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Weapons of the Triumvirate (wip)

The Triumvirate is one of the largest weapons manufacturers in Wintreath.As such it is the nations humble duty to share it’s arms with the rest of the region. There are two weapons manufacturers; the private company Stahl Industries (SI) and the government owned Triumvirate Technologies (TT).
SI mass produces the more conventional arms most nations are used to possessing, while TT specializes in experimental hardware and weapons, including Arc based technology.
Most weapons are available to all (with a 25% WARPP discount) while a few are limited to WARPP or not yet for sale to foreign nations. Please contact an arms i dustry representative for custom weapon orders.

Melee weapons

SI-31 Combat Knife.
Price: 190 Ł.
The knife of the STRM. 10binch blade eith serrated backing and all around solid knife for combat and survival situations.

SI-7 Fury.
Price: 250 Ł.
The knife of the Obsidian Legion. 7 inch blade, designed egomomically for light weight and speed as well as hacking and slashing power.

SI-28 Tactical Kukri
Price: 400 Ł.
A tactical machete designed as much as a survival tool as a brutal close combat wespon.

TT-Imperial Tactical Sabre.
Price: 3,200 Ł (WARPP exclusive).
A modernized version of the famous 11-14th century sabres, the Imperial Tactical Sabre is hand forged using damascus folded Stigyan Steel. Each blade is customizable and made to order.


SI-18 Combat pistol.
Price: 1,000 Ł.
The sidearm of the STRM is a semi-automatic .40s&w handgun with a 16 round underbarrel cylindrical magazine.

SI-19 Reigner Pistol.
Price: 1,300 Ł.
The big brother of the 18 and primary sidearm of the Obsidian Battalions. This weapon is nearly identical to thr 18 but with a 12 round magazine chambered in 10mm.

SI-4 Revolver:
Price: 1,100 Ł - 1800 Ł.
An 8 round .357 revolver that comes in 2, 4, 6, or 8 inches, with the 4” version a common weapon high ranking officers.

TT-12 Ripper.
Price: 1,600 Ł (WARPP exclusive).
The Primary sidearm of the Praetorian Guard. This semi-automatic pistol is highly accurate and has a 15 round .45 ACP magazine. Chief Executor Viktor Amory has a custom model with a red dot sight and vented barrel.

TT-7 Semi-automatic Pistol.
Price: 2,000 Ł.
The most powerful pistol made in the Triumvirate. The TT-7 is a massive handgun with a 7 inch barrel with a 7 round .50AE. Caliber magazine.

SI-41 Vanguard Revolver
Price: 2,400 Ł.
One of The most versatile and unusual weapons in the Styigyan arsenal. The Vanguard is a 3 inch barreled revolver chambered to take 6 rounds of both .45ACP and .410 bore shotgun shells, allowing to be a revolver and a concealable pocket shotgun. This is also the preferred weapon of Emperor Roxas, who owns a custom blued steel and engraved model named “Midnight.”

SI-22 Auto Pistol.
Price: 1,400 Ł.
A close relative to the 18 and 19 models. The 22 is fully automatic, has a slightly larger frame, and a dual cylinder underbarrel magazine containing 24 .40 s&w rounds.

SI-2 Grenade pistol.
Price: 2,200 Ł (WARPP exclusive).
A single shot breach action pistol that fires 40mm grenades.

SI-3 Shotgun Pistol
Price: 1,800 Ł (WARPP exclusive).
the largest sidearm in the Stigyan arsenal. This massive handgun is literally a triple barrel 12 gauge shotgun pistol that can fire buckshot, slug, incendiary, and frag rounds.

TT-6 Odin Revolver
Price: Not for sale.
A massive 8 round revolver with an open Arc-rail barrel to charge and fire explosive .44 CE rounds. Executor Ironwood has a pair of silver and black TT-6's known as "Due Process"

Assault Rifles

SI-52 Assault Rifle.
Price: 2,500 Ł.
The primary rifle of the STRM. This weapon features raised aperture sights and a bullpup cylindrical 30 round magazine in 7.62x51mm and can come with various underbarrels and sight attachments.

SI-409 Keiser Assault Rifle.
Price: 3,500 Ł (WARPP exclusive).
The upgraded descendent of the SI-52, the 409 is the new primary rifle of the Obsidian Legion, replacing the 408 in early 2018. This is a longer and beefier version of the 52, featuring upgrades like a 40 round magazine and integral 2.8x holographic sight.

