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House Amory (WIP)

The Royal family of the Triumvirate. House Amory was formed in the ashes of the war of unification and founded by the Triumvirate's first Emperor Sirius Amory, and the dynasty he created is currently 142 generations old with no sign of stopping. There are 6 full members and 2 honorary members. The current House head and Stigyan Emperor is Roxas Amory, and the house elder is Viktor Amory.

Full Members

Roxas Amory.

Full Name: Roxas Azure Amory.
Titles: Holy Emperor, House Amory Head, Knight (Svipjoth).
DOB: Oct. 31,1989 (31).

POB: Solitas, VL.
Race: Caucasian.
Height: 1.75m
Hair color: Black.
Eye color: Blue (normal), gold (Ignite).
Semblance: Ignite.

The 141st and current Emperor of the Triumvirate. Roxas was born in the Citadel to Emperor Vincent and Empress Rachel. As a young child he suffered from asthma and was often sick, often spending his time reading or partaking in non-physical activities. He also spent a good deal of time helping care for his younger sister Rosalie or with his betrothed Lyra Stahl. his quiet and peaceful childhood came to an abrupt and tragic end on December 31, 1999 when the terrorist group Ultra-Violet detonated a bomb at the New Year's Gala at Gravity's Union Center in Solitas. The blast killed both his parents and sister, as well as damaged him with shrapnel in which his right eye was destroyed. After 3 weeks in a coma he awoke to learn that he was now in charge of the nation at only ten years old.

As he recovered from the blast, he learned that his survival was not a miracle, but the activation of his semblance. The Violetists used a firebomb, and his semblance allows him to control and be immune to fire.
Once out of the hospital he learned that Lyra would be living at the citadel permanently as part of a deal between his uncle Viktor and Lyra’s father, Jaques Stahl.

Soon after Roxas took the throne and quickly laid the foundation of the nation for the 21st century. Instead of choosing his uncle Vance as his chief executor, who was his father’s, he instead went with his other uncle Viktor. He also began policies to increase the Triumvirate’s military and technology to fight off any enemies. He even personally executed Christian Rhodes, a former Legionary who worked with the Violetists to help with the bombing.

[Classified until completion of RoR act 2].
[Classified until completion of RoR act 3].

In the aftermath of the Blood Red Summer Roxas married Lyra and consolidated power and began to enact several social changes such as women's voting rights and the decriminalization of homosexuality. While it took several years, he also expanded and upgraded the nations military significantly with electrocyte powered weapons and the creation of the Stigyan Air Fleet. On May 26, 2011, the first of Roxas and Lyra's Children, the twins Cielle and Cypress, were born. Three years later they would be joined by Caelan On April 5, 2014. On December 31,2019, the 20th anniversary of his family's death, he achieved the goal his father died for and announced to the nation that the isolation would end and that the Triumvirate would re-enter the world stage.

On February 12, 2020, The Triumvirate opened its borders and partially demilitarized the Wall of Argus, as well as telegraphing several neighboring nations to form diplomatic ties. After the assassination of max Pillow, the President of The Greenlandic North and the Nacaosim terrorist attacks Roxas ordered his Top Admiral Jesse Ironwood and Executor of Foreign Affairs Arthur Callahan to create a draft for a protective alliance to prevent unnecessary violence in the region. That draft laid the groundwork for the WARPP.

(Note: eyes are only gold while his semblance is active)

Lyra Amory.

Full name: Lyra Sophia Amory.
Title: Empress.
DOB: Aug. 16, 1989 (32).
POB: Port Rennaise, EL.

Race: Caucasian.
Height: 1.52m
Hair color: Red.
Eye color: Emerald green
Semblance: Glyphs/summoning, emotional manipulation.

The second born child born to Lillian and Jaques Stahl. Lyra's life was groomed for her from the moment she was born. Her father, who was the chairman of Stahl Industries at the time, made an arrangement with Emperor Vincent when she was still only a few months old to marry her off to Vincent's newborn heir Prince Roxas. She would spend her early childhood bouncing between schooling in Port Rennaise and visiting her betrothed in Solitas while their fathers conducted business.

After the Gravity’s Union bombing she was one of the children selected to live at the Citadel during the school year under the ‘boarding school initiative’ created by Viktor Amory, and then chose to stay year round with Viktor’s permission. She also received secret fencing training from professional fencer Leopold Ebi.

[Classified until completion of RoR act 2].
[Classified until completion of RoR act 3].

Cíelle Amory

Full name: Cíelle Rachel Rosalie Amory.
Title: Crown Princess.
DOB: May 26, 2011(10).
POB: Solitas, VL.
Race: Caucasian
Height: 1.16m
Hair color: Black.
Eye color: Emerald Green.
Semblance: Not unlocked.

The firstborn child of Roxas and Lyra by 4 minutes and heir to the throne of the Triumvirate. She has been groomed from birth to become the first true born Empress of the Triumvirate. While introverted and socially awkward at times, she is mature for her age, intelligence, and a strong will for both her homeland as well as helping those in need.

Cíelle is currently in a courtship with Barnos Windwalker, the son of The Ursian Empire‘a High Councillor.

