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The Army of The South Falls (Complete)

The Army of The South Falls

The army of The South Falls was founded on June 11, 1918, in the middle of the First Lotion Civil War, and was an autonomous army, with its own commanders and soldiers, which would mean that it only directly answered to the government of the North Falls. It was founded by Nazia Da' Etlecufor, a General and a South Fallsian nationalist, who made the army what it is today. She was also the first Woman to be a commander.

The army was autonomous until December 31, 1968, when the dictator Elvot Mahada reincorporated it under the pretense of mutiny. 6 months later came the separation and beginning of the Fallsian Civil War, in which the SFA played a huge role. The war ended on October 17, 2000, and the Army was scaled down, until the Ouja Wahodan Crisis in 2021.

The Army has 3,300,000 Active Troops and 1,700,000 Reserve Troops.

The army of The South Falls is made of 100 Corps, with 5 divisions each corp. 5 Corps make up an Army, and 5 Armies make a Grand Army, of which there are 4. Three grand armies are controlled by the Government, and one is controlled by the army commander. These are numbered in order, and the Corp soldiers can vote on whatever nicknames they like. This is why the 69th Corps, (LXIX Corps) are called the Sharut-Puczovsiinaras, because over 58% of the soldiers are Puczovskan immigrants. Per Corps, there are five infantry divisions, two armoured infantry, one engineers, and two artillery. Here is a table of the organization of TSF units:


Name of Unit

Number in unit ( 1/10 of number)

Rank of Commander ( 1 rank, except for grand armies)

Amount in Army (1/20 of the number)

Grand Army


Supreme General (O-11) of which there are 15




General (O-10)




Lieutenant General (O-9)




Major General (O-8)




Brigadier General (O-7)




Colonel (O-6)




Lieutenant-Colonel (O-5)




Major (O-4)




Seargeant Captain (E-7)


Here is the Supreme General Council of the South Fallsian Army:

Name of Officer


Day elevated to position


Prime Minister August Johnson

Commander of the Army

January 1, 2031

Commander of the Armies

Don Herbert Channing

Supreme General

June 28, 2031

Commander of the First Grand Army of the North and Defense Minister

Rodrigo Corinthia


December 1, 2034

Vice Defense Minister

Kaycee Trudu

Supreme General

December 17, 2033

Commander of the Second Grand Army of the West and Chairwoman of the Joint Supreme General Council

Susan Swanning

Supreme General

April 4, 2029

Commander of the Third Grand Army of the East and Vice Chairwoman of the Joint Supreme General Council

Ilene Trapani

Supreme General

May 13, 2028

Commander of the Fourth Grand Army of the South

Neil Sessions

Supreme General

November 18, 2034

Chief of Staff of the Commander of the First Grand Army

Katrina Wavsunsh

Supreme General

March 2, 2032

Chief of Staff of the Commander of the Second Grand Army

Eduardo Huddleston

Supreme General

August 29, 2032

Chief of Staff of the Commander of the Third Grand Army

Christopher Johnson-Vomi

Supreme General

February 14, 2027

Chief of Staff of the Commander of the Fourth Grand Army

Tazuna Saus

Supreme General

December 9, 2034

Chief of Army Development

Denzel Morganton

Supreme General

January 3, 2028

Chief of Army Logistics

Carmen Burdatu

Supreme General

December 1, 2025

Chief of Army Relations

Juna Di'Angelo

Supreme General

October 18, 2029

Chief of Army-Navy Cooperation

John Souza

Supreme General

December 10, 2034

Chief of Army Judiciality

Homer Grant

Supreme General

May 3, 2020

Solicitor of the Army

Zoron Phillip Trapp

Supreme General

October 8, 2033

Chief of Weapons Inspection

The Fallkeran Guards:
The Fallkeran Guards are an elite unit of the Fallsian Army, These men and women are a group of 100,000, in the size of two Corps. They are called Fallkeran because of the fact that Fallker means 'highland' so that they are effectively the 'Highland Guard'. The entire unit is commanded by General Muaplh Jorniapog, who has commanded the unit for 3 years, since early 2031. These men and women act as the elite special forces. They are split into the 481st Guards, 482nd Guards, 483rd Guards, 484th Guards, 485th Guards, 486th Guards, 487th Guards, 488th Guards, 489th Guards, 490th Guards, and 491st Guards. These are a table of the units and their commanders.
(*As in the DOX-S Unit Rankings for December 2034)

