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The Srovin Armed Forces

The Srovin Military

Founded: November 12 1922

Country: The Srovsk State

Type: Military

Role: Armed Forces

Service Branches:
The Red Ground Forces
The Red Naval Forces
The Srovin Air Forces
The Pratorskan Elite Forces
The Taskarov Squadrons
The Aerospace Forces

Allegiance: The Socialist Republics of The Srovsk State

Country: The Srovsk State

Headquarters: Vinograd

ARMY: "Serve and Protect the Motherland
NAVY : "Hunt in stealth"
AIR FORCE: "Fly and Annihilate"

Commander-in-Chief: Yuri Viktorvich
Minister of Defense: Marshal Rosskiv

Age to Eligible for Service: 18-34 Years old

The Srovin Armed Forces

Size: 11 Million Active 17 Million Million Reserve

Recruitable Population: 12% (Can become 19%-21% in times of war)

The Re-unification Wars
The 34 Years War
23 Proxy Wars

The Srovin Armed Forces

The Srovin Armed Forces is founded on November 12 1922 and it is the military forces of The Srovsk State. It first saw combat in the "Re-unification War" that started in 1934. The Srovin military had participated in the longest war in it's history, The 34 Year Struggle which after it's end, brought mmuch needed combat and war experience.


The Rodina Assault Rifle

The Politskov

The Hydra

The Bolshav

Makarov Pistol:


The Roknofiev
Length: 10 meters.

The S-599
Length: 10 meters

The Archangel

The The Type-60 Nebostrelok

The A-121
Speed: 42km/h
Main Armament: 152mm Cannon

The Meteorite
Speed: 50km/h
Main Armament: 40 rockets

The Lyudmila
Speed: 70km/h
It was the early age of APC tanks during 1986 but upgraded modifications for fighting in nuclear fallout. It is quick and agile with a relatively balanced turning system and suspension.

The Volkov
Speed: 60 km/h
Main Armament: 150mm Cannon
The Volkov is a fierce fighting machine, although it's design dates back to 1984 it still packs a good punch with
it's 150 mm turreted cannon and has great armor with 121 mm frontal armor with a considerable amount of slope and
not to mention spaced armor. Problem is that this thing is not very fast and some models are prone to breaking down 12% of the time.

The Voron
Speed: 60 km/h
Main Armament: 120mm cannon.
The Voron-6 was the first main MBT for Srovsk and was developed after the 1st world war on Surrea. During 1994, after five failed models the sixth one was the most successful and was put to use. It featured a 120mm cannon and 118 mm sloped frontal armor. It also came with an autoloader. It is prone to breaking down the same way as the Volkov.

The Reznov
Speed: 60 km/h
Main Armament: 125mm cannon.
The Reznov is the Main battle Tank of the future. It wields a 125mm smoothbore gun and is about the same speed as the Voron. However, improved armor variations makes it's frontal plates have 300mm of armor, the back plates 100mm, and the side plates with 125mm. It's interior and a new type of military metal make it possible and the tanks requires a group of 3.

The Falke
Armaments: 2 heat-seeking missile launchers and one 50 caliber heavy anti-personnel gun.
Speed: 284km/h
The Falke is an attack copter. It played a vital role during the 34 Years War especially in the navy.

The Severnik
Speed: 7,200 km/h
Armament: Two 50 Caliber MGs, 4 Heat-seeking missiles, Flares.
The Severnik Jet was designed during the 1st world war of Surrea and plans were made in 2000 but actual production came in 2021 as it was way ahead of it's time.
It had heat-seeking rockets, cruise missiles and 50 caliber guns to engage in dog fights, other versions have bombs.

The Tykhaya
Speed: 1,010 km/h
Armaments: 20 Heavy Bombs
The tykhaya is a stealth bomber that has the ability to be undetected by certain devices.
It has a payload of 10 heavy bombs.

The Vodnoka
Length: 160 Meters
Speed: 46 mph
Main Armament/s: Three 127 Mm Cannons, 4 Torpedo tubes, Cruise missiles, 3 CIWS
It features the best radar and detection systems offered by the Srovin technological advancement.
It posses a 5 inch gun and depth charges.