Cypress Amory

Full name: Cypress Vincent Amory.
Title: Prince, Knight (Svipjoth)
DOB: May 26,2011 (10).
POB: Solitas, VL.
Race: Caucasian.
Height: 1.18m
Hair color: Black.
Eye color: Green.

Semblance:Not unlocked.

The secondborn child of Roxas and Lyra and the younger twin to Cíelle. As the first male born since Roxas ended the thousand year old tradition of o my males being considered part of the line of succession he is the first Amory firstborn male to not be first in lone for the throne, as Cíelle was born four minutes before him.

Despite this Cypress is deeply kind and caring. Preferring diplomacy over hostility, and is a natural social butterfly. A useful tool to have as he is being groomed to one day replace Viktor as the Chief Executor.

He is betrothed to Rognhildr Pjotursdottr of Svipjoth, who almost never leaves his side as they teach each other about their respective nations.

(Note: eyes should be green)

Caelan Amory

Full name: Caelan Celestine Amory.
Title: Princess.
DOB: April 5, 2014 (7).
POB: Solitas, VA.
Zodiac: Aries.
Height: 0.76m
Hair color: Burgundy.
Eye color: Green w/flecks of gold.
Semblance: not unlocked.

The youngest member of house Amory and the daughter of Roxas and Lyra. Physically Caelan looks much more like her mother than her older siblings do, who look more like their father.

Viktor Amory

Full name: Viktor Virgil Amory.
Title: Chief Executor, Lord.
Rank: Obsidian Commander.
DOB: Mar. 30, 1970 (51).
POB: Solitas, VL.
Height: 1.88m
Hair color: Black (Greying).
Eye color: Sapphire Blue
Semblance: Healing touch.

One of the most respected men in he Triumvirate, Lord Viktor has served the nation for his entire adult life in both the military and government. The youngest of Emperor Joseph's three sons, Viktor grew up watching his older brothers Vincent and Vance be groomed for leadership positions. Knowing he was the spare to the spare in the line of succession he decided to devote his time to protecting them, and the nation. In his youth he was involved in numerous sports such as wrestling and fencing before joining the STRM at the age of 18. Upon completion of his two year service period he applied to join the Obsidian Legion, and passed the entrance exam with top, record breaking marks. For the next four years he served in the lance Battalion before being promoted to the Praetorian Guard, which he would end up the captain of in under two years.

His military career came to an end at the tragic Gravity's Union bombing. In the aftermath of the bombing he personally protected Roxas’ hospital room during his coma, all while setting things in motion such as the 'boarding school initiative' for when Roxas woke. After Roxas had recovered from the bombing and took the throne he chose Viktor over Vance to become his Chief Executor, as well as his regent until he became of age.

[Classified until completion of RoR act 2].
[Classified until completion of RoR act 3].

With Roxas' power secure and leadership beyond reproach, Viktor continued to support and serve his nephew and helped lay critical groundwork for ending the nations isolation, and with the isolation ended he personally led the diplomatic delegations to nations like, Uniopolis, The Greenlandic North, W Amadeus Mozart, and Epiree. Today he continues to serve as the nations Chief Executor and works closely with WARPP Chairman Deftinwolf to help ensure the safety of the Triumvirate and its allies.

Amara Amory

Full name: Amara Amelia Amory.
Title: Lady.
DOB: Dec. 16, 1995 (25)

POB: Velourium, VL.

Height: 1.44m
Hair color: Dark brown.
Eye color: Sapphire Blue
Semblance: electro-connectivity.

The daughter of the late Vance and Alyssa Amory and the current Executor of Energy.

Honorary Members

Barnos WindWalker

Full name: Barnos II Windwalker.
DOB: May 18, 2010 (11).
POB: Ursus Majoro, Ursia.
Height: 1.21m
Hair color: black.
Eye color: blue.
Semblance: teleportation.

The only child of High Councillor Alexander Windwalker IV oF The Ursian Empire. A strategic thinker and highly intelligent problem solver, Barnos is already one of the brightest minds in all of Ursia. He was brought to the Triumvirate by his father for safe haven from the Violetist uprising, despite hostility between the two nations during the First World War. Roxas took him in as a ward after his parents, Alex and Natalie, disappeared after a mutiny on the Ursian flagship the UAE Aurora. It took him a while to settle in, isolating himself in his room for the first few weeks. However he was eventually coaxed out by the persistent efforts of Princess Cíelle to make him feel included.

After that he started learning about the culture and history of the Triumvirate with help from Cíelle and Cypress, becoming close with the former.

Rognhildr Pjotursdottir

Full name: Rognhildr Pjotursdottir
Title: Princess.
Nickname: Rogue.
DOB: Dec. 10, 2010 (10).
POB: Uppsala, Svipjoth
Height: 1.19m
Hair color: Strawberry blonde.
Eye color: Ice blue.
Semblance: Not unlocked.

The 4th child and oldest daughter of Fylkir Pjotur of Svipjoth. Rognhildr is also known as Rogue, a nickname originally given to her by her by the young Princess Caelan, who was too young to be able to pronounce her full name when they first met. A gentle and kind soul with a keen interest in her nations native Seidr magic. She is betrothed to Prince Cypress and lives in the Citadel to learn the Triumvirate’s language and customs.