Name of Unit


Base Area

Best Sub-Units*

The 480th Guards Division 'Thunderbirds'

Major General Huebert R. Norman


The 8th Guards Regiment and the 4th Guards Regiment

The 481st Guards Division 'Firebrands'

Major General Lucy Baker


The 18th Guards Regiment and the 19th Guards Regiment

The 482nd Guards Division 'Phoenixes'

Major General Armando Owens


The 22nd Guards Regiment and the 28th Guards Regiment

The 483rd Guards Division 'Fighting Swords'

Major General Beverly Wilkerson


The 33rd Guards Regiment and the 35th Guard Regiment

The 484th Guards Division 'Praetorians'

Major General Donnie Pope


45th Guards Regiment and the 49th Guards Regiment

The 485th Guards Division 'Roadrunners'

Major General Leland Morrison


51st Guards Regiment and the 58th Guards Regiment

The 486th Guards Division 'Seagulls'

Major General Rafael Day


The 61st Guards Regiment and the 67th Guards Regiment

The 487th Guards Division 'Falcons'

Major General Tara Jackson


The 77th and 78th Guards Regiment

The 488th Guards Division 'Snake Charmers'

Major General Isaac McGee


The 81st Guards Regiment and the 84th Guards Regiment

The 489th Guards Division 'Freebirds'

Major General Michelle Ramsay


The 98th Guards Regiment and the 99th Guards Regiment

The 490th Guards Division 'Speedfires'

Major General Karl Cortez


The 102nd Guards Regiment and the 104th Guards Regiment

The Fallkeran Paras
The Fallkeran Paras are the airborne special forces of The South Falls. These forces are led, overall by General Colin King, the former leader of the Special Forces. He has commanded this group since 2030. These soldiers parachute into the fighting, often behind enemy lines to secure things like beachheads and cliffs. They are split into the 491nd through the 500th Divisions. Here is a table of the divisions of the Fallkeran Paras.

*According to the DOX-S Unit Rating Program

Name of Unit


Base Area

Best Sub-Units*

The 491st Paras Division 'Jawcrackers'

Major General Boho Szanto


The 1st Paras Regiment and the 8th Paras Regiment

The 492nd Paras Division 'Breakthrough'

Major General Marina Low


The 11th Paras Regiment and the 17th Paras Regiment

The 493rd Paras Division 'Switchers'

Major General Duodone Joron


The 21st Paras Regiment and the 27th Paras Regiment

The 494th Paras Division 'Spearhead'

Major General Stanley McDorothers


The 33rd Paras Regiment and the 39th Paras Regiment

The 495th Paras Division 'Panthers'

Major General Audrey Kendrick


The 44th Paras Regiment and the 48th Paras Regiment

The 496th Paras Division 'Lions'

Major General Jenele Elliot


The 51st Paras Regiment and the 55th Paras Regiment

The 497th Paras Division 'Bears'

Major General Anastaz Herbetshon


The 66th Paras Regiment and the 69th Paras Regiment

The 498th Paras Division 'Cockfighters'

Major General Blaze Pratt


The 72nd Paras Regiment and the 75th Paras Regiment

The 499th Paras Division 'Tomcats'

Major General Sigrid Rodrick


The 84th Paras Regiment and the 88th Paras Regiment

The 500th Paras Division 'None Division'

