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Prime Minister August M. Johnson (Edgy transferred to the deputy)

His Excellency
Fleet Admiral
August Macken Johnson

Prime Minister Johnson at a United States Military Conference in 2031, with the single large star he wears as Fleet Admiral

6th Prime Minister of The South Falls

In office:
January 1, 2031-

Preceded by: Nokori Majono (1st Term)
Deputy: Victoria Satsuki (2nd Term)

44th Minor Representative of the 280th District of Cuga

In office:
January 1, 2025- January 1, 2029

Preceded by: Hanori Morsa (8th Term)
Succeeded by: Johnny Johnson-Johnnyson (1st Term)

38th Mayor of Cuga

In office:
January 1, 2029- February 15, 2030

Preceded by: Zoiina Majonox (3rd Term)
Succeeded by: Zoiina Majonox (4th Term)

Personal Details


June 3, 1979-1990
(age ? In 30s, or 40s, who knows)
Cuga, The South Falls


South Fallsian

Political Party:

South Fallsian Democratic Party


Lavidio Norma Jean-Johnson


Susie Jean-Johnson
August Johnson Jr.

Service in the military:

1999-2000, 2004-2024

Highest Rank Attained:

Rear Admiral Second Class (2024) Fleet Admiral (2031)


Thorin University, North Star Point Academy
Doctorate of Surgery (MD) and a Graduation to the officer ranks


Christianity, but not normally practiced


"When you play with fire, you can cook, or get burned. We try to cook, but sometimes we have to get burned"
-Prime Minister August M. Johnson, at the battle of Coruzia in March 2022

August Macken Johnson is a politician and soldier, who has been the Prime Minister of The South Falls from January 1, 2031. He was born in sometime, and was educated at the prominent Fallsian military institution North Star Point. He was in education until 2000 O.S and served in the Fallsian Civil War for five years. He expressed interest in politics from the moment that the South Falls became independent in 2000 N.S. He was in the military, fighting for many years until his retirement in early 2025. He also served in the Wahodan Emergency, from 2021 until it's conclusion in 2024.

He became a political leader in 2024, running for election as the 44th Lower House Representative of Cuga for four years, and then became Mayor of Cuga, a position which he served for two years. He made Cuga a hub of culture and military, and of ability and tech. Cuga hosted The Anean Olympics in 2030. He ran for Prime Minister in the 2030 election, and won with a 60% majority. In his first four years, he managed to make The South Falls a tech capital, and also passed Sukuma's bill, which made restaurants check for food poisoning, which was rampant before. He also abolished Corporal Punishment, which was a policy in prisons before he ascended to office.

Early Life

August Macken Johnson was born on some date between 1979-and 1990. We don't know when he was born, because records were lost in a house fire in 2000, and no-one knows. All we know, is that he was born on August 3, and in Cuga, a then small town on the sea that was a small port that the North Falls used for some small shipping, to his parents Yvonne Mack-Johnson and Coruzon DiJohnson. His mother was a soldier, a Lt. Col who was gone for long periods of time in his life. His mom died in the war on June 16, 1991 during the Second Battle of Tinoarzco, leaving him alone who with his dad, who was an Arms Merchant, who began his trade in the early 80s, and kept on the trading until the war was over in 2000.

He grew up in the less wealthy neighborhoods of the west side of Cuga, but his parents moved in 1984, and got to the wealthy neighborhoods, with the money that his dad made from being an arms merchant.
He grew up in the back and forth fighting of the Fallsian Civil War. He was raised from an early age by his parents to be hard-working, and honest, and this, he says carried him through his political career. He was shuttled around between bases and eventually was held back a grade in 1991, which he made up by skipping a grade the next year. He was student council president at the age of ? in 1993, which made it so that he was politically instructed by that tender age. He served two terms, as all-student-body-council president from 1993-1995, when he was drafted on December 31, 1999 to serve in the war, at the age of ?. He then served in the military until he left in 2004, to graduate Thorin University, with a doctorate of surgery, even though he is not normally called 'Dr. Johnson', except when he is addressed for awards. He was at the University until 2010, where he met his wife of 24 years, Lavidio Norma-Jean Johnson, in 2006. They married on January 2, 2010, and had two children, in 2011, and 2018.