TT-82 Assault Rifle.
Price: 5,000 Ł.
This rare and expensive high end rifle is an insanely accurate bullup rifle designed in 7.62x51mm with either a holographic or ACOG sights. Although replaced in 2019 by the TT-85 valiant, this weapon was designed specifically for the Praetorian Guard for maximum accuracy and control in urban and civilian areas to optimize protection of the royal family. This weapon has a magaxine capacity of 32 rounds.

TT-85 Valiant.
Price 6,400 Ł (WARPP exclusive).
the new model of the TT-82, and current weapon of the praetorian Guard. This model is sleeker and modified for even less recoil and has a 36 round magazine.

TT-LSR Rail Rifle.
Price: Not for Sale.
A very new and experimental weapon. This assault rifle has the lowest ammunition count of the assault rifles at only 24 rounds. However it uses an electric poweed rail system to shoot it’s 6.8mm CE rounds at extremely high velocity. It also has an alternate mode that extends the rail and replaced the dot sight with an ACOG. This alternate marksman rifle version fires 12 rounds at once and requires the trigger to be held for roughly 1.5 seconds to charge it up.

Submachine guns

SI-11 Submachine Gun:
Price: 2,800 Ł.
This military submachine gun with a cylindrical 56 round magazine in .45ACP is used widely by the STRM and Legion shock troops for close quarters combat.

TT-66 Compact SMG.
Price: 2,600 Ł.
The close quarters weapon of Legion specialists and Phantom infiltrators. This compact weapon comes with a 20 round 7.62x33mm bullpup magazine that can fire on semi or full auto, and has an SD variant that comes with an integral suppressor and holographic sight.

TT-57 Submachine gun.
Price: 3,600 Ł.
Modeled as a smaller, non bulpup cousin of the TT-82. This weapon has a fast fire rate and good recoil with a 40 round magazine of 10mm rounds.

TT-58 Valk.
Price: 4,500 Ł. (WARPP exclusive).
A child of the TT-57 and TT-56, this advanced sub machine gun was designed for the Praetorian Guard, has a magazine of 30 rounds of 45ACP, and can fire on full-auto and 3 shot burst.


SI-13 Shotgun.
Price: 1,500 Ł.
Pump action military shotgun with an 8 round tube.

SI-14 Combat Shotgun.
Price: 2,500 Ł.
A semi-auto version of the 13 with a 12 round drum.

SI-34 breacher.
Price: 4,200 (WARPP exclusive).
A fully automatic shotgun with a 30 round drum magazine

TT-30 Sickle.
Price: 3,200 Ł.
Semi automatic shotgun with an over/under double barrel that fires alternatively with a pair of 8 round tubes.

Sniper Rifles

SI-14- Battle Rifle.
Price: 2,200 Ł.
a medium range, very accurate rifle that comes with a 4x ACOG scope and a 20 round magazine in 7.62x51mm.

SI-32 Sniper rifle.
Price: 3,000 Ł.
A bolt action sniper rifle chambered in .338 with an 8 round capacity. By default comes with a 4x and 10x variable zoom scope.

SI-101 Kamerad.
Price: 3,400 Ł.
A semi automatic sniper rifle with a10 round bullpup cylindrical magaxine of .338. It comes with a variable 4x and 10x scope.

SI-70 Fors.
Price: 6,000 Ł.
A 5 shot bolt action anti material rifle. This .50 caliber weapon's low 5 round ammunition capacity is made up for with massive stopping power and high accuracy and has a variable scope of 4x, 10x, and 20x.

TT-95B Pulver:
Price: 7,500 Ł (WARPP exclusive).
An experimental hybrid of sniper and automatic rifle is a fully automatic sniper rifle built with stock shocks to reduce accuracy for multiple shots. Comes with a 6x scope and a 16 round magazine of 7.62x51mm.

TT-39 Accelerator Rifle.
Price: Not for sale.
This incredibly accurate and powerful sniper rifle is essentially a portable railgun with a 1 round magazine of 12.7mm EC.

Machine guns

SI-3 Light Machine Gun:

SI-4 Stova:

TT-24-A1 Light Machine Gun:

Heavy weapons

SI-66 Crossbow.
Price: 1,800 Ł.
A surprisingly versatile weapon that uses a nano-kinetic fiber wire for high accuracy and increased power. In addition to normal bolts the SI-66 can also fire incendiary, high explosive, and Arc bolts.

SI-1 Flamethrower.

SI-9 Missile Launcher.

TT-5 Arc Rifle.
Price: (Not for sale).
An electrocyte battery powered weapon that fires a steady stream of lightning at a target.

TT-21 Boltgun:

TT-5X Arc Cannon.
Price: Not for sale.