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Wintreath Allied Regional Protective Pact.


Formed on September 13 2020, The Wintreath Allied regional Protection Pact (WARPP) is a multinational security program created for the purpose of regional defense and aid. The original outline was drafted by Stigyan Supreme Admiral Ironwood and Executor of foreign affairs Arthur Callahan in response to the multiple terrorist attacks on NacaoSim and the assassination of then-president Max Pillow of The greenlandic North.

Member Nations:
The Stigyan Triumvirate (F, director, Discord mod)
Uniopolis (f, deputy director)
Svipjoth (deputy director, official scribe & cartographer)
American Desseret
Dashiki City (Discord mod)
The Greenlandic North (f, Discord lead/recruiter)
Holy Spire
New Narag Empire
Sakiria (f)
Socialist Heartland republic
United Malay Federation (Official Countryball Artist)
W Amadeus Mozart (f)

WARPP Security Council

TST - Gen. Mattlock Deftinwolf (Director).
UNI - Georgia Belle (deputy director).
SVP - Einarr Tjorvisson (deputy director)
AD - Gary Dinkerloot.
ASH - Cal Torres.
CO - Ivy Everdite.
DC -
EP - Adm. Declan Martinez.
HS - cardinal Peter IV
TGN - Gen. Jkolpher.
NNE - Sebastian Klamath.
SK - Ramiel Turver.
SHR - .
UMF - Muhammad Ahmad Aqif.
WAM - Lt. Gen. Victoria Encore.

Involved conflicts.

The Nugget War. (October 2020, W)
The Daiross Incident. (November 2020, W)
The Battle of Ghoor Island. (March 2021, W)
The Ursian Empire Civil War. (April 2021-Ongoing)
The Stanto Offensive (August 2021, W)
The Stigyan-Svipish Invasion of Uueidhhd. (September-October 2021, W)

WARPP Constitution and Other Documents.

All official, unclassified WARPP documentation are located at this link:
Read factbook