The Prime Minister at the age of 8 months

Rise in Politics

Johnson left the military for a second time to become a political leader in 2024. He ran for the Minor Representative for the people in Cuga, and won a term from 2024-2028. He voted on 177 bils, 161 of which were turned into law. This is a South Fallsian record, and many expected that he would go far in that office. On December 14, 2026, Kerto John Bertensen was murdered. Johnson was near the area at the time of the murder, and was a prime suspect. He was taken off the suspect list when security camera video showed that another man, Spani Carlos Bertensen was at the scene and held the knife that killed Bertensen. This scandal almost killed Johnson's political career, but in 2027 he went on a publicity tour across the South Falls, which got some people to trust him again. He then, shockingly, on May 5, 2027 announced he would not run for reelection, and instead run for mayor in Cuga. He ran and won with 78.2% of the vote, and served to make Cuga a technology hub, winning the approval of his people. He also made Cuga host the 2030 Anean Winter Olympics, a predecessor to the TNP-wide winter olympics. He quit in 2030 to announce his running for Prime Minister. He ran up for months to the election, and won with 82.1% of the vote, and was inaugurated Jan. 1, 2031.

The South Fallsian Parliament

Premiership and Policy

The Prime Minister has backed multiple bills, which can sum up what he has done as premier:
The Nuru-Turu Act
An act that gave 895 Billion NSD to the construction of an International Road Belt, that has made The South Falls about 1.1 Trillion NSD since 2031.
The Johncon Amendment
An Amendment to the Constitution that made the South Falls unable to default on debt, and also to pay dues to the WA, no matter the monetary status of the South Falls.
The Baccarat Bill [repealed on January 4, 2035]
A law that criminalizes gambling within the South Falls, as many foreign organized crime mobs use The South Falls' lax casino laws to take advantage.
Senator's Salary Bill
A bill that limits government salaries to 500,000NSD, and makes it so salaries are not adjustable.
The Flag Freedom Bill
The Flag Freedom Bill made it legal to burn the flag of The South Falls, and gives Paid Maternity Leave of 6 months to all new mothers.
The Subsidization Bill
The Subsidization Bill makes it so that the government subsidizes half of the income of small buisnesses with yearly revenue below 1,000,000NSD.
The XIII Criminal Law Bill
Makes it Illegal to not only flog or beat, but to execute prisoners within The South Falls, no matter the crime.
The Protest Bill
Protest is legal in The South Falls, no matter the cause being protested for. Protest is defined within as non-violent demonstration.
WA Mission Bill
Sends a South Fallsian WA mission of five people, headed by Stanford Brassington, to represent The South Falls in the World Assembly. This reflects his internationalism.
Economic Policy
The Prime Minister's economic policy is called the 9/10s policy, according to him. 9/10s of the Economy should be private enterprise, according to his government, and the rest of the 1/10s of the South Fallsian Economy is considered, according to the administration, 'Important enough that the government must take control of them for the good of the people, and for their efficiency and production.' This is a policy critics campaign on, to 'end the socialism that has taken control of the government'. Taxes have been increased, and a mass infrastructure program has been implemented, funded mostly by those higher taxes.

Education Policy
Education in The South Falls is local government-run, and free. This is because of the Johnson Administration, which implemented this policy in early 2034. Tuition in Higher Education is also free, the administration saying: "The South Falls must be competitive on the international stage, and as such higher education is required." The Administration has received criticism for the high cost of these programs, which caused many anti- FDP politicians to run on cancelling this programs. Private schools are not government-supported, because the Public schools are put so much into, funded about 68% on average by the Federal Government.

