by Max Barry

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The Three Yuletide Kingdoms of
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

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List of notable Emperors (wip)

1- Sirius the Great (807 - 831): the warrior king who United the three kingdoms into the Triumvirate. He is also the author of the Book of Neverender, on which the nations official religion was founded upon.

2- Cyprian the Courageous (831 - 889)

3 - Cíel the Cunning (889-934)

137- Franklin The Firm (1912-1939): The Emperor during the First World War. During his reign the Triumvirate saw its industrial revolution and the creation of Stahl Arms through government grants. However his rule will always be stained by the infamous ‘kill Orca’ incident, where 30,000 innocent Stigyans were killed in a chemical weapon attack by Rogue commandos from The Ursian Empire.

138- Francis the Formidable (1939 - 1968)

139- Joseph the Just (1968 - 1994)

140- Vincent the Virtuous (1994-1999): while his rule was short, he is forever known as an honest and honorable man, as well as the one to spark the anti-isolationist movement. Unfortunately before he could end the nations isolation he was killed alongside his wife and daughter by traitors at the Gravity’s Union bombing.

141- Roxas the Resolute (2000 - current):

142- Princess Cielle (Next in line)