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Stahl Industries

Stahl industries

Founded: 1912, Port Rennaise, El.
Founded by: Lucien Stahl.
Current CEO: Lillian Stahl.
Net Worth: 670 billion Ł

Stahl Industries is the Triumvirate’s primary weapons and tech provider, as well as the richest private corporation in the nation. Founded by Lucien Stahl in 1909, stahl industries began as a small arms company providing rifles and handguns to hunters and local militias.
When the first world war hit Emperor francis went to Stahl industries to help arm the nation for combat. By the wars end they were by far the largest weapons makers in the entire Triumvirate.
In the 1970’s their business grew even more after the synthesis of the Electrocyte element, which allowed them to expand into energy generation, computing, and vehicle manufacturing.
In 1992 control of the company went from Lucien’s grandson Lucas to the husband of Lucas’ daughter Lillian, Jaques, who took on the Stahl name. Under his direction the company got much more involved with politics with actions such as Jaques’ appointment to the Executive Council as well as the arranged marriage between his younger daughter Lyra and Roxas Amory, the heir to the Stigyan throne.
The company however struggled under his leadership, especially after Emperor Roxas took the throne. There were countless disagreements and conflicts between Roxas and Stahl until the latter’s death during the Blood Red Summer of 2006.
After his death Lillian became the first woman CEO in the Triumvirate’s history, and steered the company back to its former glory. To this day it renains the largest and wealthiest company in the Triumvirate, especially after the nation ended it’s isolation and therefore the open market on an international scale.