Social Policy
The Prime Minister leans to the left, and so the Social Policy of The Johnson Government is one that is quite lax. It legalized gay marraige, and also legalized marajuana usage in The South Falls, both in the same bill on January 7, 2032. The Prime Minister has promoted the legalization of things that are, quote: "Not Dangerous, or Benign to the population." Social Welfare, intended to get the population over the poverty line, was implemented in 2033. His Government also implemented Veteran's Welfare programs, were S/50,000 are provided to Front-Line Veterans, and S/40,000 to non-Front Line Veterans. An extra S/80,000 per year is provided to injured veterans.
International Policy
The Prime Minister's government has undergone diplomatic talks with nations such as the Akhara Islands, and has furthered a solution, along with 15 other nations in a council. He has said, however that he is not afraid to go to war with threats to The South Falls, and backed up these statements with the Third Lotion Civil War. He let the Sanada Clan fight the HL-IL war, although critics say that he was too scared to fight and made The South Falls look weak. He states that he is with Active Neutrality, however threats to HL and The South Falls will be met with force, instead of 'staying and being colonized by others'.

Personal Information

The leader has had one wife, Lavidio Jean-Johnson, but she abandoned the kids and was separated from The Prime Minister in 2026. They filed and went through a divorce, ending on December 29, 2034. The Prime Minister has dated multiple people, including an empress. None of his relationships seem to work out, but he continues to try, now with Zara Bazhaeva as his main love interest.

Lavidio Norma-Jean Johnson (Right)

The Prime Minister is known as a nice, fun loving man, who reflects on his age and tries his best to stay with the times. He can be almost mercurial at times, and loose when drunk, but when sober, the Prime Minister is a very calm, reasonable, happy person, according to his colleagues. He is good with debate but often gets into fights, verbal and physical with people he debates.

In his spare time, The Prime Minister is a hunting fan and has gone on hunting trips with multiple world leaders. He even once unloaded a dead deer in the middle of The State-House, which made it stink, but was still quite amazing. He also enjoys drinking tea while reading books, and drinking tea while watching movies, making fanfics (yes, his age does not end that) and debating.

Trivia about The Prime Minister
  • The Prime Minister is extremely skilled at martial arts, although he prefers to use an 8.89mm pistol.

  • The Deputy Prime Minister was once the Prime Minister's Girlfriend.

  • The Prime Minister named his gun 'gun' and once said "Gun, let's do this!", as if it were an animal.

  • The Prime Minister's favorite letter is E. However, that letter is not in his name.

  • The Prime Minister is an ABBA fanatic. He will go crazy when he hears 'Dancing Queen', or 'Waterloo', which are his favorite songs

  • The Prime Minister hates being out-competed. He will go to almost every length to be the best.

  • The Prime Minister is almost Certified as an Official Master Teamaker, but is ridiculously terrible at cooking. This is why when he took office, with his wife separated, he asked that it be a requirement that the State-House cooking staff cook for him all the time. He once set off a bomb alarm with a cheese omelet he made that exploded.

  • The Prime Minister's age was stated wrong. he fought in the Fallsian Civil War's last stages, at ?. He was born in ?, not 1986, as already stated.

  • People often think that Johnson is extremely bland. He acknowledges this, and pokes fun at it often. (Talking to you, Kyria of Autarchist hinodia)

  • The Prime Minister is not depressed anymore, and has stopped drinking.

  • The Prime Minister harbors feelings for:

  • Astara of The ausar confederation
    Queen Adecyn Zabinski of Elvectica

  • (In some sort) Aozora Chiyumi of Kyoki Chodoku

  • Dana Andresen of Persagonia

  • Zara Bazhaeva of Astrakhstan

    "We fight today, or we die today.
    - Prime Minister August M. Johnson, in 2033
    "Execution is the worst form of human slavery. It is slaving humans to the government, because of the fact that they are forcibly having their lives taken away from them for 'justice'.
    - Prime Minister August M. Johnson, in 2031 at a military conference

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