Major General Mykhail Arrington V


The 91st Paras Regiment and the 93rd Paras Regiment

How to enlist in the South Fallsian Army
Step 1: Go to your local EO (Enlistment Office). This is found in every post office, so just ask the man at the front desk.
Step 2: Complete a Physical. These can be found online, at ENLIST.TSF. Fill in the boxes there, or go to the doctor's office, and they will provide you with a filled-out physical after an examination.
Step 3: Turn in said Physical. Turn in the physical to the EO, and ask to join the army once again.
Step 4: The EO will then send you to the military base nearest to you, where you apply for basic training.
Step 5: You will go through basic training. 40% of people will be rejected by the army, which means that you have a 60% chance of being in.
Step 6: After completing basic training, you will be sent to a main military base and assigned to a regiment/division.
Step 7: You can go to Officer Candidate School to become a Lt. or higher, or go to North Star Point to have the best and highest rank. 14 of the 16 Supreme Generals went to North Star Point, so it is very high-valued.
Step 8: You are in the army! Celebrate! You can join the reserve after two years, or you can stay in the army until you turn 70, where you have to retire, except by ministerial mandate.

Uniforms of the South Falls' Army
The Uniforms of the South Falls' military are unisex. This is the formal dress uniform:

This is the war uniform on several people:

There are many weapons that the Army uses to gain dominance, and these are listed here:


The guns of the army are designed to have stopping power, and to be at least moderately small and easy to carry. They are unique guns, and all are manufactured by the arms company Dacofoc, a prominent Arms company in The South Falls.

Name of Gun

Nation Manufactured By



Number Availible

AR-5A1 Carbine

The South Falls

Weight- 3.35lb
Length- 20.1in
Barrel Length- 10.0 in
Cartridge- 8.89x54mm SF Standard
Action- Full Auto
Muzzle Velocity- 4,000ft/s
Effective Range- 500m
Feed System - 30 round detachable box magazine
Sights- Any

3.1 Million Units

AR-5A2 Assault Rifle

The South Falls

Weight: 7.8lb
Length: 25.2in
Barrel Length: 10.9in
Width: 4in
Height: 8in
Cartridge: 8.89x54mm SF Standard
Action: Full Auto
RPM: 1,000rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 4,100 ft/s
Effective Firing Range: 1,300ft
Maximum Firing Range: 2,100ft
Feed System: 30 Round Detachable Box Magazine
Sights: Any

2.9 Million Units

AR-6A1 Short AR

The South Falls

Weight: 6.7lb
Length: 20.3in
Barrel Length: 14in
Cartridge: 8.89 x 54mm
Action: Gas-Operated
Rate of Fire: 750 RPM
Muzzle Velocity: 2,754 ft/s
Effective Firing Range: 920ft
Maximum Firing Range: 8,900ft
Feed System:
30 round detachable box magazine
Sights: 1.5 x telescopic sight, rails for extra optics

965,000 Units

P-4 Pistol

The South Falls

Weight: Loaded: 22.1oz
Length: 7.8in
Barrel Length: 3.0in
Cartridge: 8.89x20mm SF Pistol Standard
Action: Semi-Auto
Muzzle Velocity: 1,900ft/s
Effective Firing Range: 30ft-65ft
Maximum Firing Range: 200ft
Feed System: 20 round detachable box magazine
Sights- any

2.8 Million Units


The South Falls

Length: 8.8in
Barrel Length: 3.9in
Cartridge: 8.89x20mm SF Pistol Standard
Action: Full-Auto, or Semi-Auto
Muzzle Velocity: 2,400ft/s
Effective Firing Range: 170ft
Maximum Firing Range: 400ft
Feed System: Full Auto
Sights: All SIghts

4 Million Units

SMG-200 Submachine Gun

The South Falls

Weight: 2.4lb Unloaded
Length: 10.1in (No stock)
22.4in (Stock)
Barrel Length: 5.1in
Width: 1.5in
Height: 5.5in
Cartridge- 8.89x20mm
Action: Rotating Bolt, Full Auto
Rate of Fire- 1,700RPM
Muzzle Velocity- 2,925ft/s
Effective Firing Range- 400yd
Feed System- 30 Round Box Magazine
Sights- All Sights

