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The Stigyan Triumvirate National Wiki (WIP)


The Flag of the Triumvirate.

Motto: One Among the Fence.


Population: 2.979 billion.
-Density: 51.7

Capital: Solitas
Largest City: Alemont.

Official Languages: Stigyan, English, Universal Sign Language.

National Language: Stigyan

Demonym: Stigyan

- Emperor: Roxas Amory I.
- Chief Executor: Lord Viktor Amory.
- Executor of Defense: S.A. Jesse Ironwood.
- COHF Archmage: Ryan Wilhelm.
- Chief Justice: Rost Larkin.
- Senate Speaker: Lincoln Ebi.

Founded: 23/10/807 CE.

Total Area: 8,933,517 Km²
Land Area: 6,878,809 km²
Water Area: 2,054,708 km²
Water %: 29

Highest Point: Mt. Osma - 4,641m above sea level.
Lowest Point: Sustrai Cenote - 189m below sea level.

Gross Domestic Product: 848 Trillion Ł (June 2021).
GDP per capita: 305,605 Ł (June 2021).

Human Development Index: 93.36 Jun 2021).

Official Religion: The Church of Heaven's Fence.

Currency: Lien (Ł).

Time Zone: Eastern Wintrean Time.

Measurement System: Metric.

Drives on the: Right.

Calling code: 336.

Internet TLD: .tst


The Stigyan Triumvirate is a Constitutional Monarchy located in the northeastern reaches of Wintreath on its namesake peninsula and shares a land border with the New Narag Empire to the south and Cozia to the west. To the northwest across the ??? Straight is the Fylirate of Svipjoth and to the southeast in the ???sea is the magical island nation of Uniopolis. The Triumvirate is made up of three provinces; Valyria, Aesyria, and Elysia, with the national Government run out of the capitol city of Solitas.


The Stigyan Triumvirate gets its name from two primary sources. The nation is located on the Stigyan Peninsula, and the nation was formed through a unification of the three kingdoms that currently make up the three provinces.


Pre-Modern History.
The native Stigyans were hunter gatherers who lived in small nomadic tribes. After the arrival of a group of a seafaring nordic peoples the many islands in the southeast became populated and tows and later cities formed. Eventually these cities would give way to kingdoms.
The first kingdom was Elysia, made up of the islands and coastline in the southeast. The people made a living out of exploring and utilizing the resources of the seas. The second Kingdom was Aesyria, formed out of the large and fertile valleys in the western end of the country. The people worked the land and between the plentiful food and hospitable climate led to a massive population spike. The final kingdom was Valyria. Not many ancient Stigyans braved the treacherous and frigid mountains of the north, but those who did found vast deposits of gold and other resources inside. What followed was a small but very wealthy kingdom.

The Three kingdoms lived separately but peacefully for several centuries until 804 CE, when the 13th King of Valyria, the ‘Mad King’Aedan Amory, attacked Aesyria. The war lasted for three years, with all 3 kingdoms fighting each other and thousands of Stigyans were killed. The war finally ended in 807 when Aedan’s own son Sirius raised a crew of fighters assembled from all kingdoms and assassinated his father at the battle of Beacon Hill. Sirius, with help from his compatriots managed to bring peace and unity, and the three kingdoms united into one unified nation with Sirius as the first Emperor. He soon married his longtime flame Mari and within the next year formed House Amory.

In 815 Sirius was involved in an accident and was thrown from his horse. He awoke 15 days later and immediately started writing eight books that formed the nations religion The Church of Heaven’s Fence. This would lay the groundwork for the massive militarization and emergency preparation policies that continue to this day. The books tell of a precursor race of humanity that was wiped out in a calamity that nearly destroyed the world, and that the ‘Witch’ revered by the Order of Violet that caused it will return to finish the job.

For the next several centuries the Triumvirate developed and advanced. Defending ally nations and fighting hostiles across Wintreath. However losing hundreds of thousands after getting dragged into the second World War, Emperor Francis Amory put the entire nation under lockdown, building the Wall of Argus across its entire land border, and for the next seventy five years the Triumvirate was seen as a mysterious boogeyman in Wintreath’s northeast. During this time they watched the rest of the world and prepared. Making great strides in technology, medicine, and other areas. Triumvirate legions and elite teams would appear out of nowhere and wipe out organized criminals, terrorists, and militant Violetist groups, and then disappear just as fast.

