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The Imperial Union of
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Imperial Srovsk


Link"Srovsk the Father (National Antnem Instrumental)"
LinkHymn of the Kalinsky Royal Family (Instrumental)

Official Name:
The Imperial Union of The Srovsk State

Saint Vadrovina

Government Type:
Constitutional Monarchy

Head of State:
Emperor Rutheniov Kalinsky

Prime Minister:
Boris Costavi


On the continent of Surrea, The Srovsk State is massive and problematic but mighty and powerful. Srovsk is the largest country on its continent, it is 41.4 Million Square Km and a population of 425 Million, It is also a Constitutional Monarchy and it's Emperor is Rutheniov Kalinsky, the monarch and head of state of the whole nation. The "1989 Iron War"has devastated the continent when advanced AI controlled armies invaded the whole planet . The aftermath was the defeat of the AI but next marked Srovsk's struggle, "the 30 years Struggle" Because of this internal strife, Srovsk used to be larger with 61.2 Square Kilometers of land but territories were breaking away from Imperial grip. It was also in this period when the Kalinsky royal family was almost overthrown and beheaded by the masses. Luckily Former Emperor Fyodor Kalinsky had stabilized the situation until he was to old to rule.

Srovsk came from a tribe called, the "Skols". In the year 6, The Skols settled upon the lands of modern day St. Vadrovina. As they made a permanent stay, they gradually expanded their territory and size whilst keeping their old values and nomadic ways of fighting like Horseback and their clothing like leather, fur cloths and hats. By year 17, their territory grew but as it grew it came across problems. The first was Empire of Vereddia and the Chiefdom of the Acreans. Verredia is located in the west and is a powerful rich empire. Verredian kings started pillaging the lands with their royal armies clad in armor. The Acreans were a gigantic Chiefdom and remained unrivaled for centuries until it's slow demise. Acreans are nomadic in nature which is why they pillage often. The Skols had been found between each of these powerful states and it was thought that it would fall to one of them. In the year 18, a young man aged 25 named "Fyodor Krazov" was proclaimed the new Leader of the Skols. When he was a young boy, he snuck into Verredia and was astonished by the architecture and new advancements. He formed Srovsk into a a new nation with Verredian influence. he struck peace-deals and trade-deals with the Verredians and tried to replicate their ways. Fyodor also was fully aware that by the year 20, the Skols had lost 30% of their territory to Acreans or Verredians. he thought to fix this through war and in the year 21, he lead his Imperial armies against the Acreans. The Acreans were already deteriorating with infighting and near civil war and the Skols took advantage of it. The Skols with Emperor Fyodor had won the Battle of Acria, a a giant, Acrean, fortress city which turned the tide of battle. The Acreans submitted and gave up lands. Two years later, Fyodor will set his sights on Verredia. In the Year 23, Fyodor kept his wishes and declared war against the Verredians to take back illegally annexed territory. Fyodor and his men won the Battles of Elisia and Tarin and Verredia surrendered. Fyodor was happy and he wanted to do more but he died at age 36 because of small pox. His son, Fyodor the II renamed the nation to "Srovsk" as a much fitting sounding name compared to Skol. After this time period, Srovsk had expanded and grown for centuries into what it is today.


Srovsk is a massive country with 41.4 Million Square Kilometers of land. The more north you go the much colder it is especially in the Srovin east, in the east you could find many mountains, lush forests and flat-grounds and long rivers. In the west, the River-Branch is present and it spreads outwards south and nearly encircles the capital of St. Vadrovina, when the river branches the more south you go, the more forests are found and this situation is similar to the east. Winters and summers happen everywhere in the country, the average temperature of the winter is -15 degrees Celsius and falls below that the further north.
Other than the winter, temperatures here are livable to the point where crops can be grown. Srovsk is known for not having a big population density and because of this about 71%-60% of the Srovin landscape is untouched


Srovsk's size made it very unwieldy and hard to manage. To remedy the problems of the geographical disadvantage, the government created railroads and especially fast bullet trains that exceed average speed limits of bullet trains worldwide. Roads are still being made to connect the whole country's north to the south a lot quicker. Car access became a useful tool for worker's to come to work and go back home quicker.


Srovsk specializes in agriculture, alcohol, heavy and light industry. The agriculture being created and harvested, however because of the cold, agricultural products are harvested from "Green Domes" which are big enclosures (with a roof on it's head) that contain farms. The GDP of the Srovin economy is 21.49 trillion Srovin Credits. Srovin heavy and light industry produce many items in rapid rates from toys to weapons of war by using both man and machine to create them. Srovsk uses a multitude of power sources but the main power sources is natural gas which creates 49% of Srovin energy, the second largest is hydropower, the 3rd is turning waste into electricity and the 4th is wind. It has a ton of oil reserves, approximately 12 Billion Barrels of it, however Srovin economists noted that gas prices have a tendency to rise and fall and so oil is relied on but not too much. Srovin healthcare is free for use but is rather stagnant in it's technology.


Srovsk's faith is complicated.
The belief they practice is "Skolinmosk" and it is practiced throughout the Empire by 94% of the population. It sought to teach good values and create broader understanding of life not through worshiping a God but through adopting enlightenment, understanding, knowledge and happiness. This is why churches in Srovsk are not really churches but rather Libraries to gain knowledge and to listen to lectures. It is also debatable whether a God/deity exists, some say God/ a deity does exist and others say an expanding singularity created it. Many do worship a God and some just think of the idea as not being provable. This has made some division between the Theistic Skolins and the Athiestic Skolins.