety by capturing Rusto Rickett during his attempted coup in The Greenlandic North. A month later they led the assault that led to the capture of Booga Booga VIII and rescue of the Sakirian WARPP councillor Ramiel Turner. Currently they are one of WARPP’s most effective combat units and are the Emperor’s first choice of weapon for many special tactical situations.

Creature (K)
Name: Koza Radek.
Rank: Captain.
Callsign: KMSN-1, Creature.
DOB: 14/7/1996 (24).
POB: Alemont, AS.
Height: 1.90m.
Hair color: Light brown.
Eye color: Hazel.
Semblance: Animal transformation (Timber Wolf).

Bio: The leader and tactician of team KMSN. Koza is levelheaded, collected, and charismatic. Instilled with a strong sense of duty and honor he is a shining example of the ideal Triumvirate soldier.

The son of Malcolm Radek, the head of the Praetorian Guard, Koza was raised among the nations elite, and regularly interacted with notable figures such as General Lyons and Emperor Roxas. After joining the military he quickly excelled in both unarmed and armed combat as well as tactical skill. He also showed good leadership skills and was placed in charge of his unit in the STRM

Two years later he tested into the Legion where he served in the Lance Battalion, where he earned honors for bravery and unconventional tactics. In the spring of 2018 he was contacted by Viktor Amory to lead a handpicked team in the Phantom Program. He currently leads team KMSN on special operations across the globe.

Vision (M)
Name: Chase Malachite.
Rank: Lieutenant 1st class.
Callsign: KMSN-2, Vision.
DOB: 22/2/1995 (26).
POB: Velourium, VL.
Height: 1.34m.
Hair color: Dark Brown.
Eye color: Brown (left), Purple (right, heterochromia).
Semblance: precognition.

Bio: The 2nd in command of KMSN. She is an expert in close quarters combat and the team medic. Her medical knowledge also makes her the team interrogator. Her harsh upbringing, erratic personality, and morbid sense of humor make her come across as mentally unstable. However it is merely a mask hiding a relentless and ruthless force of nature with a razor sharp focus.

(Classified until completion of RoR act 3)

While in school she spent large amounts of time reading and researching the Book of Neverender, and became a true believer in it’s teachings. Upon finishing school she volunteered to join the STRM, and despite her questionable psychological testing, was fast tracked into the Legion where her skills could be used at their full potential.

She served in the Shield Battalion, but it became obvious her skill set was even better suited for more covert operations and was placed into the Phantom program at the personal recommendation of CE. Viktor Amory, as he followed her progress closely since the fateful day they first met.She joined team KMSN as the counterpart to the leader Cpt. Radek and has been an invaluable, if mentally deranged, asset to the team ever since.

Colossus (S)
Name: Otto De Sylva.
Callsign: KMSN-3
DOB: 25/11/1991 (29).
POB: Arcadian Bay
Height: 2.01m.
hair color: Bald.
Eye color: Brown.
Semblance: Immunity to pain.

Bio: A tall and formidable man of few words, Otto is a lifelong fighter who prefers practical, brutal, and direct action.

Born to a middle class merchant family, Otto had always been a fighter. Be it other neighborhood punks or illegal fight rings in his youth it came as no surprise that arrived at basic training for the STRM could even mail out his call to service letter. Upon entrance into the military he quickly earned the nickname “Colossus” from his pure size and fearlessness in battle, as well as his semblance that allows him to block out physical pain.

His military career almost came to an end in 2017, when he saved his squad from an RPG round. The blast caused severe damage to the left side of his body and was told he would never walk again. He received a Platinum Star and 1 year later he retook the Legion exam and passed with even higher scores than his original test.

His physical superiority and unstoppable will caught the attention of Viktor, who offered him a place in his handpicked team. He is the counterpart to Azimuth. Being the brute force to combine with his partners precision.

After recovering from his wounds

Azimuth (N)
Name: Nellis Garrick.
DOB: 10/7/1994 (26).
POB: Northwestern Smalltopia.
Height: 1.83m
Hair color: Black.
Eye color: Brown.
Semblance: Enhanced coordination.

Bio: Born in a no-name village in southern Bigtopia, he lived a relatively peaceful life until the Smalltopian Civil War began in 2003. His village was razed by rebel forces and he was one of very few to survive. When Legion Forces unofficially intervened Nellie assisted them as a translator and local guide.

As the war came close to an end the Legion had to retreat before their presence was officially confirmed. Knowing Nellis would be killed for colluding with them the commanding Stigyan officer Martin Garrick broke protocol and brought the boy back to the Triumvirate with him.

Nellis quickly settled into Stigyan life, adopted by Martin and given a proper Stigyan education. He joined the military for his mandatory service and unlocked his semblance in a training exercise. In essence his reflexes and coordination are so precise when in combat its almost as if time slows down when he takes the shot.

This extremely useful semblance got him placed into the Falcon sniper program, and from there the Legion phantom program, where he is the long range scalpel to Colossus’ hammer.