Modern History
After Emperor Francis died his son, Emperor Joseph, continued the lockdown and told the populace that the outside world was full of savages and enemies. During this era the Triumvirate experienced a major technological boom, with the crowning achievement coming in the form of Electrocite, a long-lasting and high power clean energy source.

He raised his three sons; Vincent, Vance, and Viktor these lessons hoping they would continue the isolation. However after his death the newly crowned Emperor Vincent quickly learned the truth about the outside and started putting in motion a plan to open the nation again. This plan was opposed by a notable portion of the Executive Council, Primarily Vance and the Arms Magnate and Ex. of Industry Jaques Stahl.

The divide came to a head on New Years Eve 1999, when a tragedy that would forever change the nation occurred. An extremist terror group called Ultra-Violet led by Sienna Ochre detonated a bomb at the New Yers Gala that killed Vincent, his wife Rachel, and 7 year old daughter Rosalie, as well as seriously injuring his 10 year old son Roxas.

For nearly 3 weeks Roxas Amory was comatose from the blast. He was struck in the head by Shrapnel, leaving him with scarring on the right side of the face and missing his right eye. Upon waking he took his place as the 141st Emperor and appointed his uncle Viktor as his Chief Executor and regent, despite Vance being the older uncle. For the next six years he learned how to rule and oversaw the nation with help from Viktor.

In the spring of 2006 a Phantom team raided an Ultra-Violet compound in Blackacre and captured Ochre. She was brought to Solitas to answer for her crimes, but within hours of arrival she was found hung dead in her cell. While it initially seemed to be suicide, it was revealed it to be murder. Roxas launched an investigation into the matter led by Viktor.

Everything came to a head when it was revealed Vance Amory was working with Jaques Stahl and Sienna Ochre to kill Vincent. Stahl tried to assassinate Roxas just as the news came out, but he failed and was killed instead. Vance went into hiding in Velourium, but Viktor personally hunted him down and defeated him in single combat.

With power consolidated Roxas turned to the social modernization of the Triumvirate. Over the next two decades Emperor Roxas enacted laws that secured women's right to vote, decriminalized homosexuality, allowed women to serve in the military, and other changes. On December 31, 2019 Roxas ended the Triumvirate's national isolation policies and joined the World Assembly.

Triumvirate enacted the Wintreath Allied Protection Pact (WARPP) and founded it alongside 5 other regional nations, bringing liberation to tens of thousands of chilldren from death camps in Trashkanistan73. After the defeat of Trashkanistan leader Booga Booga VIII, the new leader Bif Booga reached out to join WARPP and make peace with his former enemies. However a rogue organization known as the Cyberdyne corporation attempted to sabotage the meeting by placing an EMP weapon on the Trashkani forces. Fortunately a Stigyan commando unit found the weapon and disabled it before it could be used. The situation was solved without Violence, however a month later the Obsidian Legion found and attacked the Cyberdyne headquarters and shut the organization down, salvaging a large amount of information and technology from the base.

A few months later WARPP repelled an attack by a coalition of non-Wintrean invaders led by Wintrean traitor Pancanawe republic at the battle of Ghoor Island. The PanCan government was soon toppled in a civil war coinciding with a Stigyan invasion. Th Triumvirate then colonized the nation, now known as Stigyan Pancanawe as well as their colony Fluttershyian, now called Stigyan-Stallion Islands.

In April 2021 Violetist infiltrators in The Ursian Empire started a civil war, and Ursian High Councillor Alexander Windwalker made a deal with the Triumvirate, who was more than happy to fight Violetists. The legitimate Ursian government is currently operating from The Citadel as the war is ongoing.


For a peninsula, The Stigyan Triumvirate has quite a varied geography and range of climates, largely along provincial lines.

Valyria is the northern province of the Triumvirate. Valyria is known for unforgiving and frigid, almost subarctic climate and its massive Mantle Mountain Range. It has the lowest provincial population, most of which reside in one of the cities carved into the steep ranges. However it is also the richest, and the governmental and religious center of the Triumvirate. Its capitol is the city of Velourium and a short distance northeast is the national capitol of Solitas. The highest point in the nation, Mt. Osma is located here. The average summer temperature is 7.2 Celsius and the average winter temperature is -26.1 Celsius.

Aesyria is the southwestern province of the Triumvirate. It has many rivers and lakes along with several temperate forests and fertile fields. It is the primary agricultural hub of the Triumvirate. It is the largest province in terms of square kilometers and has the highest provincial population, with many towns and cities spread out between the forests and farmland. The land border with the rest of Wintreath is completely in Aesyria, and as such there are many military fortifications as well as The Wall of Argus, which spans the entirety of the land border. Its capitol is Alemont, the largest city in the Triumvirate. The average summer temperature is 23.9 Celsius and the average winter temperature is -2.2 Celsius.