850,000 Units

MG-07 8.89x54mm Machine Gun

The South Falls

Weight:14lb unloaded and 16lb loaded
Length: 38.75in
Barrel Length: 15in
Cartridge: 8.89x54mm SF Standard
Action: Gas-Operated
Rate of Fire: (Cyclic): 1,900RPM
Muzzle Velocity: 4,000ft/s
Effective Range: 1,800yd
Maximum Range: 5,275yd
Feed System: Linked Belt, 30 round detachable magazine

780,000 Units

SR-11 Sniper Rifle

The South Falls

Weight: 12.1lb
Length: 37.4in
Barrel Length: 26.3in
Cartridge: 8.89x54mm
Action: Bolt Action
Rate of Fire: (Recommended) 2 RPM (Max) 50RPM
Muzzle Velocity: 4,782ft/s
Effective Range: 3,850ft
Feed System: 10 round detachable box, or single chamber rounds
Sights: Any sniper

500,000 Units

SG-05X Shotgun

The South Falls

Weight: 8 lb
Length: 19.4-30.1in
Barrel length: 12 to 20in
Cartridge: 12 Gauge or 8.89mm bore
Feed System: 7 Round Tubular Magazine

570,000 Units

Artillery Weapons

Name of Weapon

Nation Manufactured By



Number Availible

A-25 203mm Howitzer

The South Falls

Weight: 12,000lb
Length: 40ft 2in
Barrel Length: 22ft 2in
Crew: 3
Shell: Any
Caliber: 203mm
Carraige: Split Trail
Elevation: 0 degrees to 90.0 Degrees
Rate of Fire: 3 rpm
Effective Firing Range: 51 miles

270,000 Units

ART-88 150mm Artillery Howitzer

The South Falls

Width: 6ft 1in
Height: 8ft 2in
Crew: 3-6
Caliber: 150mm
Elevation: -2 degrees to 88 degrees
Traverse: 360 degrees
Rate of Fire: Average RPF is 5, while maximum is 7
Maximum Firing Range: 12.4mi
Sight: S8 and S137 Sights, 2 each

280,000 Units

SP-9 Self-Propelled 250mm Howitzer

The South Falls

Weight: 60,000lb
Length: 47ft
Width: 9ft 8in
Height: 11ft 3in
Crew: 3 Crew, sometimes 5
Caliber: 250mm
Breech: Interrupted Screw
Traverse: 360 degrees
Rate of Fire: 2 RPM average
Effective Firing range: 22mi
Main Armament: A-99O-2 250mm Howitzer
Secondary Armament: 8.89x54mm MG-07 machine gun
Engine: J-8 Jet Engine
Suspension: Torsion-Bar
Operational Range: 377mi
Speed: 88mph

100,000 Units

SPR-50 Self-Propelled Rocket Launcher

The South Falls

Weight: 112,000lb
Length: 44ft 9in
Width: 14ft 8in
Height: 9ft 1in
Crew: 3
Caliber: 300mm
Rate of Fire: 2RPS
Effective Firing Range: 6.8mi
Engine: J-8 Land Jet
Operational Range: 582mi
Speed: 120mph

55,000 Units

Grenades and Mines

Name of Explosive/Rocket

Nation of Manufacture



Number Availible

M-99 Zura Mine

The South Falls

Weight: 3.9lb
Length: 8.9in
Width: 2in
Height: 5.2in
Caliber: 750 1/8 inch steel balls
Muzzle Velocity: 4,981ft/s
Effective Firing Range: 67ft/s
Filling: C-4
Filling Weight: 35 oz
Detonation Mechanism: Blasting Cap BCZ-A8

8.8 Million Units

G-3 Grenade

The South Falls

Weight: .9lb
Length: 3.45in
Diameter: 2.9in
Filling: Comp F
Filling Weight: .6lb
Detonation: M881-2 (5 seconds)