The Kranitel
Length: 187 meters
Speed: 59 km/h
Armaments: 5 inch Cannons, 5 Cruise missile tubes, 4 CIWS.
This cruiser is was developed in 1981 just before the fall of The Imperial State.
Granted this cruiser carriers two five inch cannons on the back and stern, depth charges, cruise missiles
and 4 torpedo tubes.

The Priton
Length: 330 Meters
Armaments: 21 Fighters, 4 stealth bombers, 7 CIWS, 4 missile tubes
The Priton is a symbol of Srovin power on the sea, it is massive and powered by two nuclear reactors.

The Malenkite
Length: 100 Meters
Main Armament: 2 Torpedo tubes
Maximum Depth Limit: 931 Meters
Speed: 37 km/h
The Malenkite is a silent submarine which features the best detection systems and stealth systems.
It is used to attack targets within their area and to escort large surface naval fleets.

The Bronkyt
Length: 184 Meters
Main Armament: 8 Torpedo Tubes and 16 DCA Ballistic Missiles
Maximum Depth Limit: 931 Meters
Speed: 37 km/h
The Bronkyt is the most silent yet largest submarine in the navy. It is a submarine that also features regular ballistic missiles which can be swapped out for nuclear ones if need be. It's missiles have a range of 5,500 Km.

The Partisan
Length: 174 Meters
Main Armament: 8 Torpedo Tubes and 16 DCA Ballistic Missiles
Maximum Depth Limit: 931 Meters
Speed: 40 km/h
The Partisan is a long platform of terror for the people on land, during many wars it was used primarily as a vessel to bombard
military installations and land armies conventionally. It's missiles have a range of 5,500 Km.


Total Manpower: 32 Million
Size: 11 Million Active, 17 Million Reserve
Available Manpower: 41 Million

Tanks: 120,106
Armored Fighting Vehicles/
Armored Personel Carriers:
Artillery: 243,000
Anti-Air: 150,026
Anti-Ballistic Missile Systems: 423,583
Mechs: 25,131

Helicopters: 3,123
Fighters: 29,498
Bombers: 10,432
Stealth Bombers: 749
Transport Planes: 21,804
Airships: 646

Active Personnel: 642,000
Air Craft carriers: 7
Aircraft: 2,442
Corvettes: 521
Cruisers: 147
Patrol Craft:320
Mine Warfare: 346
Conventional Submarines:292
Cruise Missile Submarines 142


Additional Weapons in the Military:



The Tsernenko

Speed: 52 Km/h
Height: 12 feet
Quantity: 5,000
The tsernenko named after the Marshal that first tested it, is a fast bipedal robot first tested in the winter in the Srovin east.
It posses armored legs, body and two guns and a cockpit for it's pilot which fullfills roles of a gunner and a driver. On the right of it's turreted head sits a 52mm cannon with an autoloader. On the left is a gattling gun with 4 ammo drums each containing 756 bullets. The prime weakness is not the legs but its upper armor and exposed weapons. Another weaknesses exploited is wrapping the legs of the mech with rope or cables to make it fall.

The Stalvo

Speed: 42 Km/h
Height: 16 feet
Quantity: 3,000
The Stalvo is the most armed Mech created. Possessing slower speed but in favor of great maneuverability and armor, the Stalvo
has 6 rocket launchers at it's right and left with an advanced laser targeting system.

Taskarov Squadrons

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Srovsk had started denuclearizing it's military by removing and scrapping it's nuclear stockpile. The military noted that that instead of a nuclear deterrent, it should go with a conventional one. This resulted in The Destructive Conventional Arms which has conventional weapons the strength of a 14 megaton nuclear bomb. These are called Conven Bombs and 10,439 have already been produced. Conven bombs are just a strong deterrent as nukes but only non-radioactive. Many countries however underestimate Srovsk's deterrents because of them simply being non-nuclear. 30% of the Conven bombs have been strapped on ICBM platforms and in ballistic submarines while the rest are in silos across the north. DCAs since they are not nuclear are more versatile in tactical uses ranging from destroying entire armies with a single swoop, destroying military bases with total annihilation and lastly a deterrent. Other possible use is to target civilians, however Doctrine in which it resides prevents that from happening unless opposing nation decides to use WMDs on Srovin cities.

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