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Providentialism: a brief overiew of The Sladerstan's economic system

The Providentialist Logo
As the Sun provides for the Plant, so the State provides for the Citizen.

Providentialism is the economic and social system of the Sladerstan. Providentialism, sometimes called Providential Statism, is an economic and social ideology that emphasizes on providing every citizen with:

  • Free Healthcare

  • Housing

  • A job that pays well

"Every one has his gift, and can be of service to the State"

Providentialism argues every one is gifted with some talent or skill, that can be utilized for the State.

Providentialism also argues that it is the State's duty to take care of it's citizens, and that it is the responsibility of the citizens, to in turn to provide service to the State. This service is usually done by working for a State-Owned Industry. The State, in turn, pays for housing, healthcare, education, and also gives the citizen a paycheck (usually with 35% more credits than the cost of living).

The State only pays for the housing and it's basic utilities, the rest (furniture, vehicles, food, clothes, etc.) are paid for by the citizens. Housing is chosen according to the family, for instance, a single person will get a smaller house, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. A family of 4 will get a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, and so forth. However, limits on housing size is existent, so the biggest home size is 6 bedroom, 3 bathroom.

The Sladerstan provides a free of cost universal Healthcare system, and every single citizen, regardless of occupation or religion, will receive the treatment necessary. The Government runs the system. People who work in the Medical Industry will get a better paycheck, about 40% more than other workers.

The Sladerstan offers free education to the youth of The Sladerstan. The standard curriculum consists of Basic Math, Reading, Language Arts, and Law. The Schools teach Creationism or Evolutionism, depending on what the parents want, and only teach necessary mathematics.

If anyone wants to continue their education further, they can go to a Sladerstanian College, and if they want a more secular system, parents can enroll their children in a Private School.

The Sladerstan believes the prime function of schooling is to prepare children for careers and life itself, not to push unnecessary, and rather useless subjects onto students.

Non-Servant Citizens
However, citizens may work for private industry or begin their own business, but they are not guaranteed housing, a good check, or the ability to pay for education. For this reason, many Sladerstanian's work for State Businesses, and very few have started their own businesses.

How does Providentialism work?

The State operates much like a standard Capitalist business would, except it has no minimum wage, only a "living wage", that is, the amount of money needed to live comfortably. The government pays each worker equally, with no corporate ladders to climb. Each worker is payed 4,650 cr. a month, which is more than enough to live off of. (1,650 cr more, to be exact). Of course, citizens can choose what they want to do, such as farming, factory work, trucking, shipping, cooking, etc. so they can still do what they love and are ensured a living wage.

However, workers cannot be lazy, as laziness is not tolerated. If a worker is lazy, they will only be paid 300 cr. more than the cost of living a month. Likewise, exceptionally hard workers will receive 5,000 cr. instead of 4,650 cr., which is basically just the standard wages without taxes applied.

How does this eliminate the class differences?

The Sladerstan uses virtually no tax system for the working class (usually about 7%, which goes unnoticed), but the rich (usually Millionaires) are taxed roughly 30%. The taxes taken from the rich are given to those who cannot work, not those who don't want to work. The reason that tax rate is low for the working class is because they are already making profit for the Sladerstan, and the only remaining taxes are for things like Healthcare. The tax money from the working class alone is a whopping 233,100,000,000 cr. per month. Citizens who save up money, however, won't be taxed for it, as they've earned it from the State and that wealth has already been taxed.

The Government spends most of the tax money on Welfare, Defense, Law and Order, and Public Transport. However, though the tax money be lacking, the profit from State Owned industry covers the rest of the costs. The Sladerstanian government pays for nothing but what is needed, no government hand outs, no money to other nations, no useless research, but the necessities that a Nation needs to survive.