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Stigyan Colonies and Colonial Rule.

For nearly 75 years the Triumvirate was in a state of near total isolation, cut off from the outside world. In the wake of reopening under Royal Order #2113, the Triumvirate and itís people have begun to take their place on the world stage. With the new diplomatic ties and alliances, there also came new dangers.

So far the Triumvirate has been in 6 major armed conflicts. 5 being victorious and the last still ongoing. From these conflicts the Triumvirate has gained multiple spoils of war and has taken them on as colonial protectorates run by a Colonial government that answers to the National government back in Solitas.


Stigyan Brazilistan
Colonized: June 2020.
Governor: Elliot Rios.

Shortly after the Age of Isolation ended Stigyan tourists visiting the nation of Brazilistan were kidnaped by their government and forced to work in their diamond mines. The Triumvirate government gave Brazilistan an ultimatum to free the captive Stigyans or be invaded. The Government thought the Triumvirate was bluffing and therefore was invaded.

After a very brief war Brazilistan was defeated and left leaderless, so Emperor Roxas decided to take it as the first modern Stigyan colony. With a strong mining industry and most of its civilian infrastructure intact after the war Stigyan companies came in and refined their operations to provide raw mined materials to fuel the Triumvirates defense forces.

Stigyan Pancanawe
Colonized: March 2021.
Governor: Beatrice Black.

Stigyan Pancanawe is a colony of the Triumvirate formed after the fall of their former government known as Pancanawe republic. The republic used to be a sizable nation and military power in the region, and was for a time even a member of WARPP. After several antagonistic disagreements, in particular with Trashkanistan73, the Republic left WARPP and turned to nations outside of the region and attempted to take the Trashkan controlled Ghoor Island for itself along it's new coalition.

After a crushing defeat by WARPP, their embassy in Solitas being raided by the Obsidian Legion, the assassination of Sakiriaís ambassador, and a civil war coinciding with a Stigyan invasion that resulted in their government fleeing the country and region, the Triumvirate stepped in and now rule Pancanawe as a colony. A major manufacturing nation its operations have been co-opted by the colonial government to produce both commercial and military products.

Soon after colonization a deal was made by regional officials of Wintreath and the region the government fled to, said government officials were extradited back to Wintreath to face charges for war crimes and treason against the Winter Monarch.

Stigyan-Stallion Islands
Colonized: April 2021.
Governor: Tyson Hainesworth.

Originally an island chain that was off the coast and a colony of the Pancanawe republic known as Fluttershyian, when the Triumvirate took over Pancanawe they also gained control of this territory in a peaceful and fluid transition of ownership.

The Islands are in a prime strategic location in the Shylos sea and as such has a major WARPP naval base on itís western island. The fishing industry also exports seafood as itís primary economic contribution to the Greater empire.

Stigyan Skrapp Island
Colonized: October 2022.
Governor: Admiral Winston Orlock.

The smallest of 6 islands that once made up the rogue nation of Uueihddh. The island itself only contains a small city and few natural resources. However the geographic placement of the former UUE is in a critical location in the ??? Sea, so The Stigyan Triumvirate built a large naval base on the islands empty east side for use by WARPP and allies.