10.1 Million Units

RPG-88 Rocket Propelled Grenade

The South Falls

Weight: 16.2lb
Length: 36.4in
Caliber: 210mm
Muzzle Velocity: 1,200ft/s
Effective Firing Range: 970ft
Sights: RPG-S8-GOX sight

480,000 Units

50mm Grenade Launcher D-1

The South Falls

Weight: 89.2lb Full, 76.3lb empty
Length: 3ft 9in
Width: 9.5in
Height: 8.3in
Cartridge: 50x60mm
Action: Blowback
Rate of Fire: 370rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 890ft/s Average
Effective Firing Range: 1,800yd
Maximum Firing Range: 2,800yd
Feed System: 50- or 100-grenade belt

650,000 Units Availible


Name of Truck

Nation Manufactured By



Number Availible

MTR-71 Truck

The South Falls

Weight: 6,000lb
Length: 16ft
Width: 8ft 2in
Height: 5ft 9in
Main Armament: 8.89x54mm MG-07 machine gun and/or 25mm Cuol Chaingun or MI-3X missle launcher
Engine: J-8 Land Jet Engine, 20,000lb of thrust
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Suspension: Independent 4x4
Fuel Capacity: 800 Gallons
Speed: 100mph at max weight
128mph top speed

100,000 Units

MTR-22D Transporter

The South Falls

Weight: 80,000lb
Length: 60ft 2in
Width: 8ft 19in
Height: 8ft 1in
Crew: 2
Armor: ERA armor, 17.8cm thick
Engine: J-8C Land Jet Engine
Payload Capacity: 44,000lb
Transmission: 5 speed automatic
Suspension: ADS-888 Front and Rear
Fuel Capacity: 1,807 gal
Operational Range: 2,080mi
Steering System: Power-Steering

78,000 Units

MTR-99H Gorzz Transporter

The South Falls

Weight: 12,000lb
Length: 12ft 2in
Width: 4ft 1in
Height: 7ft 9in
Crew: 2
Engine: J-8 Land Jet Engine, 20,000b
Payload Capacity: 11,000lb
Transmission: 5-speed
Suspension: 4x4
Fuel Capacity: 1,200gal
Operational Range: 2,950mi
Speed: 182.1mph

290,000 Units


The South Falls

Weight: 27,000lb
Length: 24ft 1in
Width: 6ft 1in
Height: 11ft 2in
Crew: 2
Armor: ERA D-8 Medium Truck Armor, 17.8cm thick
Engine: J-8 Land Jet Engine, 20,000lb of thrust
Payload Capacity: 8 US Tons
Transmission: 6-speed automatic
Suspension: Coil Spring Anti-Roll Bar
Fuel Capacity: 1,900 gal
Speed: 180mph
Steering System: Power Steering, AWD

482,000 Units


Name of Tank

Nation Manufactured By



Number Availible

T-77 MBT

The South Falls

Armor: FLAL Composite
Weight: 89 Tons
Length: 44ft 2in
Width: 14ft 2in
Height: 8ft 9in
Crew: 4 Robots
Armor: Hull and Turret
500mm against APFSDS
890mm against HEAT
Main Armament:
FOC 203mm A99 Rifled Gun
Secondary: 3x 8.89x54mm machine guns
Speed: All Terrain: 90mph
Engine: TE-8 Engine, 20,000lb of thrust
Fuel: 2,000US Gallons

12,000 Units Availible

APCs and AFVs

Name of APC

Nation Manufactured By



Number Available


The South Falls

Weight: 67,200lb
Length: 24ft 8in
Width: 10ft 11in
Height: 8ft 0in
Crew: 3
Passengers: 29
Armor: FLAL Composite, 22cm thick
Main Armament: 30cm Chain Gun
8x MI-3X Missles, in two launchers
Secondary Armament: MG-07 8.89mm Machine Gun, 4,800 rds
Engine: J-8 Land Jet, 20,000lb of thrust
Suspension: Torsion bar
Operational Range: 2,800mi
Speed: 145mph