The final Stigyan province is in the southeast, and is over 60% water. It consists of the eastern temperate coastline and the temperate to subtropical Emerald Islands chain off the coast. The chain consists of 87 islands of varying shapes and sizes famous for their beauty and diversity, the largest being the Isle of Patch. The provincial capitol is Port Rennaise, located on the mainland coast directly across from Patch. The lowest point in the nation, the Sustrai Cenote, is located here. The average summer temperature is 32.2 Celsius and the average winter temperature is 7.2 Celsius.


Stigyan Nornyr- 82.88%
Stigyan Vanyr- 15.7%
Cozian- 1.0%
Naragian- 0.1%
Smalltopian- 0.03%
Trashkanistani- 0.001%

Stigyan Vanyr were the indigenous inhabitants of the Stigyan peninsula, identified for their naturally occurring colored hair such as blue, green, or purple. They were joined arounf 500 BCE by the Nornyr, who arrived by sea from places unknown and had assimilated into the Vanyr culture. Due to the stronger genetic traits of the Corner they became the more prominent Stigyan ethnicity around 550 CE.

Before the nations lockdown the province of Aesyria also had a number of Cozia and New Narag Empire natives living inside their borders. As the lockdown happened they were given the choice to stay or return to their home nations. The descendants of those who chose to stay make up the nations current Cozian and Naragian population.

Finally there are small numbers of Smalltopian and Trashksni refugees. The Smalltopians were refugees from their civil war after the then-captain Ironwood evacuated several thousand during the Triumvirates mysterious interdiction. The Tradkanistani refugees are recent additions entirely comprised of children rescued from the camps during The Nugget War.

The Stigyan Triumvirate operates on a tiered Hierarchy centered largely around meritocracy. Each tier of has different responsibilities, but they all work together to make the Triumvirate run smoothly and efficiently.

The Tiers.
I) The Emperor: The Absolute ruler of the Triumvirate and highest law in the land. The Emperor is in charge of overseeing the other five five tiers and to protect the people from both external and internal danger.

II) The Chief Executor: The CE is the right hand of the Emperor, and is in charge of overseeing the Executive council. The CE can also act as Regent if the Emperor is under the age of 18, and as Acting Hand if the Emperor is unavailable or otherwise incapacitated.

III) The Executive Council: The Council consists of twelve handpicked advisors to the Emperor. Each member has a domain of expertise to keep the Emperor up to date on everything from the military to infrastructure to foreign relations.

IV) The Imperial Supreme Court: a Nine person panel of the top Judges in the nation. They oversee national level criminal cases and can determine the validity of any laws from the Senate that are challenged. The current Chief Justice is Rost Larkin.

V) The Imperial Senate: A caucus of elected Senators from each province, and the only elected office in the nation. There are 100 total senators, 33 from each province as well as the Senate Speaker, who moderates and controls the sessions. The Senate creates and passes laws for the nation. The current Senate Speaker is Lincoln Ebi.

VI) Provincial Governments: The day-to-day running of provincial workings are handled by the provincial governments, each one led by a Governor. Governors are largely autonomous and allowed to handle things as they see, as long as they do so within the bounds of the other tiers of the Imperial Hierarchy. The current Provincial Governors are Jakob Watts in Valyria, Owen Callows in Aesyria, and Aeryn Aderne in Elysia.

The current Executive Council.
The Chief Executor: Lord Viktor Amory - Oversees the Council and the Obsidian Legion, reports directly to the Emperor.

Executor of Defense: Grand Admiral Jesse Ironwood - Leads all three branches of the STRM and oversees national defenses.

Executor of The Treasury: Logan Harper - Allocates and manages governments finances.

Executor of The Law: Erin McGil - Oversees the standing of the law in the nation, has power to bring forth a challenge to a Supreme Court ruling.

Executor of Development: Dr. Pietro Everrett - Heads the department of development to produce and implement new technologies.

Executor of Agriculture: Joseph Shepard - Manages the agricultural system and oversees supply stockpiles, works to prevent famine, droughts and other events.

Executor of Industry: Lillian Stahl - Works with private and state run corporations to ensure economic growth, as well as allocates the Thralls.

