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Stigyan Military Branches and Divisions

1. The Royal Military.

The Stigyan Triumvirate Royal Military (STRM) is the national defense force of the Triumvirate. Nicknamed ‘the storm” due to its size and acronym, the STRM is comprised of the Royal Army, Royal Navy, and Royal Air Force. The Royal Military is mainly composed of Stigyans on their 2 year mandatory service, with those who choose to stay after making up the higher ranks. The leader of the STRM is the Executor of War Supreme Admiral Jesse Ironwoood.

(The STRM 1st shock army)

The Royal Army (SRA) - the main fighting force mainly focused on national defense. The RA is in charge of manning the Wall of Argus and fighing against possible invaders and public works such as major construction and disaster relief.

The Royal Navy (SRN) - The Stigyan Navy is in charge of patrolling the nations coastline, which is roughly 80% of the coastline. It is also in charge of transporting the Army and the Legion to other nations in case of war

The Royal Air Force (SAF) - The air force is the pride of the Royal Military. In addition to the fighter jets, bombers, and expected air technlogy, the primary power of the Air Force comes from the Stigyan Air Fleet. The Air Fleet is currently composed of 8 claud class electrocyte powered airships that can transport large amounts of soldiers and vehicles. The flagship of the air fleet is the Oum class Gail Arbor, an even bigger airship designed to singlehandedly start and end a small war.

(STRM Infantry)

2. The Stigyan Air Fleet.

The Stigyan Air Fleet is the most important asset to the Triumvirates military. Powered by electrocyte arc reactorsThere are currently a total of 10active ships with another 10 expected by the end of 2030.

(A Triumvirate Destroyer airship)

MK-1 Destroyer “Claud” class Airship: The destroyer vlass Airships measure out at 320m long and can carry up to 18 planes and 48 VTOLS, as well as 2,000 troops. They are armed with 2 Jackhammer Arc cannons, anti air and air to surface weapons, ATAC drone deployment, and hard light barriers on the underside. There are currently 9 active ships of this class with 8 more under various stages of construction.
Current Claud class ships:
TST Neverender
TST Vytal
TST Junesong
TST Pavilion
TST Juggernaut
TST Hetricus
TST Arcturus
TST Gravemaker
TST Gunslinger

(“The Gail Arbor” dreadnought)
Dreadnaught “Oum” class Airship: the supersized big brother to the “claud” class, the dreadnaughts are equipped with all the equipment of the “claud” class and more. Measuring out at 550m long and equipped with 4 Jackhammer cannons. One Dreadnaught can carry32 planes, 80 VTOLS, and 3,600 troops. There is only one Dreadnought so far, The Gail Arbor, under the personal command of STRM Supreme Admiral Ironwood, however there are 2 more that will soon be under construction

Decommissioned Airships: These are Stigyan airships that have been either destroyed in battle or retired from service and recycled.

Destroyed - TST Meriwell: destroyed on 9/4/2021 in Sakiria. The Meriwell was hijacked by Violetist rebels and traitorous Sakirian Queen Marie II. In order to stop the ship from being used to attack the Triumvirate Stigyan phantom commando known as Vision caused the ship to crash land, destroying the ship past the point of non-repairable.

3. The Obsidian legion.

While the STRM is a massive military force, the shock troops, elite agents, and frontlinre vanguards that strike fear into the Triumvirates enemies are the forces of the Obsidisan legion. The Legion are the best of the best troops in the nation, with several subdivions and specialites. The Legion is led by Legate Theodore Lions, who answers directly to Chief Executor Viktor Amory.

(Zylan Sizer (center) and hisBattalion troops)

Frontline Battalions: there are 3 main combat battalions; Lance out of Valyria, Sword out of Elysia, and Mace out of Aesyria, led by Colonels Zylan Sizer, Larissa Stahl, and Gregor Winstone respectively. The combat battalions are essentially frontline elites used in only the hardest fights. These battalions as well as the shield battalion are nicknamed “Red Eyes” after the red lights in thier helmets.

(Cold weather Shield Battalion troops)

Shield Battalion: Commanded by Col. Richard Mason the Shield Battalion are the defenders of the Triumvirate’s capitol of Solitas. Given specialized training and winterized gear, they will ensure any potential invaders will have to fight tooth and nail for every inch of their city.

(An elite member of the Praetorian Guard)

Praetorian Guard: The most prestigious role in the entire nation is the Praetorian Guard. Led by Col. Malcolm Radek, their role is to protect the members of house Amory and other notable VIP’s. Praetorians are armed with bleeding edge weaponry as well as swords for close combat and can be identified by their black and purple armor with platinum accents.

Phantom Program: Most details about the Phamtoms are classified, and for many years the government never officially recognized them. Phantoms work in four person teams, usually with their initials acting as the acronym to a word, such as the (in)famous team KMSN (Crimson). Phantoms are a highly diverse and specialized, operating in classified missions such as sabotage, assassination, infiltration, and forced regime Change. They are adept with foreign weaponry and usually language as well. While their commanding officer (as well as most of their ranks) is classified.