48,000 Units


The South Falls

Weight: 49,877lb
Length: 28ft 3in
Width: 9ft 2in
Crew: 2
Passengers: 30
Armor: FLAL composite, 17.8cm thick
Main Armament: 2x MG-07 MGs, 50mm Grenade Launcher D-1, or 30mm Chain Gun
Secondary Armament: 3x MG-07 MGs
Engine: J-8 Land Jet Engine, 20,000lb of Thrust
Suspension: 8x8 wheeled
Operational Range: 2,000mi
Speed: 150mph

98,000 Units

AFV-500 Armored Fighting Veichle

The South Falls

Weight: 43,871lb
Length: 26ft 8in
Width: 9ft 8in
Height: 10ft 11in
Armor: 17.8cm FLAL Composite
Main Armament: 150mm ART-88 Artillery Gun
Secondary Armament: D-1 50mm Grenade Launcher, 2x MG-07 Machine Guns, or LML-42 Missle Launcher
Engine: J-8 Land Jet Engine, 20,000lb of Thrust
Transmission: 8 speed Automatic
Suspension: 8x8 Wheeled
Ground Clearance: 18 inches
Fuel Capacity: 2,000 gallons
Operational Range: 2,891 miles
Speed: 141mph

41,000 Units


Name of Missle

Nation Manufactured By



Number Availible

MI-3X-A Cruise Missile

The South Falls

Weight: 3,820lb
Length: 22ft 1in (With Booster)
20ft 3in (No Booster)
Diameter: 23.8in
Warhead: 2,000lb W-33 Warhead (Conventional)
WN-42 Warhead, 100kT
WN-61N Warhead, 1mT
Detonation Mechanism: FMU-222
Engine: Macka International F-281-E-A13 Turbofan Jet, 60,000lb of Thrust
Wingspan: 11ft 3in
Operational Range: 1,500mi
Flight Altitude: 30-389ft
Speed: 670mph
Guidance System: GPS/INS/INTERCOM
Launch Platform: Land and Helicopter Tubes

850,000 Missile Units, 128,000 Tube Units

MI-16 Ground-Launched

The South Falls

Weight: 3,970lb
Length: 21ft 9in
Diameter: 26in 8in
Warhead: Conventional Warhead or WN-42 and WN-61N
Blast Yield: Nuclear (100kT-1mT) Conventional: 5,000lbs
Engine: RE-89 Rocket Engine, 500,000lb of Thrust
Wingspan: 11ft 9in
Propellant: Jet Fuel
Operational Range: 1,100mi
Flight Altitude: 400ft
Speed: 670mph
Guidance System: INS/GPS and Doppler radar/terrain maps
Launch Platform: SFB-5 Dumo, Ground- Launched Tubes

8 Million Units

MI-88X Antitank Missile System

The South Falls

Length: 4ft 9in
Diameter: 8in
Warhead Weight: 3.9lb
Wingspan: 2ft 1in
Operational Range: 1,400ft
Speed: 380mph
Guidance System: Wireless Guided

12 Million Units

Name of ICBM

Nation Manufactured By



Number Availible


The South Falls

Weight: 81,000lb
Length: 61ft 2in
Diameter: 6ft 3in
Warhead: Thermonuclear WN-61N, Nuclear WN-42, or 2,000-10,000lb bomb warhead
Detonation Mechanism: Airburst or Contact
Engine: Three-Stage Solid Fuel Rocket
First Stage: FSR-72
Second Stage: SSR-99
Third Stage: TSR-81
Operational Range: 8,900mi
Flight Altitude: 900miles
Speed: 23,861mph
Guidance System: Inertial
Accuracy: 200m
Launch Platform: Missle Silo

19,000 Missles, 800 Nuclear Warheads, and 100,000 Conventional Warheads