Executor of Energy: Lady Amara Amory - Manages the national electrocyte grids and other power generation centers.

Executor of Education: Oscar Shawcross - Oversees the public and private schools as well as universities to uphold the highest standards of education possible.

Executor of Healthcare: Dr. Veronica Sawyer - Runs and oversees the national healthcare system and manages disaster relief.

Executor of Infrastructure: Adam Rose - Manages both the infrastructure and urban planning as well as transportation and supply lines.

Executor of the Media: Adam Eppard - Handles public relations and media relations both within and outside of the Triumvirate.

Executor of Foreign Relations: Arthur Callahan - Reach out to and upkeep relations with amicable nations.


As the Triumvirate's religion is intrinsically tied to war and weaponry, It has built up a massive military presence in Wintreath over the centuries. The nation's forces are divided into two separate sections.
The first is the Stigyan Triumvirate Royal military (STRM), Nicknamed the storm. The STRM makes up the majority of the military forces and consists of the Royal Army, Royal Navy, and Royal Air Force. They have a diverse range of duties from assisting with public works and disaster relief all the way to combat, invasions, and peacekeeping in foreign lands. The STRM is currently commanded by Supreme General Jesse Ironwood.
The second is the much smaller and more elite Obsidian Legion. The Legion is made up of the best of the best soldiers in the nation. The Legion answers directly by the Chief Executor and has three combat battalions; Mace, Sword, and Lance. There is also the Shield battalion that protects the capitol of Solitas, and the Praetorian Guard who protect the royal family and other high level government officials. Finally there are rumors of a final group known as the phantoms, but this cannot be confirmed or denied.


The Triumvirate has a very efficient, diversified, and downright frightening economy. The nations largest Industry is arms manufacturing, which is controled by a combination of the government owned Triumvirate Technologies and the provate corporstion Stahl Industries.

The other economic contributors are larfely seperated by region. Valyria houses the information technology, mining, book publishing, education, science,and manufacturing industries. Aesyria has the agriculture sector, the second largest economic contributor as the nation is entirely self sufficient. Aesyria also homes the basket weaving, cheese export, timber woodchipping, and furniture restoration sectors. Finally Elysia contributes with fishing, gambling, beverage sales, tourism, and insurance industries.


The State religion of the Triumvirate is the Church of Heaven's Fence (COHF). It was founded by Sirius Amory just a few years after the unification of the 3 kingdoms. He fell from his horse and had an out of body experience. When he awoke he wrote the Book of Neverender, which the religion is based on.

According to the Book of Neverender all people on earth are actually the second wave of humanity. The world and original humans were created by the God-Brothers, Light and Darkness, and they were able to use magic and lived in a society with culture and technology that surpassed even the most advanced nations in existence. However it was squandered, and one woman named Violet rose up against the gods. The resulting war ended up with Darkness wiping out humanity, banishing Violet to a parallel shadow realm, and abandoned the earth with Light. However before Light left, he trapped the souls that Darkness killed and used them to create a chain of energy called "the Keywork" to keep the world from collapsing in on itself. He placed the soul of Ryder, Violet's old lover, In charge of the Keywork. Light also created a new creature called a Prise. The Prise are blue skinned, blonde females with wings that protects the Keywork and therefore world stability.

When Sirius fell from his horse his soul temporarily left his body and he ended up in the keywork. While there he learned that there are two levels of the Keywork; the Grey and the Samaritaine. Wicked and evil souls end up in the empty void of the Grey, while righteous and good souls go to the Samaritaine, where each souls gets to be in it's own personal paradise. He also spoke to Ryder, who told him of humanity's past, as well as a warning that one day Violet would be resurrected and try to destroy the world again. There will be a final battle between Violet and a Silver eyes warrior dubbed "The Crowing." Ryder told Sirius if the world can learn to come together and defeat her when she returns, the gods would return and restore humanity and fix the world, freeing the souls from the keywork.

The modern day COHF is led by Archmage Ryan Wilhelm out of House Atlantic in Solitas. Other notable religious sites include the Temple of Light and Glass deep in the mantle mountain range, which contains the Willing Well, and the Amity Colosseum in the Isle of Patch.

Science and Technology.

The Triumvirate is a highly advanced nation with a wide range of technology from clean energy independence to medical wonders to terrifying war machines. The most notable thing to mention is electrocyte. Electrocyte is a man-made element created using unknown methods. However it is used in almost everything from powering cities to transportation, and in recent years has even been weaponized for military use.

Society and Culture.

International Relations